Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review - - To Marry a Scottish Laird

By Lynsay Sands
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: June 24, 2014


Campbell Sinclair learns that no good deed goes unpunished when he steps in to help a lad who is being attacked by bandits and gets stabbed for his troubles. Fortunately for him, the lad he saved was actually a healer named Joan, and she patches him up, gets them away from there, and nurses him back to health. Cam soon learns that the lad is actually a lass and is actually traveling north to one of his allies, Lord MacKay. Cam offers to take her there in safety.

What happens next is what would happen if I found myself with a strapping young Highlander: they’re on each other like white on rice. So much so it takes them like two weeks to get to MacKay’s land, which, well, is a good deal longer than it should have taken Cam to return. What is soon learned by Cam and Joan is that Joan is not the nameless commoner she thought she was. Joan is actually the niece of MacKay; and once this bit is learned, Cam realizes he must marry her…despite the fact he spent the last two weeks telling her how he was never marrying again. And Joan certainly wasn’t expecting anything, being the little nobody she thought she was two weeks ago. Of course, nor did she want to be Cam’s mistress and then have him break her heart. They were going to part ways when they got to the MacKay’s; and now that is impossible. It’s hardly a marriage of convenience when you start falling in love with each other, right?

Meanwhile, Cam’s mother has still been operating under the assumption that her son won’t marry again—and keeps the castle full of marriageable girls in order to tempt him to change his mind. This seems benign—comical even once you meet the women—except that it appears the women are not that thrilled that some little nobody from nowhere has captured Cam…and Joan is nearly killed three different times before the real culprit is revealed. Figuring out who did it definitely kept the pages turning rapidly for me and I was a little shocked.

Action-packed, sexy, and full of surprises—it was a very charming read.


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  1. I enjoy reading highlander books and this one has my attention just added it to my to buy list.

    1. Cam is pretty darned sexy. :) I love Highlander books too.

  2. This sounds good thanks for the review

  3. I read Lynsay Sands's earlier Highlanders series when I first dipped my foot into the HR pool, and I love them then, they're funny too. I'll definitely want to read this one.

  4. Hellie, I, too, read Lynsay Sands' books when I first started reading historicals because I loved Scottish Highlander stories and medieval stories. Sands' book are great reads for the reasons you listed: great hero, great heroine, love, action, and humor. This is another one I will be adding to my Kindle wish list.

  5. My favorite sub-genre of romance. Medieval, Highland stories were the first romances I read and still my favorite. I enjoy Lynsay Sands' books and will be looking for this one.
    Thank you for the review.

  6. Thanks, Hellie! I love medieval romances and this one sounds like a winner. :)

  7. Oh, this sounds really good. Medieval is one of my favorite type of read - thanks for the review.

  8. Sorry guys for not answering this. My dad had a doctor's appointment yesterday so I was gone like, well, 12 hours. *LOL* I hope you all read it and enjoy it. :)