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Review, Excerpt & Giveaway - - Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason
By Kat Martin
The Texas Trilogy - Book 1
Publisher: Zebra
Release Date: May 30, 2017
Reviewed by PJ

She’s determined to be successful--no matter
who tries to stop her

Someone is willing to kill for control of Drake Trucking, a well-respected firm now run by a woman named Carly Drake.  Big money is involved.  And very big danger.

Multi-millionaire Lincoln Cain is determined to keep the promise he made her grandfather, the man who helped him change his life after he got out of prison.  Cain has vowed to protect Carly, no matter what it takes.

Unfortunately, the only way to keep her safe is to keep her close--and fight like crazy.

After several years as an international flight attendant, Carly returns home to Texas, determined to save her grandfather's successful trucking company which is inexplicably on the brink of bankruptcy following his death. Carly has learned over the years that the only person she can count on is herself. Her grandfather taught her to be strong and independent and she's not about to hand Drake Trucking to Lincoln Cain, no matter how sexy he his, or to a drug lord no matter how insistent and dangerous he is. She's in for the fight of her life.

Lincoln Cain is the quintessential bad boy made good and owes his success to the second chance he was given by Carly's grandfather which is why he promised the man he'd look after Carly after his death. He expected a pampered, sophisticated woman who would eagerly take his money for her grandfather's company and return to big city life. What he discovers is a woman who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, will fight with her last breath to save her grandfather's legacy and protect those she loves, and isn't impressed by his money or power. His heart could be in real trouble with this one. 

I'm all in for this sexy, action-packed new trilogy from Kat Martin. Set in Texas, Beyond Reason hits the ground running and never lets up. I couldn't read it fast enough. Carly and Linc are fully dimensional, vibrant characters who leap from the pages. Their chemistry sizzles even as they butt heads and battle bad guys but it's their vulnerable hearts beneath the bravado that won me over. There's an intriguing cast of secondary characters, some truly scary (and realistic) bad guys, plenty of action, and a little boy who captured their hearts and mine. 

All I can say after finishing the exciting Beyond Reason is bring on book two!

Exclusive Excerpt
(Chapter 14, 645 words)

It was Thursday morning.  Carly sat across from Linc at the round oak breakfast table in his sunny kitchen, both of them drinking coffee as if they just a normal couple on any normal morning. 
As if time weren’t ticking away, danger pressing in from all sides, getting closer by the minute. 
Through the window, beyond a small courtyard with a fountain in the middle, she could see horses playfully running through a grassy pasture.  It was so peaceful here.  No wonder Linc loved it. 
After their conversation with the Grangers yesterday, they’d had supper at an elegant but quiet Dallas restaurant called the Abbey, then they’d returned to the ranch, and Linc had taken her straight to bed.  The man was practically insatiable and when she was with him, so was she.
Now it was morning and they both had things to do.  She needed to go into her office.  She’d been working on her laptop, getting a few things done, but she needed to pay bills and appease creditors, which meant she needed the loan Linc had promised her. 
Damn, she hated to bring it up.  Having just climbed out of his bed, it felt a little like selling herself.
“What’s troubling that mind of yours this morning?” he asked.  “I can almost see your brain spinning around.”
Carly sighed.  “I’ve got to go into work.  I’ve missed too much time this week already.  You said my pickup’s in one of the garages.  You wouldn’t have to drive me.”
Linc took a sip of the rich, freshly brewed dark coffee, and set his mug back down on the table.  An empty plate that had held a toasted bagel, bacon, and some scrambled eggs sat next to it, along with an empty glass of orange juice. 
“I thought maybe you were thinking about that loan I promised you,” he said.  “You’ll find the paperwork at your office when get there.  Sign the documents, and the check will be deposited in whatever account you want this afternoon.”
How did he do that?  Practically read her mind.  Or maybe it was her face.  She’d bet he was great at poker.
“You’ll pay it back,” he said, still tuned into her thoughts.  “Just keep doing what you have been and it’ll all come together.”
“I hope you’re right.”  Dressed in stretch jeans and a crisp white cotton blouse, she grabbed her purse off the counter.  I’ve got to get going.  If you could just open the garage door so I could get my--“
“Your truck should show up out front any minute.”
Carly flicked him a glance.  Slinging the strap of her purse over her shoulder, she started walking.  Linc came up behind her as she stepped into the entry and pulled open the door. 
“There’s someone in the passenger seat,” she said.  “What’s going on?”
“That’s good ol’ Frank.  Ross says he’s very good at his job.  Says he was having an off night the evening of your little run-in at the Stop and Shop.  I don’t think he’ll let his guard down again.”
“What, he’s my bodyguard?”
“You haven’t forgotten our deal?  I told you I’d insist on personal protection.  I wasn’t talking about condoms.”
If she wasn’t semi-pissed, she would have laughed.  “What’s he going to do all day while I’m working?”
“His job.  Which is making sure no one tries to abduct you again or shoot you.”
Her shoulders slumped.  Hard to argue with that.  “All right, fine.  I’ll take good ol’ Frank with me.”  She started for the door.
“There’s one more thing.”
She turned back.  “What’s that?”
“You forgot to kiss me good-bye.”
Her eyes widened.  “Seriously?”
His sexy mouth edged up.  “Seriously.”
Something melted inside her.  She walked back to him, went up on her toes and pressed a soft kiss on his lips.  “Bye, Linc.”


Do you enjoy reformed bad boys?

Do you like a heroine who goes toe-to-toe with the hero?

What book is on your reading radar this week?

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  1. Yes and yes lol. I enjoy some angst in my stories! I've read Kat's books and enjoyed them. Currently I'm reading Necessary Risk by Tara Wyatt - a new author for me. I enjoy being surprised along the way.

    1. I haven't read anything by Tara Wyatt yet but I've heard good things about her books. Hope you're enjoying!

  2. Heroines with principles are always a pleasure to meet. I am reading Golden Earrings by Belinda Alexander.

  3. I do like strong heroines who don't back down. Right now I am reading The Thing About Love by Julie James.

  4. Yes, heroines for sure and bad boys who can change are always a fave. Reading The Secrets of Flight by Maggie Leffler.

  5. I am fond of strong heroines and as for reformed bad boys, what is not to love? I don't have anything on my reading radar at the moment, but I have been looking. I am currently reading Carol Berg's The Soul Mirror.

  6. Love bad boys, and strong heroines. Love great banter back and forth. Looking forward to any new contemp romance books.

  7. I love Bad Boys and strong female characters. I am currently reading How we fall by Melissa Toppen. Thank you

  8. Of course - bad boys can be great fun - and I would hope the female would stand up for herself! I'm currently catching up on Lynn Kurland's MacLeod/de Piaget series.

  9. I do love a 'good' bad boy - they can definitely up the ante. I have little use for any female who rolls over and never speaks her mind - especially to someone with whom she's in a relationship. As far a my reading this week, I'm about half way through The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels & Other Gentlemen by Victoria Alexander. Grace Burrowes' newest in the True Gentleman series, His Lordship's True Lady, comes out tomorrow (later today?) so that is next on my list.

  10. At the moment I'm reading Banking the Billionaire by Max Monroe. Its a bad-boy and a bad-girl going toe-to-toe. There are lots of hijinks, some pretty steamy scenes and its just a lot of fun!

  11. I love the bad boy and the heroine whose not afraid to go toe to toe with him. It makes for some interesting situations. I'm reading a new Author, Jill Santopolo's The Light We Lost.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. I'm reading The Ringmaster's Wife by Kristy Cambron