Monday, June 3, 2019

Review - - Hot Under the Collar

Hot Under the Collar
by Roxanne St. Claire
The Dogmothers - Book One
Publisher: South Street Publishing
Release Date: May 31, 2019
Reviewed by PJ

Firefighter Braden Mahoney is devastated when his beloved Weimaraner, Jelly Bean, fails the canine arson investigator test. Faced with the challenge of raising the money for advanced training, it's Braden's sweet grandmother and her best friend who suggest he use the services of the new event planner in town. Not that he needs a push in Cassie Santorini's direction. Ever since she arrived, Braden has had his eye on the sassy Greek goddess...and can't stop thinking about getting the rest of him on her, too.

Cassie has spent years putting family first, even moving to Bitter Bark when her mother falls in love with the local veterinarian. Having a huge new extended "family" is fun, especially when one smokeshow of a firefighter attends the gatherings, but Cassie has no plans to remain in this small town. She's ready to pursue her big city dreams. But when Braden asks for an assist for his precious pup, Cassie agrees to help him set up a town-wide scavenger hunt. It isn't exactly a hardship to be around those blue eyes and brawny shoulders, especially since they both agree everything - even the undeniable sparks that crackle between them - is temporary.

But when temporary gets complicated by feelings that might lead to forever, Braden and Cassie start to question the direction they're headed. Should they follow their dreams...or their hearts? It'll take a dog with a bad nose and a good heart, two particularly meddlesome grandmas, and some help from the clan that loves them to make sure Cassie and Braden follow the clues and find their way to each other's arms.

My thoughts:

Roxanne St. Claire launches her new The Dogmothers contemporary romance series with another heart-tugging romance featuring likeable characters I'd like to hang out with and lovable rescue dogs who capture my heart.

Now that the Dogfather has successfully matched all of his children and is busy planning his own wedding, what's to become of his extended family singles still awaiting their happily ever afters? Never fear, dear readers. Two unlikely senior citizen roommates are here to save the day. That's right. Finnie "Gramma" Kilcannon and Agnes "Yiayia" Santorini have joined forces. The Dogmothers are on the job and first in the sights of this determined duo are Gramma Finnie's grandson, Braden Mahoney and Yiayia's granddaughter, Cassie Santorini. Cassie and Braden don't stand a chance.  

Everyone in the family has been waiting for these two to wake up and realize they're meant for one another but is love enough when life's dreams - and fears - stand in the way? Cassie and Braden are wonderful together. They challenge one another, inspire one another, have sizzling chemistry, and terrific banter. I laughed with them and my heart ached right along with theirs when things went awry and difficult decisions had to be made. St. Claire has a knack for pulling me into the hearts and minds of her characters and taking me for a ride that includes the full spectrum of emotions. I love it! 

And then there are the dogs - prominent characters in each of the Dogfather books and now, in the Dogmother stories as well. Jelly Bean may be my favorite Bitter Bark canine yet and that's saying something considering the amazing dogs who have taken center stage in the previous Dogfather books. There's just something about this dog that has me wanting to empty the shelters of every Weimaraner out there and spend the rest of my life loving on them. 

As with the books in The Dogfather series, St. Claire has used local guys (not models) and rescue dogs from Alaqua Animal Refuge in Florida for the covers of her books. A portion of the first month's sales of each book is donated back to Alaqua to help them continue their great rescue work.


  1. Am thrilled Roxy is doing a spinoff. Love the Godfather series.

    1. If the first book is any indication, the Dogmothers are going to rock this new series! :)

  2. You sure do make this sound like a perfect match. I am a believer that everyone should be a rescue mom or pop. Thanks.

  3. I loved The Godfather series and am looking forward to the Dogmothers.

  4. Looking forward to reading this series.