Monday, October 14, 2019

Adventures with PJ - - Boonsboro

Inn Boonsboro

We all have those romance bucket list items. You know, exotic places that feature prominently in the books we love, events we hope to one day attend, authors we dream of meeting but have no idea what we'd say to them if we actually did? A couple weeks ago, I crossed one of those items off my list. 

Front porch of Inn Boonsboro

For the longest time I've wanted to stay at Nora Roberts' Inn Boonsboro in Boonsboro, Maryland. When tickets went on sale for an intimate event with Kristan Higgins at the Inn, I decided to steel myself against credit card sticker shock (you only live once, right?) and go for it.

One of many beautiful floral arrangements at the Inn

The event was so much fun. There were only about 12 readers and we all stayed at the Inn with the exception of one local couple who joined us for the Friday evening wine and cheese reception. Kristan and her wonderful husband, known to readers as McIrish, visited with readers at the cozy reception then Kristan answered questions for almost two hours. 

PJ & Kristan Higgins

Nothing was off-limits, many stories were shared, and my tummy hurt by the end of the evening from all the laughter. We picked right back up Saturday morning with a delicious brunch in the inn's dining room with Kristan spending time at each table to ensure that  every reader who had come would have one-on-one time with her.  Kristan Higgins is one of the kindest, funniest, most genuine people I've ever met and her books reflect that. If you ever have the opportunity to meet her in person, take it. 

PJ & McIrish

Boonsboro, a small, charming town about 60 miles northwest of Washington, DC, was founded in 1792. It sits at the foot of South Mountain and is surrounded by historic towns and sites, including the Antietam National Battlefield. If you're a history buff, you'll love this area!

One of the memorials at Antietam National Battlefield

If you've read Nora Roberts' Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, you already know the town well. In fact, walking down the main street is like stepping into the pages of those books. Turn the Page Bookstore is the site of many book signings featuring some of the most recognizable names in romance fiction, as well as authors just starting out. 

Upcoming signing at Turn the Page Bookstore

And if you stop for a meal at Dan's Restaurant and Tap House or Vesta Pizzeria and Family Restaurant, you may just find yourself scanning the tables for familiar (fictional) characters while enjoying delicious, locally-grown food.

Dan's Cobb Salad

When I called to make my Inn reservation for the event there were only two rooms still available. I chose the Eve & Roarke (lead characters in Roberts' J.D. Robb In Death series) room and could not have been happier. It was fabulous! 

Eve & Roarke room

All of the rooms - and suites - at Inn Boonsboro are named for well-known fictional couples and styled accordingly. As Eve & Roarke live in the future, my room had a very space age, contemporary feel and a bathroom that was out of this world. 

Tub in Eve & Roarke room

If you follow me on Facebook, you no doubt saw how excited I was about everything in that bathroom. Seriously, I could have spent the entire weekend in the shower! 

Library at Inn Boonsboro

You know an inn owned by Nora Roberts is going to have plenty of books. Above is a view of the library where inn guests can relax with one of the many novels available. 

Everything at Inn Boonsboro is first class. From the food...

Delicious offering from chef at Inn Boonsboro

to the heavenly bed sheets, to the gracious service, the locally made toiletries, the signature scent, themed decor, and fresh flowers in each room...

Bed in Westley & Buttercup suite

Westley & Buttercup fireplace

Westley & Buttercup tub - so Medieval!

and more, guests are pampered from the beginning to the end of their stay. Innkeeper Michelle and the top notch staff will make your stay a memorable one. 

A stay at the Inn Boonsboro would not be complete without a stroll across the street to Gifts Inn Boonsboro where many delights await, including those signature scents from the rooms at the Inn, replica key chains for each room, and beautiful offerings from local artists. I dare you to leave without buying something. I couldn't! 

Have any of you ever stayed at Inn Boonsboro? 

What are the bucket list items on your romance list? 

In which room would you choose to stay at Inn Boonsboro? 
Choices are: Eve & Roarke, Jane & Rochester, Nick & Nora, Marguerite & Percy, Titania & Oberon, Elizabeth & Darcy, Westley and Buttercup, and The Penthouse. (click for more photos and information about Inn Boonsboro) 

One randomly chosen person posting before 11:00 PM (Eastern), October 15, will receive a Boonsboro package of goodies, including a Nora Roberts tote bag and three ARCs from a recent signing. (My thanks to Turn the Page Bookstore for the autographed ARCs.) 


  1. I have never attended a romance conference, although I'd love to! I'd have to stay in the Westley and Buttercup room strictly for the tub. Amazing! Never been to Inn Boonsboro, looks like an amazing place. Thanks for this look at Boonsboro.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your stay & pictures. I have wanted to stay there forever 🌝 I'd stay in Westley & Buttercup's room for sure. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  3. I have never been but would love to stay in Elizabeth and Darcy! I know you had a great time.

  4. What a wonderful experience. Sounds like so much fun.
    Would love to stay in the Penthouse.
    I would love to attend an romance book conference one day.

