Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guest Review - - Body Master

Body Master
By C.J. Barry
Publisher:  Berkley Sensation
Release Date: August 3, 2010

When it comes to taking down rogue Shifters, Seneca Thomas is the best of the best. As an elite member of the secret government agency XCEL, her mission is to apprehend those of the alien race who have viciously murdered humans. Not as easy as it might sound when the aliens are able to replicate human DNA and hide amongst the native population. Of course, Seneca has a few tricks up her own sleeve. Her Native American heritage lends her the ability to distinguish Shifters while they are in human form and force-shift them at will, making her every evil Shifter’s worst nightmare.

After her partner Riley is slaughtered during a raid, Seneca is horrified to discover that XCEL is adopting a new approach to countermand the rising number of agent deaths. Seneca comes face-to-face with her new partner, Max Dempsey, who is fiercely driven, mysterious and intensely sexy.

And a Shifter.

For Max Dempsey, XCEL and Seneca Thomas are a means to an end. Driven by cold vengeance, he has only one thing to live for: to find the Shifter who betrayed his people and murdered his wife. A mission made much more difficult now that he has a partner who doesn't trust him. It's a small price to pay for XCEL’s intel, which will no doubt help him zero in on his target.

Like it or not, Seneca and Max need each other. When an enterprising Shifter puts a price on their heads to fuel his own agenda, no one can be trusted and their lives are thrust into chaos. The only way out is to acknowledge the emotions simmering between them and to put pride aside and work together.

Despite my love for science fiction, I find that I don’t usually gravitate towards sci-fi paranormals. Aliens rarely snag my interest, though there are a few exceptions (what I wouldn’t do for a ride in the TARDIS!) When I read the brief on C.J. Barry’s Body Master, I assumed that the shape shifters were magic-based beings like most books I’ve previously read. Boy, was I surprised when I started reading!

Pleasantly surprised!

Let me start out by saying C.J. Barry hooked me at the first chapter. Right out of the gates, Barry takes you on a non-stop thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In fact, in my fervor to discover the next exciting twist, I often had to force myself to read more slowly to keep from missing things. The book is shorter than most, and there were times when I wished for more plot and character development, but I never felt that the story was considerably lacking. I am definitely excited for the next installment of the Body series and can happily say I will definitely be picking up more sci-fi paranormals from here on out.

~Jenn Colman Tokuda


  1. I've enjoyed this author's romantic suspense books written as Samantha Graves. I'll be sure to add "Body Master" to my list of books to buy.

  2. Great review, Jenn! You certainly have me intrigued. I'll be giving this book a try!

  3. Thanks for another great guest review, Jenn! This one sure sound interesting to me.

  4. Hi Jenn!

    What a great review! I love getting to know new-to-me authors. Like a Border's sign in a shopping center, you've definitely snagged my attention with this one! ;) (LOL But then, when it comes to boks, I'm always an easy sale.)


  5. Wow - not a book I would have picked up; but you've got me wondering why not. So I'm going to give it a try.

    Great review, thanks for the heads up!

  6. Thanks everyone. It's not something I would have typically picked up either, so I'm very glad that I chose it to review! I would have missed out otherwise! :)

  7. It does sound good. I have read very little (actually no) Sci-Fi in the last 10 to 15 years. It has been a long time and I had read only the older, classic authors.
    Some of the reviews I have read lately about the new Sci-Fi romance thrillers sound really good. I'll have to check out more of them, including this one.
    Thanks for the review.