Friday, July 11, 2014

Sound Off

Wow!  Can you believe 2014 is half over already?  Crazy!  I hope the first half of your year has been filled with good times, good friends and good books!  And, I hope our crew here at The Romance Dish can help fill the remainder of your year with great books, interesting authors, fantastic giveaways and lots of fun. I have a few questions for you that will help us accomplish that...and a special prize at the end so keep reading! :)

WHO are you?

No, you don't have to tell us your real name but give us some info about the type of person you are.  Are you under 30?  From 30 - 50?  Over 50?  Are you working?  Retired?  Married? Single?  Do you live in the United States or another country? (If you're not comfortable posting this publicly but want to share to help us, just send us an email at theromancedish (at) gmail (dot) com.)

WHAT do you enjoy reading?

Contemporary?  Historical?  Paranormal?  Young Adult?  Romantic Suspense?  Something else?  Do you read other genres besides romance?  Which ones?  What qualities draw you to a certain sub-genre, book or author?  What book(s) are you reading now? What upcoming books are you looking forward to reading?

What would you like to see (or see more of or, in some cases, less of) in romance publishing?  Share your thoughts on everything from the covers to the sub-genres to monthly publication dates to format to paperback print size to story content, etc.  We want to hear it all.

WHERE do you learn about new books or previously published books you haven't yet read?

Do you read reviews? Follow authors on social media?  Subscribe to review sites or magazines (such as RT)?  Participate on street teams?

Where do you buy books?  Do you use online sites?  Do you prefer brick and mortar stores? Do you have a preferred online site?

Where do you visit us at TRD?  Do you only visit the blog?  Do you follow us on facebook or twitter?  Do you subscribe via email or Google? Do you do the same for other romance blogs?

WHEN do you usually visit The Romance Dish?

How often do you typically stop by? Do you visit more than once a day?  Do you comment or are you primarily a lurker?  If you mostly lurk, what would entice you to comment?

WHY do you visit with us at TRD?

What are we doing that makes you want to spend time with us? What could we do to improve the experience?

Why do you read romance?  Tell us what qualities bring you back to these books time and again.

What goes into your decision to buy a book?  Why do you pick up book A and not book B?  Is it the cover?  The back blurb?  Author name recognition?  A review you've read?  A friend's recommendation? The price?

HOW do you read?

Are your books paperback?  Hardback?  Do you use an e-reader?  If so, which one?  Do you read on your phone?  Tablet?  Some other device?  What are your pros and cons for reading print vs digital?

Thank you for your help!  

Three randomly chosen people who leave answers to our questions will receive a package of books from our prize stash.  (U.S. addresses only)

Two international readers will receive their choice of The Secrets of a Scoundrel by Gaelen Foley, Never Been Kissed by Molly O'Keefe, Christmas in July by Debbie Mason or Where the Horses Run by Kaki Warner.

Please put a US or I (international) in your comment! 


  1. Kimh
    30,Read contemp, romantic suspense, erotic romances, learn, blogs, romantic times! 5 times to read RD blog, reading paperbacks,

  2. I'm an international middle-aged reader (just under 50). I read mainly contemporary romance. I come over when I see on your FB pages that you are talking to an author I am interested in, or when the pitch draws me in ;)

    I read mainly on my Kindle, which has saved a lot of space in my home, and I listen to a lot of audiobooks when I drive or clean. I sometimes indulge in a paperback, which makes it seem more special, nowadays.

    What would I like to see less of in romance? I don't read erotica, so a bit less sex would not bother me, probably because we've gone overboard since the 50 Shades success.

  3. Thanking everyone in advance for your comments today. I'm tied up all day so it will most likely be later this evening before I have a chance to stop by again.

  4. I am a 50+ year old retired Texas grandmother. I read mysteries and thrillers, in addition to many romance genres: historical, contemporary, suspense, PNR/UF. Right now, I'm reading Marie Force's contemporary, Meant for Love, on Kindle; I'm reading the Chevy Stevens thriller, That Night, in hardback. Reading has been a favorite pastime since I was a child.

    I learn about new books from blogs, author newsletters and websites, my public library, and on-line book newsletters from various sources. I do not use Facebook or Twitter. I get a lot of books (including e-books) from the public library. Book purchases typically come from Amazon and Half-Price Books.

    I'd like to see more uniqueness in book plots and settings. Rose Lerner's latest was set in a small community in the middle of an election. Main characters were regular people. Sure, it was a romance, with an HEA and everything. But the story, setting and characters were fun and different and dealt with unique issues. I knew going in that I'd not read anything similar to Sweet Disorder. That really did contribute to my enjoyment of the book.

    I don't read erotica and honestly, I could do with less sex in many of the traditional romances I read. I agree with commenter Bridget C. that we've gone a bit overboard post 50 Shades.

    Since I'm not a Facebook user, I'd also like to see more of the author/book contests that are hosted there have an additional email option for the rest of us. When I get an author's newsletter, I do feel left out that I can't even enter her contests.

    I visit TRD blog each morning. It's one of my favorite stops. I usually comment if the subject interests me. This is one of my go-to blogs for author interviews and book reviews. TRD has a very attractive, understandable, easy-to-follow format.

    Why do I pick up a book? There are many authors I follow. Things most likely to draw me to a new author/book are positive recommendations from trusted sites and authors, and interesting interviews, excerpts and summaries. I don't care for book covers too much--I find that in romance, especially, covers and titles frequently are misleading and that drives me up a wall! (Characters don't "look" like themselves, etc.)

    Generally, if I can get a book at my library, I will. If I purchase it, usually it is a Kindle version through Amazon. I prefer reading on my Kindle Paperwhite, where I can control type size and light. I can read faster like this than with paperbacks(and some hardbacks.) Reading faster means reading more!
    Happy weekend, all. (US)

  5. I love your site because I can find out about new authors that may interest me, and new books coming out. I frequent other blogs because of the same reasons. And your generosity with giveaways doesnt hurt. LOL. I visit your site at least once a day.

