Friday, April 16, 2010

Guest Review - Accidentally Demonic

Accidentally Demonic
By Dakota Cassidy
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: February 2, 2010

The last thing Casey Schwartz remembers from the previous night is rushing to the rescue of her two spoiled, self-centered socialite charges. What she cannot remember is how she came to be arrested for assaulting and verbally threatening a police officer. With this one incident, her neatly ordered life and quiet persona are gone forever.

After Casey's sister, Wanda and her friends, Marty and Nina bail her out they demand answers. With growing horror, Casey struggles to contain a new, highly confrontational self who takes great pleasure in baiting the uber-scary Nina, and in the ensuing struggles finds herself equipped with strange new talents like being able to shoot fireballs and levitate. Equally mystifying to her is the fact that Wanda, Marty and Nina are unfazed by these abilities and take them in stride. They soon welcome her to the world of the paranormal--werewolves, vampires and other strange entities.

Just as Casey believes they are all straight jacket bound, Clayton Gunnersson enters the picture and Casey’s libido comes to life with a roar!

Clayton was an attractive man. No, attractive was downplaying the reality. His lickability factor was high -- from head to toe, he was the bomb-diggity.

And come to find out, he has the answers they are searching for. The previous night Clay accidentally spilled a vial of demon blood on Casey. Thus she is now, he assumes, half demon, and it is the demonic part of her with the excitable emotions, super strength and raging libido that he wants to help her master. The only problem is they both are fighting their mental attraction to each other which is complicated by a secret Clay has shared with only a few of his paranormal friends. Hilarity ensues as Clay and Casey fight to find an answer to Clay’s problem, their sizzling attraction to each other, and a powerful adversary.

This is the fourth installment in Dakota Cassidy’s ACCIDENTAL series, and although I usually prefer to read a series sequentially, it is quite capable of standing on its own. Never having read anything else by this author, I was pleasantly surprised with this novel. It had all of the prerequisites I usually look for in a “good read”-- the paranormal and steamy attraction between characters; however, it offered me so much more. This is one of the most humorous books I have read in a long time. I literally giggled and chuckled my way through it. I also think the by play between the female characters was well written and added to the depth of the story. I look forward to reading the previous novels in this series.

~ Cyndi Murphy


  1. Thanks for the terrific review, Cyndi! I haven't read this author either but you've made me want to run right out and buy up her books!

  2. Thank you for allowing me to guest review. I loved this book and can not wait to read more of Dakota Cassidy's works.

  3. Welcome to the guest author spot, Cyndi! And thanks so much for the great review! :)

  4. Oops! Not quite awake this morning. That first comment was from me. ;-)


  5. Great job on the guest review, Cyndi! I have always heard wonderful things about Dakota Cassidy, but just haven't gotten around to reading her stuff. One day!!

  6. Um, that should be guest reviewer spot, Cyndi. I guess I'm not quite awake this morning either! LOL!

  7. Great review, Cyndi. I love Dakota's books. They always make me laugh!