Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas


This guy has been my faithful holiday companion since I liberated him from a cold and lonely store shelf 35 years ago. It wouldn't be Christmas without him. Because of the pandemic, Herman (the elf) and I will not be traveling - or entertaining - this year but never fear. We have a deliciously delightful Christmas Day planned: a snuggly blanket, my favorite foods, FaceTime calls with family and friends, and eight glorious episodes of BRIDGERTON on Netflix! Not my traditional Christmas celebration but, hey, it's 2020 and I've learned to be very flexible. ;-) 

What are your plans this Christmas? Will you be traveling? Entertaining? Snugged up tight at home? 

Wherever you are, whatever holiday you celebrate, I wish you safety, good health, and days filled with love, hope, kindness, and joy. 

Merry Christmas!

Two randomly chosen people who comment before 11:00 PM, December 26 will each receive a package of books from my stash. 

*Must be 18

*U.S. addresses only


  1. My husband and I will be able to be with some family and for that I'm very grateful. My married daughter who doesn't work and her husband who is temporarily laid off and my one and only grandchild (who is 3 and makes everything a joy) live only a few minutes away so we will be going there. My other daughter and her fiancee will also attend. That is our bubble. Sadly, my 98 yr. old mom is on lockdown in her assisted living home so only phone calls. May everyone have a safe and happy holiday!! (Love the elf lol)

  2. I'll be snugged up at home too. Some nasty weather is moving in, so not too sorry that I don't have to go out. Our town Christmas Eve Carol sing around the green is going virtual this year, so I'll check that out tonight. My tricky and smart niece has a Instacart shopper get me some goodies from Wegman's that were delivered this morning (coffeecake, quiche, salad, chicken parm dinner, carrot cake & flowers) so I'm set (since I just didn't feel like going out to the grocery store this week). My nephew texted that I should expect a delivery this afternoon. I'll probably get to see them on Zoom or Facetime tomorrow. I may not watch the Bridgertons til this weekend - I've been binging the Lifetime Christmas movies for the last few days, and there are more on the list. Hope you and all the Romance Dish reader have a safe & happy Christmas & New Year - here's to a better 2021!

  3. Herman is so cute! I have a Precious Moments Christmas Pirate doll, my husband, and our cat for Christmas this year. We are crushed that we cannot visit the Grandkids in L.A.--everything is closed there. We'll have pork chops for Christmas dinner, oh well. I hope next year is better for you, P.J. and for us as well.

    Susan in AZ

  4. The doll is very cute! My husband and I and both daughters are at a risk our Doctors say so we are all staying home and we already baked cookies and will be making a beef roast for dinner tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I love the cute doll.
    Tonite just my husband and myself; we just had some appetizers and a little bit later I will saute some scallops in wine, garlic and butter and have some spaghetti on the side and some stuffed mushrooms. Tomorrow will go to my daughter's and have a pot roast dinner. I made banana bread and apple crisp to bring over as well as some of the mushrooms.

    Thank you for the chance to win a pack of books. Always love a surprise pack of books.

  6. Marry Christmas from Romania!
    Not entering the giveaway

  7. I believe that Herman will be a wonderful companion for you. He should be a good listener, if you decide to discuss the TV show you watch.

    I will be home with my dog, Sonny. He is not much of a talker, but I talk to him all the time.

    Because my Thanksgiving dinner was a huge disaster, I have changed my plans for Christmas food. I got a frozen cheese pizza and a frozen lemon pie. Life is filled with surprises. Friends have produced all kinds of desserts for me. So, the lemon pie will remain frozen until later.

    With all my meal being frozen, I can eat when I choose, and it is less likely that anything will come out really terrible.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I hope there is joy and serenity and most of all a feeling of love.

    Everyone, take care and stay well.