    I get most of my books from paperbackswap, or purchase from amazon or b&n.

    I prefer paperback but have maybe 20 on kindle fire and the same on the nook - but prefer the kf.

    I live in NY and will be 68 the end of Oct. - right around the time The Dodgers win the World Series - I hope, I hope.

    Am married with 2 grown children and one 5 1/2 yr old granddaughter.


  6. Before blogging in 2009, I bought paperbacks by looking at their type of romance (Blazes, Desires, Intrigues, etc.), and then deciding based on their back blurb. Since blogging, though, I now buy based on what I learn from following author/romance blogs, newsletters, and web sites.
    I do not participate on street teams because I don't own an eReader, plus I share almost all my books with others (except those by favourite authors).
    The only reviews I read are those given by authors on their blogs.
    I prefer buying books at local stores to help them out (as they are being phased out by eReaders), plus Amazon, Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble.
    I try to visit all blogs, including TRD, daily through Google Blogger. I respond if I have something to say on the topic, although contests entice me more. Love to read what PJ and Andrea have to say (so please keep saying it, LOL!), along with guests and former Dishes. (I miss the former Dishes!)
    To improve, I think having more Dishes joining in regularly would help relieve what has to be pressure for PJ and Andrea, as I'm sure that would give them more time to write books for a living instead. As well, I'm not on FB or Twitter, so I wish readers could enter contests by Blogging or Emailing, instead of only Liking or Tweeting.
    I read romances because they are quick reads (other than historicals) that don't keep me up all night, but I especially love my HEAs. Those HEAs continually give me sweet dreams, and you can never have too much romance in your life.
    Nowadays I have a list of auto-read authors, plus I enjoy reading books from new authors when I've liked their excerpts.
    I prefer paperbacks. I love the feel and smell of them. Most importantly, I can share them with others easily, as I give my books to my girlfriend's mom to read, and she leaves them in her seniors apartment building for others to enjoy too.
    I actually would rather have hardbacks, but they are too expensive, as I have been reading 250+ books/year since 1973.
    If I travelled by plane, I would love to have an eReader simply for the weight factor, but I doubt I would enjoy scrolling so quickly on it. I read quickly (bet you figured that out, LOL), but my eyes are much worse than when I started reading (whose aren't?), so I prefer natural sunlight if possible (and frown upon solar lighting on calculators so again doubt I would like the eReader's lighting).
    My cell phone is an oldie that doesn't have Internet, so no, I don't read books on my phone. I have a desktop computer in my office (and rarely use my husband's laptop) and occasionally read pdf romances, but even then I prefer not to, since I type all day for a living and don't want to be sitting here even longer. Don't own tablets or any other devices.
    I = Canada

  7. Well, I don't think I count for the contest, but I do love talking about myself...

    WHO? I'm--er--yeah, not so much on the age thing. I work at a University during the day; I write and procrastinate by night. I've always loved reading (and writing); and I can thank my mother for that because she read to me and also bought books as part of a mail-subscription so I'd have something to look forward to and new to read. My mom also liked to write and was very creative and smart--so of course, I think she passed that down to me. I'm a domestic rather than an international someone, but I would like to travel internationally. WHAT? I love reading just about anything if it's written well enough. But I'm primarily a romance novel reader, mostly historical or contemporary, but I've dipped my toe in just about all types of things. Lots of great books out there. WHERE? Here, of course. And I get books in the mail to review, so that's how I get some real up and coming great things to read and talk about. (Yes, I'm lucky.) WHEN? Daily. Okay, I sometimes forget the weekends, but it's because I'm still in bed. But usually daily. Never know what TRD is going to be up to or what other reviewer has found to read that I need to read as well. WHY? I love you guys! You are all smart, sassy, personable, and well-informed. Plus PJ sometimes posts pictures of her pooch. HOW? Primarily with paper/hard-copy books. Very little do I read on my tablet; however, I did read this year THE ROSIE PROJECT as a digital item and it was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. I'm slowly coming around. I'll always be a paper preferrer, but digital has its perks.

  8. I am a 50+ single gal, who because of medical reasons had to take early retirement. I have lived in a small city in Southern Ontario for 12yrs. I lived previously in the largest city in Canada, Toronto for most of my life.
    I love to read most genres of books. I love contemporary, historical, western, suspense and mystery and a few paranormal. I am currently reading A Match Made in Texas by Katie Lane and I am so looking forward to Carly Phillips new book which comes out on Tuesday Dare to Surrender. I just finished Wild Iris Ridge by RaeAnne Thayne. I love to read books that are part of a series. But reading stand-alone stories are just as great. I would like to see publishers make books that are part of series publish a little more quicker than they do. It’s hard to read a story and not have the next book come out anywhere from 6 months to a year for the next book. Depending on the writer, I may never read the next one because I have forgotten all about it.
    I find books through so many different ways. Author’s website, Facebook, blogs, online book chats, word of mouth, email notification from different places, such as Street Teams I belong to. I read reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and other review sites.
    I buy my books through Amazon for my kindle. Paperbacks I buy from Chapters/Indigo, Wal-Mart, and other booksellers. I use the library a lot especially for books that are in hardcover.
    I visit TRD at the blog site, and on Facebook. I also subscribe by email. I try to join in 4 or 5 times a week, especially when one of my fav authors is being featured. But I have also found some great “new to me author” by visiting TRD.
    When I am buying a book I am drawn to the cover, but it is the back cover that can reel me in to purchasing a books. I want a book that is going to grab my attention from page one and take me all the way to end. It has to have good characters, and a story that is romantic, sexy and can have a humour and a little suspenseful all at the same time. I want to be entertained when I read a book. I want to laugh out loud or shed a few tears, cheer for the good guys and boo at the bad ones. I want the story to have a good HEA at the end and not leave me wanting more, unless it is part of a series and then I want to shout, MORE, MORE, MORE. If a book has been recommended to me, I give a review of that book back to the person or go to Goodreads or Amazon and give my review..

