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Sneak Peek - - His First and Last

Terri Osburn's debut Anchor Island series is one of my favorite contemporary, small-town romance series of the past few years. Now that she's left the island after guiding four couples to their respective HEAs, I've been excited to see where this talented author takes us next. The wait ends on April 21st with the publication of His First and Last, the first book in Osburn's new series set in the small Tennessee town of Ardent Springs. Montlake Romance has offered us a sneak peek excerpt today to tide you over until the full book is available in just eight days as well as a chance to win a copy of your very own!

Although born in the Ohio Valley, Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Terri Osburn found her true home between the covers of her favorite books. Classics like The Wizard of Oz and Little Women filled her childhood, and the genre of romance beckoned during her teen years. While Osburn went on to gain a degree in business administration, she couldn’t shelve her love of love stories. In 2007, she put pen to paper to write her own. Just five years later, she was named a 2012 finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award. The author of the Anchor Island contemporary romance series, Osburn resides in Virginia with her daughter, an assortment of pets, and her bookshelves full of keepers.

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Exclusive Excerpt from HIS FIRST AND LAST
by Terri Osburn

“Spencer,” she said, cutting him off. “I appreciate what you’re doing, but listen to me. I have to stand up against whatever this town throws my way. How they feel about me is my own fault.”

“That was years ago. You were a kid.”

“A hateful kid with a chip on her shoulder and a burr up her butt.” Spencer couldn’t argue with the description. “I told them where to shove it, and they have every right to tell me the same thing. But if I’m going to be here for a while—not that I’m staying forever,” she added, “I can’t keep cowering behind other people.”

“I’m all for you fighting your own battles,” he said. “And I’m glad to see a little of the old Lorelei coming through.”

She shot him a droll look. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?” he asked, holding back a smile.

“That,” she said, poking him in the arm. “Yes, I’m saying that you were right earlier. Don’t let it go to your head.”

“I wouldn’t think of it.” Spencer slowed to make the turn into the driveway. “But, Lorelei?”

“What,” she mumbled, shifting from side to side as he rolled through the potholes.

“I’ve got your back.”

Lorelei reached for the door handle as he put the truck in park. “And my front if I’d let you.” Hopping out, she straightened her skirt, tugging it down with little success. “We’re not going there, so you can get the idea right out of your head.”

That wasn’t what he’d meant, and the fact that she dismissed his support as some kind of sexual play ticked him off. Spencer dropped onto the gravel and met her as she rounded the truck. “How do you know what ideas are in my head?”

“You’re awake and you’re breathing,” she said, marching past him without so much as a glance.

Spencer watched her sashay across the yard. If she walked any faster, she’d be running. Then it hit him. She was running. If she didn’t have the same ideas in her head, why as she in such a hurry to get away?

“I see there’s one thing that hasn’t changed,” he said, catching up to her as she reached the bottom step. “You still want me.”

“You’re delusional, Boyd,” she said, picking up the pace.

“Admit it, Lorelei.” They stomped onto the porch at the same time. Spencer knew he was playing with fire, but without a push, she’d never admit the truth. “You still feel it.”

“The only thing I feel right now is annoyed.” She reached for the screen, but he slammed it shut, cornering her against the door. “Spencer don’t do this.”

“Don’t do what?” he asked, lost in the heat coming off her body. Lost in the headiness of being so close to the woman he’d never stopped wanting. “Don’t stand so close? Don’t smell so good?” His voice dropped when she licked her lips. “Don’t kiss you right now?”

She made a noise somewhere between a plea and a purr. Though he was well into her space, she didn’t push him away.

“I’ve missed you, too, Lorelei,” he said before leaning in, turning his head left, then right, leaving nothing but a breath between them. He wanted her to come to him, and she did.