  8. Merry Christmas PJ. We will be staying home and enjoying a prime rib roast. Take care of yourself and Herman and be well!🎄🎅📚🤶❤🍰

  9. Merry Christmas PJ. No traveling. Just hubby and I. I am making a pan of lasagna and taking some to our aunt and cousin. Freezing the rest. He will be watching sports and I will be reading. Wishing you a Happy and safe New Year!

  10. Merry Christmas, PJ. I am sure you and Herman will make the best of it. Wow, 35 years; he is lucky to have you. Tonite at inlaws and tomorrow we will host my parents. Hope everyone will enjoy the holidays as best they can; be safe and a healthy new year.
    Karen T. (Natty's Mama).

  11. Happy Holidays to you and Herman!!! My three cats and I will be ensconced in our humble abode, dressed in our finest Christmas pajamas (casual chic of course), and observing our holiday in the "new old way". Lots of Hallmark TV, good reads and neat treats, and an impromptu holiday mini-feast. As long as we are together in our home, we find reason to celebrate. we'll connect with a few special folk by phone or email. We'll appreciate what we have, and we won't worry about what we don't have. The "reason for the season" seems more relevant than ever. Wishing everyone. peace, happiness, and health now and throughout the new year.

  12. Oh, Herman is adorable! My husband and I are going to snuggle down at home with a paired down celebration with minimal decoration but a special meal. Our children will be afar, staying near their schools. All of us will chat tomorrow via skype, facetime or zoom, depending on what is relevant for the person at the other end of the line. And then, hubby and I will sit in front of the fire with good books and a good tipple to enjoy. Wishing you and everyone here Happy Holidays!

  13. Merry Christmas to you and Herman. My son, daughter and their families will be over. I'm making Prime Rib with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables, stuffing and gravy. I've also made a Fresh Cream Strawberry Trifle and a lovely English Christmas cake.

    Merry Christmas also to all of the other commentators.

  14. We will be staying home, except for hubby picking up some Chinese food for us. Probably phone calls with family members too. We received almost 9 inches of snow on Wed and the temps are very low. Enjoy your Christmas PJ!!

  15. Merry Christmas.

    Home with immediate family.


  16. Merry Christmas PJ. I so enjoy visiting your site and feel very welcomed each time I visit. My kids and I spent a virtual Christmas last night, talking, drinking wine, eating snacks and then a wonderful Christmas dinner my daughter cooked up for us and delivered earlier in the day. Only needed to reheat it in the oven. Then, together we ate our Christmas dinners and then opened our gifts. In spite of the fact I couldn't hug each of my kids in person, cyber hubs and kisses are the next best thing and for about 5 hours yesterday evening, we all enjoyed the spirit of Christmas in the faces we saw on line. Not the usual way to spend the holiday, but better than the alternative. Love and wishes for a happier and healthier New Year!

  17. We are staying home this Christmas rather than visiting with family. It’s hard because our parents are older, and may not have too many more holidays with us. But we’re playing it safe for them and for us, and hoping for a visit soon in the New Year.

    BTW, I love your Herman...he’s such a cutie!

  18. Merry Christmas, PJ!!

    Our son quarantined himself for 2 weeks so he could come down for the very long weekend! Thank goodness he has a new job where he works from home!! We didn't do our normal big dinner get together with the family Christmas Eve but we had a dessert buffet and wore masks and had windows open.

    Hope you managed to have a wonderful Christmas. B ridgertons aren't going to be on my viewing list anytime soon unfortunately. I hope you enjoyed it enough for those of us who aren't able to watch right now! Stay safe

  19. I had dinner at my daughter's and we did virtual church. Happy New Year.

  20. Happy celebrating, PJ! We just enjoyed a family Zoom and a family FaceTime, and a big meal with just our immediate family at home :)

  21. No traveling or visitors this year. We did zoom with our daughters and their families. The grandchildren waited to open their gifts until we were all "together." The rest of the days was spent cooking, eating special treats, and watching Hallmark movies.
    Your elf is wonderful. He certainly doesn't look his age.