    (I)Canada participant.

  9. My comment seemed to disappear.

    I am 94 years old; live in the U.S. and love to read romance, biographies and general fiction, preferably in large print paperbacks if I can get them. My daughter brings me books to read that she has enjoyed as well as picking up books at the library. I love checking out reviews on your site and enjoy the contests you run.

  10. I'm a varied reader, I buy paperbacks when they're appropriately priced and e-books on my Kindle the rest of the time.These days it seems that e-books seem to be priced better than paperbacks, which means they're what I purchase more often than not.
    I use the Amazon Kindle app to read on both my laptop and my phone when my Kindle is dead, or when it has been apprehended by my kids. :)

  11. WHO? I am a 50+ retired elementary teacher who lives in Ga. I am married with 2 grown sons. No grandkids yet.

    WHAT? I read primarily romance, both historical and contemporary. I prefer paperbacks, but I also read e-books. I like some sex in books, but I do not like erotic novels at all. I want the story, a lot of romance, and some sex. There seems to be a trend towards sex being the main plot device and including lots of bdsm. Quite honestly, a sex scene every few pages becomes boring to me.

    WHERE? I learn about new authors and books through sites like this one. I buy books online, in stores, and at the library used book sales. I visit this blog, as well as a few others, daily. I follow you and others through Google and Bloglovin. Sometimes I subscribe by email.

    WHEN? I visit every day. I comment frequently, and I check back for replies.

    WHY? I read romance novels for the happy ending. I no longer enjoy books and movies that have sad endings. Life has too many of those without me adding to them with books and movies. I come to this site for the friendly camaraderie, our mutual interests, the trusted book reviews, fun giveaways, and pictures from conferences you go to. I pick up a book based on the blurb, author's name, and reviews that I have read.

    HOW? paperbacks mostly, but occasionally ebooks. I have a blackberry phone that I use for the ebooks. I prefer paperbacks because I can flip more easily back to a page that had a story detail that I want to check on. I also just like the feel of a book in my hand and the look of a book on my keeper bookshelf. Sometimes in those keeper paper books, I like to easily be able to find a favorite scene.

    Thanks for asking these questions and caring about our opinions!

  12. Came back to answer more of the questions. LOL. I read either on my comfy living room chair on couch in the spare room. I choose some books because I like the author and hear about some books on t.v. I lurk around your site to see what is going on. Don't do too much posting. Love romance of course because of the happy ending. Will read newspaper reviews. And what you post here.

  13. HI I am a 60+ woman who loves romance . I like contempary and romantic suspense and mysteries.I learn about new books from here and emails and different sites and just going into the book department of any store that sells them. I read on my kindle and love "real books" too if its a hardcover I mainly get those from my library but also like audio books audibel is my new best friend or the library. I also subscribe to Romance Times.
    I like to come on here to see the reviews and see any author that shows up.. I especially like the new books column on the 1st Friday of the month...
    Books are my life cannot understand how anyone wouldn't want to escape for a little while... I live in the USA

  14. I read catregories, contemporaries and historicals paperbacks . I browse goodreads for books based on plot lines I like. I buy from and www.1stchoiceusedbooks (both ship worldwide)..

  15. I forget to put US in my comment

  16. who? US, under 50
    what? historical, paranormal, sci-fi romance; recently have been hooked into the guardians of eternity series by Alexandra ivy & protectors of darkness series by Rebecca zanetti resulting in some binge catching up on those series the past few weeks :), love books by Dana Marie Bell, Tessa Dare, Miranda Neville, Hannah Howell, Shelly Laurenston/GA Aiken, Jennifer Ashley, just to name a small few off that list; cut my reading teeth on Woodiwiss, Lindsey & Garwood, while Laurens & Howell helped re-energize my reading habits a few years ago
    where? books publication news from various places: blogs (such as TRD), author news, facebook, goodreads, browsing book sites/stores; do a lot of purchasing online though still like to stop and browse in an actual store when can; don't do street teams (not comfortable "promoting" an author in that manner, though will share w/ others when I enjoy a particular book/author),
    when? visit TRD from home mostly in evening after work, checking almost daily
    why? enjoy the mix of reviews, news (what's coming out) & contests @ TRD; read romance for the "escape" & HEA, the romance/passion/adventure/humor, the mix that is similar but unique to each book; while the cover may catch my eye & get me to look at a book, it's generally the blurb &/or author that has the most influence on my buying decision -- does it sound like something I'll enjoy, reviews & recommendations only have a small influence as everyone's taste is different & I've been burned & surprised by a book when based upon just reviews, price generally influences timing of purchases though a low/cheap price will help push a book "on the fence" into the cart
    how? read paper & ebooks (though more e than before but still like reading a "real" book), primarily use my tablet for ebooks --makes it easier to be able to shop around plus can read even when dark since backlit (though glare can sometimes be an issue that my kindle & paperbacks don't have), paper is nice so you can easily see how far you are, how long is left (can I finish this chapter, & maybe the next, before having to run out the door), one benefit with paper when reading more complex stories or series is the ability to easily go back to look at something again or skim to refresh you memory if it's been a while between books, likewise the lighter weight/bigger storage of the kindle makes it nice for traveling or to have when waiting for others, have started reading on my phone some which can be dangerous as it's always with me and so easily accessible ;)

  17. I'm 71 yrs old and still working...married 47 yrs to a man I met on a blind date! I live on Long Island for all those yrs! My reading style is all over the place: Lee Child, Jodi Thomas, Stuart Woods, Ann Charles (Deadwood series), Liliana Hart, John Sandford, Carl Haissen, Bill O'Reilly!!!!
    I get info on books from friend Pat and internet...don't read reviews..I will get a book because of the author...purchase most books now as e-readers but in past have purchased books from BOOKWORM store in Wappinger's Falls, NY!!!

