Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hot Dish for August

As we are in the hottest part of the summer (at least here in the southern parts of America), I figure why not have one of the hottest pictures of the year. Grab that tall glass of iced cold sweet tea and be prepared to enjoy.

First I guess I should tell you a little bit about this month's Hot Dish because after you see the picture you won't be coherent. *VBG*

Marcus Lodewijk Schenkenberg van Mierop, better known as Marcus Schenkenberg (born August 4, 1968) is a model, actor, singer, writer, and TV personality born in Stockholm, Sweden to Dutch parents. He has a citizenship with Netherlands, but has been based in NYC since 1991. Marcus was discovered by American photographer Barry King, while roller skating in Venice Beach, California in 1989. He is approximately 6 feet 3 inches tall. Most known for his Calvin Klein advertisements, he has also modeled for Valentino, Donna Karan, Versace and Giorgo Armani.

He speaks fluently in Swedish, English, Dutch, Italian and French. Wouldn’t you love to hear him whisper in your ear?

Without further ado, here's Marcus.

Nice, huh?

~ Buffie


  1. Oh my! I think it's time to crank up the A/C!

  2. That is a FABULOUS way to start my Sunday morning. He's positively delicious.

  3. Nice job as always Buffe! (Though at this point, it's almost a given and should go without saying no? ;) )

    What impressed me most about this month's selection is all the languages he speaks. Languages have always fascinated me, and I do like a guy with a hot accent talking to me. ;) And he can do it in multiple languages!

  4. Oh yeah, that is definitely drool worthy!

  5. Um, oh....I'm sorry. I seem to have lost my capacity for coherent speech. So I'll just say, Oh! My! Gawd!!!

  6. Very nice, I've always found him very handsome.

  7. YUM-MY!!!!! Wow. Terrific choice, Buffie. And I'm with Lisa--I am completely impressed by all the languages he speaks! :)

  8. LOL at all the reactions!!!

    PJ -- yes it is time to turn that AC way down!

    Jenn -- glad your morning got off on the right foot!

    Lisa -- Thanks!! The languages are what sealed the deal for me too. Can't you just imagine all the things he would whisper in your ear? I would be giggling in no time flat.

    Diana -- droolworthy? Oh yeah!

    Gannon -- glad you approve!

    Scorpio -- Thanks! I think so too.

    Andrea -- Wow is pretty good word to describe him ;-)

  9. Thank you so much for that Buffie whoo hoo what a dish

    Have Fun

  10. He is a hottie! I love the fact that he speaks some many languages. I wouldn't mind him whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  11. Helen, dear, you are SO welcome *vbg*

  12. Paula - I think we are all in agreement with that. ;-)

  13. How come I never see "healthy" specimens like Marcus when I'm at Venice Beach? That's definitely not a spray-on six pack. :)

    Jen T.

  14. Artemis -- I think I could live with him too ;-)