Thursday, June 27, 2024

Review - - Finding Mr. Write

Finding Mr. Write
by Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: June 25, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

Daphne McFadden already knows that as a female author, the cards are stacked against her. Now she knows just how much. Because her sudden whim to pose as an “outdoorsy hunk of masculinity” male author for her new book just resulted in the unthinkable: a bidding war, a huge book deal, and the kind of fame every author dreams of. Now she’s in big trouble. Because she needs to convince the world that Zane Remington actually exists . . . but how?

By hiring an actor, of course.

Only Chris Stanton is not an actor—not officially. He’s used to balancing the books, not pretending he wrote one. Still, he’s 
mostly certain he can pose as some overly macho bro-author. But when the media descend on Daphne’s gorgeous remote home in the Yukon, it’s not enough for Chris to just be the face of Zane Remington—he’ll have to become him. All while hilariously balancing the terrifying dangers of the wilderness, a massive femme fandom, and a serious crush on Daphne. But as the hype circus gets more out of control, it’s just a matter of time before someone discovers their little write lie . . .

PJ's Thoughts:

This is the book I didn't know I needed but am overjoyed that I found. Filled with laugh-out-loud humor and overflowing with heart, it gave me that "I love this book so much I'm going to read it five times then place it front and center on my keeper shelf so I can revisit it every time I need a warm book hug" kind of feeling. Okay, so I haven't actually read it five times. I've only read it three. So far.

If you've seen Sandra Bullock's hilarious movie, The Lost City (and if you haven't, that's something you should correct immediately), this book is going to give you the same kind of vibe, though without the maniacal kidnapper and life-or-death chase through the jungle. Set primarily in the Yukon (and an assortment of book tour cities), this story has its fair share of adventure (there be bears) and comedic fish-out-of-water situations (for Chris) but also endearing moments and emotional depth. And it has Tika: best caring, protective, judgmental dog ever. And Sakura: best caring, protective, efficient, judgmental publicist ever. 

Daphne's experiences with the publication of her book (women in all professions should be able to relate) and all that entails when its post-publication popularity skyrockets is a dilemma many people-shy people face. I enjoyed watching her gradual evolution during the course of the book and how she learns to handle that. I really loved this character and was cheering her on the entire way.

Then there's Chris, a delicious, good-hearted, cinnamon roll of a hero (he bakes brownies) who learns important lessons as well. His evolution journey is hilarious in some places and hopelessly male in others (why did he think that was the right thing to do?!?), but overall so endearing that I couldn't help but fall in love with him too. And he and Daphne together? So meant to be. 

Armstrong also offers readers a clear-eyed look behind the curtains of the publishing industry in this book in ways that are enlightening, humorous, and, at times, incredibly frustrating. As a book blogger, I especially appreciated the revolving door of publicists. 

If you're looking for a book that will tickle your funny bone, warm your heart, and have you begging Kelley Armstrong to write more books in the rom-com genre (I'm begging!), I recommend adding Finding Mr. Write to your summer reading list. It's a gem. 


  1. OK, right now my life is a mess. And one of the few things I try to do every day is read this blog. Cause you make me smile, and I am a book addict, and most of all, because you remind me that life goes on no matter no matter what is pretty yucky right now. I love books that make me laugh. That is a given for me. And I like the idea of "a fish out of water" etc. Thanks for the review. This is a new to me author and I think I need to look and see what all I have been missing. Thanks for being here. You have no idea....

    1. Books (romances in particular) have always been my soft spot to land during times of upheaval in my life. Annette, I'm sorry for the forces that are bringing yuck into your life right now but I'm glad you're finding some enjoyment - and I hope comfort - from your visits here and the books I've recommended. Sending you big hugs and hopes that life will be looking brighter soon.

    2. P J - From your mouth to God's ear.

  2. Great review! I'm looking forward to reading this. Thank you