    Mickey MacD

  18. WHO are you?
    I’m over 50, single, and semi-retired. I retired from teaching literature and English composition several years ago, but I continue to work as a freelance writer, mostly for a couple of book packagers who produce reference books for a hs/undergrad audience. I live in the U. S.

    WHAT do you enjoy reading?

    I read poetry, literary fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction, memoirs, cozy mysteries, the occasional fantasy, and lots of romance. Within romance, I read mostly historical and contemporary, although I may follow a favorite author or a friend’s recommendation in other subgenres.

    Characterization is the most important element for me. If I fall in love with the characters, I can overlook imperfections in other areas. I like intelligent, fully dimensional, emotionally engaging characters. I can’t resist romance stories that use well the tropes of second-chance-at-love, friends-to-lovers, and fairy tale twists.

    Please don’t hate me, but today I’m reading an ARC of In Your Dreams, the next book in Kristan Higgins’s Blue Heron series. I’m also rereading A Thousand Mornings, a collection of poems by Mary Oliver, and I just finished a reread of His Lordship’s Mistress, an old favorite historical romance by Joan Wolf. The book I’m most immediately looking forward to is Courtney Milan’s The Suffragette Scandal. I posted a long list of eagerly anticipated August books here yesterday.

    I’d love to see more books that operate within the conventions of romance while pushing the boundaries in some way. I heartily concur with the comments above concerning Rose Lerner’s Sweet Disorder. I’d also like to see less instant, all-consuming lust scenes and fewer formulaic sex scenes. I’ve read a depressing number that are so generic they could be switched from book to book with a change of names, and few readers would know the difference. And as much as I love small-town romances, I’d love to see more variety in settings.

    WHERE do you learn about new books or previously published books you haven't yet read?

    I learn about new books and new reissues from author newsletters, friends, Facebook, GoodReads, email lists, and a few blogs. Probably a fourth of the romances I read are ARCs from publishers or authors. Some of these are paperbacks, a rare few are hardback, but most are digital copies that I access through NetGalley and Edelweiss. Probably 95 percent of the books I buy are Kindle versions purchased through Amazon. I also still use the library, both my local public library and my university library

    Where and when do you visit us at TRD?

    I visit TRD almost daily, usually in the mornings on my laptop. I comment often, although less frequently recently because I’ve been insanely busy with deadlines. I do follow you on FB and Twitter. This is my pattern with the half dozen romance blogs I still follow, although TRD is the only one I visit daily. I visit because TRD is genuine, informative, and fun with a great balance of favorite authors and newbies as guests. The Dishes are also my friends. :)

    Why do you read romance? Tell us what qualities bring you back to these books time and again.

    I read romance fiction because it centers on relationships, because female protagonists are celebrated, because I’m addicted to happy endings, and because the genre is created, to a large degree, by talented writers who tell good stories. The books I read are chosen largely by author. I have a long list of autobuy authors. Books by new or new-to-me authors are almost always recommended to me by one or more of a small group of friends who know my reading taste or, more rarely, by an even smaller group of GoodReads reviewers with whom I share many favorites.

    I read mostly on my Kindle Fire these days. It’s easier on my eyes and arthritic hands. I do find it much easier to use print copies when I am working on a review or a blog post. Bookmarks help, but they are more complicated than flipping pages to find a forgotten detail or trace a pattern.

  19. 1. I'm 63, worked outside the home for about 20 yrs. but stopped to raise my two girls, have been married 45 yrs. and live in PA.
    2. I read print books and my favorite is historical. Although I do read almost anything with my next favorites suspense, thrillers, paranormal, mystery. Most are romance reads but I will read other types too. Some favorite authors - Grace Burrowes, Kathryne Kennedy, Sue-Elllen Welfonder - well I could go on and on and on lol. Jon Paul has the best covers. I have to care about the characters and then everything else follows.
    3. I go to different blogs, review sites, subscribe to newsletters, follow on FB . I tend to order on Amazon the most because of the convenience but if I am near a books store, I go in lol.
    4. I visit here at least once a day. I try to reply most of the time. Since I'm a print reader I either don't reply or let you know if I'm not interested in an ebook. I want those who enjoy ebooks to win them if there is a contest. I do wish people would always let us know what type of book it is because I feel bad winning an ebook and I've found some authors get insulted if you politely say no thanks - send it to someone else. I love when they give you the choice of either.
    5. I love this site. It has wonderful variety from different authors, reviews, contests and most of all the give and take. Blogs that put out a question and then no one ever replies back to anyone usually bore me because it feels like they really aren't interested and just have to fill the space. I enjoy you guys and you all seem to like what you're doing :) I do read the back blurb of books when browsing. A cover may get me to look at it but I won't buy it just for that although it hopefully gives me a clue to its contents. Historicals call to me the most. The older the better. I pretty much want to get away from the reality of today which is why I read less contemporaries but there are those authors that will pull me in such as Jill Shalvis. Recommendations and the buzz online has me looking into new books and authors all the time. My favorites don't have to do a thing lol. The best part about winning a book is that it gives me that chance to try someone new that I probably wouldn't have tried. I've found many a favorite author that way!
    6. I do own an ereader (I won it) but it hasn't drawn me in as yet. Maybe because I just love books so much. I like to be surrounded by them (they are everywhere in my house lol). And I like to share - my daughter, best friend and my mom. Always a great way to find good books or authors and a chance to talk about them in person.

    Hope this helps. I have been and always will be an avid reader. I read for escape, pleasure, to learn - just about any and all reasons. It has always been the one constant in my life. There is nothing like starting a new book, buying or winning one, or thinking about the one just finished. I truly can't understand people that don't read.

