Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review -- Chains of Fire

Chains of Fire
The Chosen Ones - Book #4
By Christina Dodd
Publisher: Signet Select
Release Date: September 7, 2010

The Legend
"Long ago, when the world was young..." a gorgeous and vain woman abandoned her children, a boy and a girl---twins with hideous birthmarks---to the river and the forest to meet their deaths. Instead, they became the first of the Abandoned Ones, gifted with abilities that could save the world...or end it.

The boy was marked with a sinister tattoo and given the gift of fire, and he gathered others around him with similar gifts to become the Chosen Ones---seven men and women who became a powerful force of light in a dark world.

The girl had the mark of an eye on the palm of her hand and became a seer. She turned to the devil, gathering six other gifted ones to her. They became the Others, bringing darkness and death to the world.

The Chosen Ones and the Others have fought for centuries for the hearts and souls of the Abandoned Ones.

That battle goes on New York City and around the world.

Samuel Faa and Isabelle Mason are Chosen Ones...and former lovers. As Shakespeare said, "The coarse of true love never did run smooth." Well, the road that Samuel and Isabelle travel is marked with potholes the size of an elephant, hairpin turns and enough road construction and detours to make the most seasoned traveler scream with frustration. But Isabelle and Samuel are far from average.

Samuel is a Gypsy lawyer and the adopted son of servants, the Mason family's butler to be exact. He has spent his life overcoming his humble beginnings by becoming a top notch lawyer, and now he is part to the Chosen Ones with his gift to control minds. His one weakness is Isabelle, his first love, fellow Chosen One and the daughter of the wealthy and powerful Boston Masons. But after he uses his gift to betray Isabelle, Samuel loses the love and trust of the one person he felt closest to. Now they are trapped underground due to an avalanche caused by the Others. With no way out they are forced to confront the feelings that they have long suppressed.

"Because with you, I want to be everything I am---romantic and crude, serious and funny, loving and in love. I want to buy you gifts when I've had a good day, gripe at you when I've had a bad day, be a jerk, and know you'll slap me, know that no matter what I do, you'll love me anyway."

"You want everything," she whispered.

"Yes. I want everything." He kissed her belly. "But I want everything for you, too. I want you to come to me when your friends are a pain. I want to hear you laugh too loud at silly jokes and hold you when you cry over a chick flick. I want you to feel free to be bitchy when you've got PMS. I want to hear you scream when you're angry at me and know you're not going to walk out because we're meant to be together forever. I want everything for us...and all we've got is tonight, so let's make this"---he kissed her again---"a good night."

Isabelle Mason was raised in privilege and luxury, the adopted daughter of the Masons. Yet for all she had, she always felt different, like she never truly belonged. For as long as she could remember, Isabelle was able to heal others with her touch. Her mother didn't like for her to share her ability with anyone, considering it too different and crude. But when Samuel came to live with the Masons when they were both children, Isabelle found in Samuel a kindred spirit. Their friendship blossomed into love, one she thought would last forever. But when Samuel used his mind control on her to obtain information, Isabelle was devastated by his duplicity. In spite of his betrayal however, deep down her love for him never completely died.

"The first time I saw you, back before I even really remember, I wanted to hold you. Then...the first time we made love, you imprinted yourself on me."

"Yes," he whispered.

"There's never been another man for me. That's why, all these years without you, I've been so angry. Every minute we've been apart, I longed for you." She kissed him again. "I knew you were the only man I could ever love."

The first time Samuel and Isabelle appeared on the pages of Storm of Visions, book 1 of The Chose Ones, they threw off more sparks and heat a lightning storm. There was most definitely some big mystery about their past, and readers get one heck of a story that fills in all of the nitty gritty details in Chains of Fire. Scorching passion, betrayal, a tender reunion, and the ultimate fight of good versus evil. Christina Dodd gives her readers another fast-paced, sexy, thrill-ride-of-a-lifetime paranormal. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Dodd and everything she writes, but she has, without a doubt, found her niche with paranormals.

While this book can stand alone, it will be enjoyed and enhanced tenfold by reading the series in order: Storm of Visions, Storm of Shadows, Chains of Ice and Chains of Fire. And true to form, Ms. Dodd leaves her readers wondering what will happen next with a nail-biting cliffhanger! Here's hoping we won't have to wait to long for the next installment in The Chosen Ones series.

~ Gannon


  1. Great review! I knew you were going to love this one, Gannon! The story held me in its grip from beginning to end and the end left me that much more excited about the books yet to come!

  2. The story held me in its grip from beginning to end and the end left me that much more excited about the books yet to come!

    Exactly, PJ! I absolutely cannot wait for Aleksandr's book!!

  3. I started with Dodd's historicals and really enjoy them. Her paranormals have been enjoyable and I think they have become my new favorites.

  4. Librarypat, I started with Christina's historicals, too. Like you, my favorites, without a doubt, are her paranormals. :-)

  5. I am so happy Isabel's story is out, and it's waiting for me to devour.

    Thanks for the review Gannon - now I'll be salivating all day, until I can crack open the book tonight.

  6. I guess I'm in the minority around here today. :)

    I read Dodd's paranormals and enjoy them and I'm happy to see one of favorite authors gaining new readers. But it was her early historicals that made me fall in love with La Dodd's writing, and it's the historicals I await most eagerly.

  7. Janga, I love ALL of Christina's books---I started with her historicals---but it just "feels" like the paranormals are where she shines brightest.

    Although, she did tell us at RWA about her next historical, and I cannot wait for it!!!