Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review - - Starting Over at Mustang Ridge

Starting Over at Mustang Ridge
By Jesse Hayworth
Publisher: Jessica Andersen, Inc.
Release Date: June 15, 2015

In a town that loves its Wild West past, a handsome newcomer is looking to shake things up … 

Jesse Hayworth's Mustang Ridge has become one of my favorite fictional places to visit and the Skyes who run the Mustang Ridge Dude Ranch, one of my favorite families. In Starting Over at Mustang Ridge, Hayworth takes us off the ranch and into town for Della and Max's story. Fans of the series will enjoy this journey to love for Della, a minor secondary character in earlier books but readers new to Mustang Ridge won't miss a thing by not reading the other books first. 

Putting her dreams on hold when she became a single mom at a young age, Della has put all her energy into raising her daughter and building a successful vintage clothing business. Now that her daughter has moved to California to pursue her own dreams, Della is facing a new chapter and alone for the first time in her life.

Big city contractor Max Ramsay and his crew have come to Three Ridges to update the town library, a project that he hopes will bring him one step closer to his own dream. He doesn't have time for a pain-in-the-rear shop owner who challenges his decisions every step of the way.  

Neither Della nor Max are looking for romance and especially not with each other but that's exactly what happens when the mayor forces them to work together on the grand re-opening of the library. While Max prefers high-tech and modern, Della's vintage clothing shop and ideas for the library reflect her love of the past. With dares and double-dares, they each do their best to show the other that their particular viewpoint (old vs new) can be exciting and fun, with humorous and heartwarming results, growing closer with each day they spend together. But when the library renovations are complete and decisions must be made about Max's company and Della's store, will they say good-bye or have the courage to follow their hearts into a new life together?

I enjoyed Max and Della, two likable people at a more mature stage of life with all the complexities that entails. I'd love to see more romances with older heroes and heroines.

Jesse Hayworth's fun, flirty and heartwarming novella, Starting Over at Mustang Ridge is sure to leave you satisfied and excited for her next full-length novel, Coming Home to Mustang Ridge, releasing August 4th. I hope we'll be seeing more Mustang Ridge novellas from Hayworth. I never tire of these characters or this author's writing! 



  1. I have the first 2 books in the series, but haven't gotten started yet! Thanks for the review!

  2. I love these books!!! Thanks for letting me know a new one is out...

  3. I love Jesse Hayworth's books because she does horses and humor so well. Starting Over at Mustang Ridge was a good read, even without of the action happening at the ranch! I am looking forward to Coming Home to Mustang Ridge this week.