    1. Didn't say U.S. in case PA could stand for something else lol.

  20. I 'M in my 50's married with 1 child stay at home mom .I have some very bad illness's that keep me house bound.I love reading historical romance books.I also like to sit outside and look at my flowers when I'm able.I love when I win a book it's like meeting a new friend or if it's a series visiting with old friends and catching up with them.I love reading new authors of histoicals.

  21. forgot to say I live in the usa

  22. I'm an east coast girl in the US over the age of 40. (ouch) I mostly read historicals and contemporary authors. I haven't gotten into the recent YA and NA trend, but I do have a couple of them on my TBR pile. I plan to read them to see if it's something I might like.

    I have a Nook and Kindle, but I still enjoy reading paperbacks. I must admit the ereaders cut down on piles of books, however.

    I check-out TRD everyday and enjoy the list of upcoming books and your reviews. I also like when you blog about going to different conventions and the RWA Award nominations & winners.

  23. Who - I am a 30ish single chick from the US Midwest; one fur baby :)
    What - I will and do read practically anything :) I read paranormal, urban fantasy, historical, suspense, fantasy, erotica... as long as I can get drawn into the story, I'll give it a try.
    Where - I primarily learn about new books/authors from the different blogs I read and Amazon
    When - I primarily read TRD in the afternoons once I get my email notification of a new post
    Why - I really enjoy the author spotlights and reviews... and there are lots of awesome giveaways :)
    How - mainly on my kindle but after reading almost all books on my kindle the last 2 years, I've the hankering to go back to print... dunno why... but will still use the Kindle b/c of the convenience

  24. Who: I'm 70, retired, divorced, 2 adult children, no grandkids. I ran away from home in 1999 moving to NC where I lived until March of this year. I finally decided it was time to return to my hometown in MI.
    What: I read mainly historical romances but I do love a good suspense/thriller/mystery on occasion.
    Where: I follow my favorite authors on assorted social media as well as subscribe to review websites (like this one) and some Yahoo reader groups. Paperback Swap is another place to get good info on new books releasing and when. Most of my books are used and I get them from Paperback Swap. There are some authors that I will always buy new and those usually come from Amazon. I have a Kindle and do read some books on that. A couple of my favorite authors are moving from print to ebook so if I want to continue reading them, I have to switch too.
    When: I read while eating my meals and a period of time in the middle of the afternoon. I don't read in bed. Usually by the time I roll off to bed, I'm so tired, I can't keep my eyes open! I visit TRD at least once a week and every time I visit, I promise myself to visit more often because I see all the stuff I've been missing. I like the author spotlights, new books release info and of course, the reviews.
    How: As mentioned, most of the books I read are print, but I have acquired a good number of books on my Kindle. I do read more ebooks now that I did before getting my Kindle, but reading on that is still a distant second to the print book.

  25. I am 59 and have one child. I am not working right now and about to have a hip replacement, to many year doing factory work. I live in KY. I love reading historical romance, contempary and westerns romance. I visit different blogs every day to learn about new books and yes I visit the
    TRS every day to learn about which books are coming out. Love the way you put out the new book the first of every month. I usually read every night before I go to bed. I read on my Kindle and also some paper books. Most of my books come from Amazon.

  26. Who: I'm Deb, I'm 50 (I really don't feel, nor think I look, 50, and I HATED my birthday last September, LOL!)
    From Midwest (Iowa);
    one daughter, age 14;
    two stepsons, out on their own;
    a little (step) grandson, 16 months, and I love him lots.
    What: I read mainly historical romances, some inspirationals
    Where: I get a lot of my reading choices from TRD, Romance Bandits, author FB pages, and by skimming
    I very seldom read print books any more; I love my Kindle. I will buy print copies of books that I especially enjoy.
    When: In summer, I read any time of day. Usually, during the school year, I read in the evening or late at night, just before bedtime. I sometimes read on my lunch hour, but usually use that time to keep up on TRD and RB.
    So, I visit TRD usually in the middle of the day, sometimes in early evening.
    I pop in every day, really. I don't always comment. I enjoy the reviews, but don't always comment on those either. So, I am a lurker. ;)
    Why: I love the reviews and suggestions here at TRD. BUT, the main reason I visit is because I like the variety of topics discussed, not always books. AND, I feel like PJ and Andrea are friends, and they are!
    I read romance because it is always comforting to read about love. It is fun to read about other places and other people.
    I do read book reviews and blurbs about books. Many reviews here at TRD have persuaded me to buy a book or to put it on my TBR list. I read the negative reviews as well as the positive. I also read books that have been suggested by friends.
    Thanks for putting so much time and effort and fun into TRD, PJ and Andrea!!

    1. Oops, forgot to add, I am married; 16 years this October.

  27. Well, I'm in my twenties, single and in the US. I'm working but also looking. I'm a recent college under grad. Alumni. I love historical romances, especially the very small Recency era, but read about any kind of romance. Currently I'm on hiatus from historicals so erotic and contemporary romances have been keeping me up. I learn about new books from authors' page on FB or on their blog, via newsletters. And from author recs and friends, from publishers too and through book tours.
    Since I review myself, yes I read reviews. Yes I follow all my authors in which ever way I can or have access too. Street Teams are a huge thing. I'm in many of them. And yes I do ha e RT as my online magazine and follow as whole bunch of sites. I buy most of my book sonline. Though I will go out and purchase them from BN, Goodwill, Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, bookdepository,.... I also buy books from the publisher house. And Amazon is always a go for me. I follow TRD through FB, Email, and others. I also do a lot of these with other romances blogs , yes. I visit TRD whenever I can and have free time, or simply when I find a post interesting. I do comment from time to time, especially when author come visit. I love the reviews and of course the tours and author interviews and info. Romance just makes me happy because of the HEAs~ And I love prints! I just li e holding the prints in my hand and looking at them on my shelf. Yes I do read ebooks on my phone and laptop but prints are the way to go for me. Con of prints are that you can't carry thousyof books with you to choose from, Pro, I doesn't die and needs to be charged, plus you get the covers and get to hold it in your hands thick and soft. And you can have or make a library with the print books!!!!

