Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Review - - Angel in a Devil's Arms

Angel in a Devil's Arms
by Julie Anne Long
The Palace of Rogues - Book 2
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: October 29, 2019
Reviewed by PJ

He has devil’s blood in his veins. At least, that’s always been the legend. How else could the Duke of Brexford’s notorious bastard son return from the dead? The brutal decade since Lucien Durand, Lord Bolt, allegedly drowned in the Thames forged him into a man who always gets what—and who—he wants. And what he wants is vengeance for his stolen birthright . . . and one wild night in Angelique Breedlove’s bed.
Angelique recognizes heartbreak when the enigmatic Lord Bolt walks into The Grand Palace on the Thames, and not even his devastating charm can tempt her to risk her own ever again. One scorching kiss drives home the danger.
But in the space between them springs a trust that feels anything but safe. And the passion—explosive, consuming—drives Lucien to his knees. Now his whole life depends on proving his love to a woman who doesn’t believe in it . . . because his true birthright, he now knows, is guardian of Angelique Breedlove’s heart.

My thoughts:

You know those books that fill you with pleasure from beginning to end; hold you tight until you've read the very last word, even if that's at 3:00 AM? The ones that leave you in a state of such satisfied bliss that it's a week - at least - before you can even begin to contemplate the thought of starting a new story? This is one of those books. 

Julie Anne Long is at her best in this newest installment of her The Palace of Rogues series, creating a story filled with heartache, humor, deep passion, revenge, redemption, sweet poignancy, reconciliation, and love. And all wrapped in the sheer beauty of Long's powerful, evocative prose. With characters brought to life in glorious, gritty detail. This one's a keeper and already sitting on my Best of 2019 list. 

I loved Lucien and Angelique. Both have been hurt in the past, both betrayed, and both very determined in the paths forward they have chosen. I love how they both evolve over the course of the story, how they slowly begin to shed their protective shields and open their hearts to one another. How the protector, and protected, ebbs and flows along the way.

The surrounding cast is rich in intriguing characters with the boarding house scenes, especially among the men, sheer perfection. I loved the friendship that develops between unlikely characters, leading to unexpected opportunities. The dispatching of the story's villain is brilliantly executed and the resulting introduction of a new character into Lucien's and Angelique's lives had my heart sighing with delight. I do hope he'll show up again in future books. I want to see this relationship - and this character - as they grow. 

While Angel in a Devil's Arms can be read as a standalone, there are many facets to Angelique's character as well as her friendship with Delilah and the events that led to them opening a boarding house near the docks that are uncovered in book one, Lady Derring Takes a Lover. For a more complete understanding, and appreciation, of Angelique and her journey, I recommend reading the two books in order. Like I'm going to. Again. 


  1. I've got this on my "wish list". I absolutely love Julie Anne's books.

  2. OH, I'm so so glad this is on my auto-buy and will be shipped to me ASAP by the Amazon fairy. I cannot wait. You know I love Jules...and this sounds like it might give a run for the money like WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE. *swoons* Will go pull out the previous book from my keeper shelves and do a quick reread. :)

  3. Been some time since I have read a book by Ms Long. You have reminded me why I enjoyed her stories so very much. Thanks for this review.

  4. Sounds like another great read. Thanks for the review and for sharing PJ.

  5. Love the review. Look forward to reading it.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  6. It is always wonderful to find a story that grabs you and lingers. I have not started this series, but am putting it on my Wish List. Once again, you have pointed me to books I am sure I will love.