Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Review - - BOONE

by Emily March
Publisher: St. Martin's
Release Date: December 29, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

With his smooth talk, rugged good looks, and deep pockets, native Texan Boone McBride appears to be a man who has it all. Few people know about the heartbreak behind his decision to leave home, family, and career for the isolation of a small town in the Colorado Rockies. Luckily, time and life in Eternity Springs has worked its healing magic upon his wounded soul, so when he meets obviously troubled Hannah Dupree, Boone sees a chance to pay his good fortune forward. The last thing he anticipates is tumbling into love.

Tragedy has taken everything Hannah loves, and her will to keep going is failing. So when Boone strides into her life determined to save her, it’s easier to go along with him than to resist. Soon she is drawn into the fabric of life in Eternity Springs, and as her spirit begins to heal, her strength returns, and she’s able to go toe-to-toe with this hardheaded, big-hearted Texan. But just when love blooms and happiness is within their grasp, shadows from the past threaten. Hannah and Boone must stand strong and united in order to defeat old ghosts―if they are to create a brand-new life together.

PJ's Thoughts:

Oh, my heart. I've been reading Emily March's books for a long time. Her Eternity Springs stories touch a special chord within my soul, taking me on journeys that restore my faith in love, forgiveness, redemption, and hope. But, even among my many Eternity Springs favorites, this story is special. 

Hannah and Boone are firmly implanted in my heart, not to be forgotten anytime soon. The trials life has placed in their paths have been devastating and even though they are at different points in their healing when they meet they both still have miles to go. March guides them with care and sensitivity, along with well-placed humor and burgeoning joy, from a barren landscape to one overflowing with new growth and possibilities. I loved them together. 

Celeste, once again, is her instrument of guidance, imparting wisdom and gently nudging both Boone and Hannah in a direction that will ultimately bring them the love, and peace, they deserve. I especially enjoyed how she uses color to help illustrate Hannah's navigation of the various stages of her healing. 

March brought these characters to life for me. I cried with them, laughed with them, mourned and rejoiced with them. This is a story filled with deep, all-encompassing emotion. I felt the gravity of it, the grief and hopelessness at the beginning of the journey, yet wasn't smothered by it. There are pockets of hope and laughter strategically sprinkled throughout, reminding them - and me - that even in the midst of overwhelming grief, there is still the possibility of joy in the distance. 

I loved the romantic journey between these two characters who are clearly meant to be together. I adored Boone with his caring heart, unabashedly flirtatious ways, and surprising vulnerability. Hannah won my admiration and heart with her courage in the face of unbelievable grief. Each time her heart opened a little bit more I wanted to stand up and cheer...then give her a big hug. The icing on the cinnamon roll is how she turns the tables on Boone in the end and takes control of their future. One of my favorite scenes and indicative of how far she has come from their first encounter. These two are each the light that helps guide the other out of the darkness, fully embracing the sweet memories of those they loved and lost, and celebrating the uplifting love and joy of their future together.

Don't be frightened off by the fact that this is the 18th book in the Eternity Springs series. Boone's and Hannah's story can definitely be enjoyed on its own.  

Note: There are serious and possibly triggering topics in this book, including suicide, failed adoption, and death of children. None of these events occur on the page but both main characters are dealing with the grief and emotions caused by them. 


  1. looking forward to reading this

  2. I was blessed enough to be able to read this book. I became familiar with Ms March's writing through this 3 book series. I have loved all 3 of the books. But, this one has become my favorite of the 3. I

    All 3 of the books are wonderful. Ms March creates characters who have drawn me into the stories and provided me with hours of entertainment.

    Boone and Hannah are quite a pair. There are parts of the book which made me have to pause and take a deep breath. Both of these people have faced the hard parts of life and they are working their way toward better places.

    If Boone were a real guy, he would be most women's ideal. He is smart and funny and kind and thoughtful.

    Hannah has overcome a terrible time in her life and she considers giving up. But, she doesn't and what she shows is the inner strength she has without even realizing it. Hannah is a powerful woman and I admired her a great deal.

    In short, I liked this book - a ton.

    I hope everyone is taking care and staying well.

    1. Lucky you, Annette! She has a wonderful back list for you to enjoy, both the books in the Eternity Springs series and the earlier historical romance and romantic suspense novels she wrote as Geralyn Dawson.

  3. You said it well, dear friend!! This book was amazing and made me hope that the series isn't done. This book definitely needs a tissue warning. Thanks again PJ!! Have a wonderful New Year!!

  4. PJ, your review was spot on. You definitely need a box of tissues near.

  5. In a year when many of us have needed those boxes of tissues for the hardships and losses everyone is dealing with in real life, one would think reading a story that elicits similar tissue requiring responses would not be what we should read. To me, however, it seems that seeing someone learning to deal with losses and devastating events is encouragement that it is possible and we can cope also. Thank you for the review and recommendation. I have enjoyed her books but not yet read this one.
    I hope you have a wonderful 2021.