  28. Hi, great blog today! I read paperbacks and hardbacks both, I can't read the ereader it bugs my old eyes and I do love having a book in my hands I guess I'm just old fashion and don't want to changed! I love the Historical romances and the contemp. romances too

    1. Sorry I forgot to put where I'm from it's California USA

  29. US
    contemporary, paranormal
    HEA; premise; blurb; good writing; no typos; not the same storyline as every other book out there; no cliffhangers
    don't want to see the same covers on different authors' books
    no retellings; no triangles; no serials; no books being dragged into multiple "volumes" or "books" when they can be published in one book
    authors/publishers need to post somewhere on the book that it's the first in a series or ends on a cliffhanger
    Goodreads, Amazon
    read for the HEA
    read print and ebook

  30. I'm married, have two teen boys. I worked many years as an RN but now am medically disabled so don't work. I live in the US.

    My first love is historical romance, but I also read contemporary. I have the first 4 e-books of Crista McHugh's 'The Kelly Brothers' series and plan to start the first one today.

    I visit several book review blogs and also subscribe to RT Book Reviews magazine to find new books/authors. I also follow authors on FB and get newsletters.

    I try to visit TRD daily and that ends up being later at night. I generally post unless the giveaway is a book I already have. I follow TRD on FB but usually only visit the blog due to time constraints.

    I like visiting TRD because you guys are fun and take the time to respond to every post when you can. That makes me feel like my comment means something. I also like that you keep a running list of deals on the upper right on the page with links so I don't miss out. I don't buy a book for the cover at all. The blurb and excerpt has to grab me. I love romance for the characters' journey to their HEA. I'm a fan of series/connected books, but not serials. It has to be a complete story. I like to have all (or many) of the books in a series before I start reading it. I keep a wishlist on B&N on books that have caught my attention, but many of them I'll wait until I find them on sale before purchasing.

    I read both paperback and ebook. I own a kindle paperwhite and a nook tablet, but prefer the nook...though I dislike that books sometimes cost more at B&N. I find myself reading more ebooks since I can increase the font size.

    Marcy Shuler

  31. I am a married fiftyish woman who works in technology. Reading romance is a great break from bits and bytes. I used to read mostly Regencies, but lately have been drawn to the contemporaries, especially the small town series.

    I learn about new books and new authors from blogs like this one, suggestions on my Amazon account and from following my favorite authors on Facebook.Once or twice a day, I hit a couple of blogs including The Romance Dish to catch up. I also check my Amazon wish list to see if there are any surprise sales.

    Most of my paperback books come from Amazon (those pre-order deals are great!), but I will pick up a book on impulse at Target or Costco. I buy ebooks for my Kindle from Amazon and All Romance. For older titles, I hit my local book exchange, where I also trade in the non-keepers. I also download ebooks from my local library. I love my Kindle, but there is still something about reading a real book.

  32. I'm a single 62 year old woman and I've been in my present job, one that I love, for the last 3 1/2 years. I've lived in Central Florida for the last 10 years, but am looking forward to retirement when I hope to return back home to California. The one thing that concerns me about moving again is making sure all of the many books in my home come with me. :D I love to read historical, paranormal and science fiction romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction and I especially love steampunk. I follow a number of authors on social media and get lots of author newsletters, as well as follow quite a lot of book blogs, including The Romance Dish, and those places are where I usually hear about new books. I buy most of my books from in both paperback and e-book, mostly depending on price. I have a hard time resisting a good sale, those $.99/$1.99 e-books are so tempting. I usually have two books going, one print and one e-book, which I read on my iPhone (so I always have a book with me wherever I go). The covers that I'm most attracted to for historicals are the couple pose - with full heads. One of my pet peeves is the headless people on covers, they drive me crazy. For other genres, a striking, dramatic cover catches my eye, it doesn't matter whether there are people or objects, as long as it makes a statement.

  33. Single between 30-50 and I live in the U.S.
    I enjoy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, historical romance, and multi-cultural romance
    Not enough diversity in romance. If there was no Kimani Romance the bookshelves would have very little and I do mean very little featuring people of color.
    More books set in major cities. Small town seem to rule. But lately islands and or bays are coming on strong.
    Increasing number of authors who are jumping on the BDSM bandwagon. (I dont have a problem with erotic but .......)

    I learn about books from Romantic Times, and Amazons recommended reads, and blogs such as this.I have a few authors that I like on Facebook and I also am on their e-mail lists.I am new to your site so would be considered a lurker

    I purchase very few hardbacks. Paperback purchases are from B&N, Target, and a local used bookstore. My local library has also started to carry a better selection of paperback romances. I have a Kindle and with specials from 0.99--2.99 I purchase more e-books. Author name recognition, price, cover blurb, and review are all factors before making a purchase.

  34. I'm a wife, mom to three, grandmother to four, retired teacher, and 60+ (I'm not sure how that happened.)
    I love historical romance but also read contemporary, romantic suspense, and sometimes inspirational. I'm presently reading Crazy Little Thing by Tracy Brogan and looking forward to reading Escape by Mary Balogh next. Love her books.
    Actually TRD is where I get most of my reading recommendations. If you give a book a high ratings, I'll definitely read that book. I really like your list of upcoming books for the next month -- helps me decide which books to read next. I receive your blog through email and read it daily --usually in the morning. I occasionally make comments but most often just read what others have to say. I subscribe to some author blogs, Romance Bandits, and Buried Under Romance.
    I just love book stores--B & N as well as small book stores. I buy some books from stores, but mostly buy online from Amazon or B & N. I read print but mostly ebooks. I have a Kindle and a Nook.
    I love to read romance because I love a happy ending. I read daily, usually in the evening.
    Your blog is my favorite. I appreciate the effort you put into it. Look forward to reading TRD each day.