  5. Anonymous was me (What a Wonderful experience....). So Sorry.

  6. I really don't think I'd care which room, as ANY room would be a great memory!

    No, I've never stayed there and probably never will. I tend to stay close to home - or drive 2,200 miles cross country to stay with family for several weeks. Mind you, if it were located somewhere we were driving, I'd make a special effort to check it out personally!

    Bucket items? Well ... I have a list of several authors, and I hope to read every one of their books some day. Hope springs eternal.

  7. What a wonderful experience for you. Love the Inn. I would enjoy staying in the Nick and Nora room. I enjoyed the beautiful photos.

  8. I would love to stay in the Jane & Rochester room. I think the place is unique and would be a memorable time.

  9. I've never been to Boonsboro. I lived in Maryland for 18 months when my husband was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base. My friend and I used to drive for miles and go to all the country shops and wander around. If I'd known about this place I definitely would have spent a few days there, and I would have chosen the Westley & Buttercup suite.

  10. Visiting Boonsboro is on my bucket (& 'after I win the lottery') list too! And staying at the Inn would be the cherry on top. Since I adore the In Death series, the Eve & Roarke room would probably be my pick too.

  11. I love Inn Boonsboro! As I mentioned on Facebook, my husband and I spent 3 wonderful nights there a couple of years ago. We stayed in the Westley and Buttercup suite which I think it is the best one in the Inn. We enjoyed everything about the place, except the stairs(no elevator). I felt quite pampered! We will be back in Boonsboro for the Oct. 26 booksigning. I am excited about meeting Nora and the other authors.

  12. Any room would be a joy; I have never been there. Really don't have any romance bucket lists except to get all the books on my shelf read. LOL.
    Karen T. (Natty's Mama)

  13. Have never been there. I would choose the Nick and Nora suite. In another life, Mr Wonderful and I raised and showed Cocker Spaniels. All the dogs were named after mystery characters. We had a brother and sister - Nick and Nora.

    From your description, it does sound like a wonderful place to visit. And I have always believed that Kristan Higgins is a very kind human being.

    PJ, thank you so much for this lovely travelogue. I would have loved to share the visit with you. Take care and continue taking us along with you, please.

  14. What a great weekend! I'm just going to keep living vicariously through your posts, PJ! You got to visit with Kristan Higgins AND stay at Inn Boonsboro. I've never been to the Inn, but I've certainly read about it. All those rooms look divine. I think I'd opt for Jane & Rochester, but any choice there would be a treat. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my good news PJ!! What an awesome weekend! I would love to stay in the Penthouse as long as I was alone. To sleep in a king size bed alone!!😂 you also got to meet Kristan Higgins!! You are such a lucky lucky woman!One day I would love to go to a romance convention but until then I will live them through you!💜

  16. Staying at the Inn is on my bucket list. It has been there since I read her books. My other bucket list item is to go to one of the conventions. Of course you got to have a picture with McIrish. Westley and Buttercup would be the room I would want to stay in.

  17. I was jealous of that weekend!

    I would stay in the Jane & Rochester room or Elizabeth & Darcy.


  18. Love seeing these photos of your time in Boonsboro, PJ! I've not yet stayed there, but would love to! I think I'd choose Nick & Nora, or the Penthouse!

    Other bucket list items? Attending RAGT--I've read Lori Foster's books for eons, and have read such wonderful things about her event. I'd LOVE to attend!

  19. I haven't yet been to Boonsboro. We pass the interstate exit for it when we head north to visit family but haven't had the time to visit.
    My romantic bucket list includes a visit to Gretna Green to renew our vows "over the anvil." I would also like to visit many of the sites used in the filming of Outlander.
    I think I would like the Jane and Rochester room. Hopefully one of these days we will be able to make the trip.

  20. Oh my PJ!!! What an experience you must have had. I loved the pictures you shared on Facebook and here. I agree about how personable Kristan is. I'm not sure what's on my romance bucket list or if I even have one as I haven't thought of doing one. I am currently in Paris, returning home on the 16th. The city of love is proving to be a very special place. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  21. Wow, what an amazing way to spend a weekend. I did not know there was an actual Boonesboro Inn. I need to finish that series, I have only read the first one. Lucky you.

  22. I love attending reader events and I try to go as often as I can. I am most certainly adding this gem to my bucket list.

  23. I stayed at the Inn in the Jane & Rochester room. absolutely wonderful from the fireplace to the bathtub. I had the fire going and it was July! I never thought of a romance bucket list. i have a bucket list and have slowly been crossing things off one at a time. I guess the one romance item was to go to Scotland. Diana Galbadon and Monica McCarty are responsible for that trip. LOL

  24. You do indeed only live once and it looks like you had an amazing time!! While I don't have a literary bucket list, I do love visiting pretty much all areas with historical ties - being able to stay at the Inn would be wonderful. In all honesty, I think I'd love all the rooms - especially since they have those multi-jet showers!

  25. I would love to stay in Jane & Rochester Room. I don't really have a bucket list.

  26. I pass through maryland a lot but I've never specifically stop there. I live in NY so when I drive to go to Floridai have to pass there. Next time I'll have to make a stop there

  27. Where in NY? I live on Long Island.

    1. Patoct, do you know about the Romancing the Gold Coast event next October? It's a weekend reader-author, historical romance event in Glen Cove. More info at