Title: His First and Last
Author: Terri Osburn
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

At eighteen, Lorelei Pratchett couldn’t wait to get out of her hometown. Twelve years later, her Hollywood dreams have fizzled and she’s back—temporarily, she thinks. Though she throws herself into saving the old theater and starting a baking business, small towns have long memories, and Lorelei’s wild past still haunts her. It doesn’t help that her ex-boyfriend, Spencer Boyd, is even hotter, smarter, and more distracting than before.

The fiery Lorelei that Spencer knew years ago may have become closed off and cautious, but their chemistry hasn’t faded one bit. Losing her a second time is unthinkable to him, yet Lorelei is convinced she doesn’t belong in Ardent Springs. Somehow, Spencer needs to show her that everything she needs is right here: family, friendship, new beginnings…and a man who’s never stopped loving her.

Warm, sexy, and laugh-out-loud funny, His First and Last is an irresistible story of first love and second chances.

Do you enjoy second chance romances?

Have you read Terri Osburn's Anchor Island series?

Do you enjoy stories that make you laugh...and sigh...and sometimes cry?

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  1. Thank you for this great feature! (And thank you, Annie, for loving the Anchor books.) I'll be down the rest of today after some major dental work, but wanted to stop by to say thanks and good luck to all. I really love these characters who were nice enough to walk into my brain. I hope the readers will love them as well.

    1. Ouch! I'm already hurting on your behalf, Terri. Hope they give you some good drugs!

      Thanks for stopping by and a big thank you for sharing all those wonderful characters in your head with the rest of us!

  2. Loved the Anchor Island series and I am looking forward to reading His First and Last. Second chance romances are my favorites!

    1. I enjoy second chance stories too, Laura. It's especially sweet when it's a second chance with your first love.

  3. I have read all but the last Anchor Island books, and I intend to remedy that soon. I enjoy second chance romances because they represent the resilience of love.

  4. I'm a huge fan of Anchor Island too, Annie. I hated to say good-bye but I think saying hello to Ardent Springs will go a long way to easing the sting of separation from those AI characters!

  5. The reunion/second chance romance is my favorite trope, and I enjoyed every page of His First and Last. Lorelei and Spencer have joined Terri's Anchor Island characters on the list of romance characters I love, and now I am so-o-o-o eager for Snow's story. it sounds as if it is going to be another second chance story.

  6. The possibility of love rekindled, hope and a wonderful future.

  7. Second chance romance stories are interesting, because the characters have a history that's already played out. Now they get to show emotional growth and right past wrongs.

  8. I always root for true love and second chances! We all deserve one

  9. I think everyone (nearly) deserves a second chance. And second chance romances mean one can get to the heart of the relationship a little more quickly than starting from the beginning.

  10. Terri I love ALL your characters! Love your books they are my escape... Good luck with this new book.

  11. the couple probably have learned a few things like what is really important to them, which may put them in a better position at the beginning of their 'new' realationship.

  12. Sadly, Terri's books are still on my wish list. I do love second chance romances: the characters have grown as individuals and have hopefully become better people, better suited for each other, and more able to recognize and appreciate the good qualities of the other person. :-)

    Hope you dental work went well, Terri!

    1. Glenda, I'm feeling better on this day after than expected. Thanks for putting the books on your wish list, and I hope whenever you get around to them, that they make you smile.

  13. I have not read her books as of yet!! This one sounds really good, I love second chance romances. Love to see how much they have changed, yet stayed the same.

  14. Can't wait for this book! I am a huge fan of Terri's! Second chance romances are great because the love was there, something went wrong, and I love seeing how they find their way back to each other & clear up misunderstandings.

  15. I think everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes, couples aren't mature enough to make a relationship work or appreciate their partner. As they mature, that initial attraction is usually still there. They should have the opportunity to find out if things have changed and give that attraction a chance to grow.
    I expect a good story to engage all of my emotions. A good book will draw mien and make me experience the emotions of the characters.

  16. I enjoy second chance romances since there is usually a lot of emotion from the beginning of the story.