  35. I forgot to mention I am reading a new series by Pamela Yaye. Its titled Seduced by the Playboy and is book 1 in her series The Morretti Millionaires. Looking forward to Julie Garwood's Fast Track at the end of July. Next month I am excited that Love Notes and Football (Rhonda Laurel) will be released and then I will be anticipating The Perfect Storm( Rhonda Laurel )later this year.

  36. I'm over 50, work a few part-time jobs, married . Live in the US. My favorite genres are contemporary & historical romance. I also read chick lit, as long as there is a romance & HEA! Sometimes biographies or self help (rarely). I find new books on the shelves at Target & B&N, through blogs & recommendations from other authors. The covers draw me in. I read primarily paperback, some hardcover (library books) & ebooks on the laptop if there is no print version. I get your blog notice via email & read it whenever it comes in,as long as it is about a book or author that interests me. You give detailed, well thought-out observations and opinions. No complaints! Thanks for your hard work!

  37. I'm over 50, married with two adult children. I enjoy all types of romances and also read mysteries, suspense and historical fiction. I usually find out about new books I want to read on the internet on sites like this one. I usually visit your site in the morning and I enjoy the author interviews, reviews and giveaways. I read mostly ebooks but sometimes paperbacks.

  38. I'm in my 30s from Canada and I mostly read contemporary, historical and paranormal romance. I love a good storyline with hero/heroines whom I can root for, smart and funny characters that makes me want to read more of them. I'm reading a book from one of my favorite authors, Gena Showalter's "The Darkest Whisper". I'm totally looking forward to reading her next installment in the Lords of the Underworld series, as well as Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor and Animal Magnetism series, Julie-Anne Long's PennyRoyal series and Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series.

    To learn about new releases and other books, I get authors newsletters via email, I follow them on FB, twitter, author websites/blogs and other romance blogs. I am on Goodreads but I don't subscribe to review magazines. While I love the idea of joining a street team, I just don't have enough time for all the authors I love to participate.

    I borrow a lot of books from my local library as I'm on a limited budget but I have purchased books in person from stores and online via The Book Depository. I have to admit, I judge a book by its covers if it's a new author for me. I think the cover is big part of the book and should enhance the story and not distract from it. I'm totally a paperback girl, I love the tactile feeling of physically turning the pages and having a book in my hands. While digital would seem to be more easily accessible since you can have thousands of books at your fingertips, I just haven't fully embraced it yet. I enjoy having my own little library at home!

    As for why I read romance? I'm a big believer in HEA, and sharing your life with friends and family. I find all these and more in my favorite books. I love sitting on my couch reading, not having to worry about life's problems at the moment and get lost in a good story with my "book friends".

    I mostly visit TRD blog and FB page, sometimes on twitter when I have time, I'm also an email subscriber. This is mainly the same for other romance blogs. I try to stop by TRD once a day, but if I'm too busy, then once every couple of days. I'm definitely not a lurker, I like to comment on book reviews and guest authors. I enjoy the books/authors TRD showcases, they are right up my alley and I find your blog to be very well done. Everything is neatly laid out, and terms for giveaways are always clear (eg. US or INT) Nothing bothers me more than having unclear giveaway terms and having to do a million things just to enter. I know that with the TBR, I can post a comment and be entered, easy, peasy! I like the fact that you post regularly and often reply back to comments so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time by sharing my thoughts.

    I do appreciate all the work it takes for you ladies to keep the blog running and your generosity with the giveaways. Thanks for making TRD a great place to visit!

  39. I am 40, where did the time go - married with one daughter going into first grade.

    I love to read suspense and some romance. Like the heas.

    Read mostly kindle, and paperbacks on occasion.

    I check on your site for reviews as well as other blogs. Love all the giveaways as well.

    Choose my books by authors I like, recommendations, blog reviews.

    Appreciate all the work going into blogs. I check in when I can.

    Natalie's Mama.

  40. Hi,
    I am in my 60's; am a widow with 2 grown daughters, 2 granddaughters and another one on the way in Oct.

    I really enjoy Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Also like fiction and romance - cannot beat a happy ending.

    I choose my books from recommendations, and reading the back blurbs, checking out reviews.

    I don't lurk here too often but really enjoy your blog when I do.

    Read mostly pbs and on my ipad.

    Am a retired school teacher.

    Thanks for all the work you do here.

    Patty B Coral

  41. I live in Copiague, NY - am married with 2 stepdaughters and 1 grandchild and enjoying retirement. Am in my early 60's.

    Enjoy reading fiction, spiritual reads and romance of course for the happy endings and good feelings I get while reading them.

    My books are chosen by reading the blurbs, reviews and when a friend or family member recommends something.

    I don't visit blogs too often but sometimes want to see what is going on in the book workd,

    Cuzie D.

  42. I'm an avid historical and contemporary romance reader. I will try other genres.

    I have been married for 37 byears. I have 4 grown children, 3 are married, 1 is in grad school. I have 2 grandchildren.

    I live in Florida most of the year and summer in Wisconsin.

    I usually visit your site daily first thing in the morning.. However, I am currently taking care of my 90 yo mother, who fell and fractured her pelvis. I am now visiting the library to get internet access.

  43. I enjoy historical novels, fiction sagas and contemporary novels with depth and are unforgettable. I go to the library and borrow everything that I can and have always been a library user. I locate books from various sites online and read the reviews and blurbs. I am 66 and have been married 44 years, have 2 married sons and 4 grandchildren, all 4 in the past 2 years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and am recovering and reading again which is my sole form of entertainment. I read print books as I am old school. I visit your site in the a.m. and everyday. I live in the U.S. and love sunshine and heat. I love romance and meaning in my novels since I am looking for a book which lingers. Thanks for your reviews and lovely giveaways.

  44. I live in the US. I have always been an avid reader and books are meaningful, unforgettable and important ever since I was very young. I obtain book information from publisher sites, amazon, and libraries. I read only print books since they are a treasure for me. I visit The Romance Dish each day, usually early and then check in later too. No matter how busy I am I have to find time to read, before bed to relax me and into dreamland. I read all types of fiction, but my favorite is mystery, romance and historicals.

  45. I'm 50+, live in a beautiful area of NJ called the Somerset Hills (& it really looks like the county of Somerset in England). I mostly read romance - tho I read all types of romance (Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense) I keep a special eye out for Medievals. I mostly check in at the Romance Dish when prompted by the email (which was a problem because Feedburner wasn't sending emails for most of the blogs I followed that way for several months, but it seems to be better now). I love this world of online books where I find out about authors I hadn't known previously and new books from authors I've already enjoyed. I mostly read print books, tho I did get an eReader about 6 months ago - I mostly use that for novellas that are part of a series I'm reading but are not available in print.

  46. I'm an early 30s International follower from Canada. I'm a total romance junkie (contemporary, historical and paranormals are my faves). Currently reading Rumor Has It from Jill Shalvis. I adore all her books and always look forward to her new releases. Julie James, Eloisa James, Susan Mallery, Pamela Palmer are among my favorites though that list is uber-long!! I visit almost daily when I see the email from TRD but I had the same problem as Di (not getting Feedburner emails for months!) I'll comment if I see a posting that interests me and often they're for giveaways. I get book happenings from blogs, facebook, twitter, author websites and newsletters. I'm still mostly a paperback reader but have recently started venturing into the world of kindle books. I love the convenience of ebooks because they're so portable and there are tons of freebies out there to try out but something has to be said about print books. The feel and smell of books is something I really enjoy and can't experience through ebooks. I mostly borrow books from the library, so that is why I enjoy the chance to win books because I'm able to own books that I normally wouldn't be able to purchase myself. I visit TRD because the book reviews and authors showcased are the types I enjoy reading. I love reading romances because I know I will find HEAs between those pages and the world needs more HEAs! I find reading excerpts and teasers from books helpful in choosing books to read, and sometimes I'm swayed by the covers and reviews. I also find TRD to be a trusted source for book recommendations and I always enjoy my visits here. Keep up the great work ladies! :-)

  47. I live in Kansas City. I'm a disabled widow in my very early 60s with no children and one 11 year old Yorkie-Chihuahua dog named Angel.

    I love romances -- especially Historical ones. I also enjoy Contemporary, Suspense, and Paranormal romances. I don't care for fantasy or sci-fi romance though.

    I get my ideas about books and authors through blogs, review sites, Amazon, Facebook, author sites, and newsletters.

    I visit the Romance Dish almost daily when I get your emails. I like your site because it introduces me to new authors and books. I frequently comment if there is something that I am interested in.

    What draws me to a book is an author, genre, cover, blurb, and price.

    I prefer print books (preferably larger print since I have to read with my glasses on). I also have a lot of books on my Kindle Fire that I read from time to time. I buy most of my books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If I am buying a book that I really want from Amazon that is part of a series I have in print form and it is in print form, I often buy the print copy instead of the ebook.

  48. Forgot to say - am from USA.
    Natalie's Mama

  49. I too forgot to say that I am from The United States.
    Patty B Coral

  50. Who am I: over 50, no longer working and more or less retired, married and live in the US.
    What: I read primarily historicals with medieval and westerns being favorites. I read just about anything, except horor and erotica & BDSM. I enjoy good mysteries, stories around cultural themes, nonfiction and biographies. I will read cereal boxes if nothing else is available. I would like to see the heat level toned down a bit. Many authors I have enjoyed for years are getting more graphic and it often doesn't add much to their stories. I have read too many books that have been one sex scene after another with very little plot, if any, holding the book together. I want good characters and character development. I want a story that is entertaining and keeps my interest.
    Where: I find out about new books from blogs and review sites as well as author sites. I follow several blogs by email and Facebook and do the same with many authors. There are a few sites whose reviews I particularly trust (The Dish being one of them). I shop Amazon, Smashwords, the Book Depository, and several different brick and motor stores. I prefer to check the books physically, but that is not always possible.
    When: I visit TRD primarily after 6 PM EST most evenings, usually not until about 11 or so. Once a day is about all I can manage. Unless I am making up posts I have missed, I always leave a comment.
    Why: I have found TRD to showcase authors I am interested in and you introduce me to authors I am not familiar with. We seem to have similar tastes, so recommendations tend to be just what I like. Your interview questions for guest authors are meaningful and insightful. Guest posts (I am thinking here of Anna Campbell) are always informative and enjoyable. You have a great group of "regulars" both contributers and features. I read romance for enjoyment and enjoy historicals for the tidbits history books often leave out. I appreciate the research authors of all genre and sub-genre do to make their books as accurate as poissible. Part of the reason I read romance if for the HEA. There are no guarantees in the real world, and it is nice to know that at least these characters will find happiness. All the factors you listed go into selecting a book. For me, the most important are the book blurb and the recommendation of a reviewer I trust. Next would be an author I have enjoyed in the past.
    How: I will read whatever format is available. I have a Kindle, but prefer to read a "real" book. For me it is just more convenient. I can pick a book up and read a few pages when I can in the same amount of time it would take me to boot up the kindle and get to the book I am working on. It is easier to go back and check on something that happened and compare excerpts. For trips, the kindle is handy, but I still find myself bringing books too.