Monday, October 7, 2019

Review - - Christmas from the Heart

Christmas from the Heart
by Sheila Roberts
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: September 24, 2019
Reviewed by PJ

Sometimes you need to look beyond the big picture to see what really matters

Olivia Berg’s charity, Christmas from the Heart, has helped generations of families in need in Pine River, Washington, but this year might be the end of the road. Hightower Enterprises, one of their biggest donors since way back when Olivia’s grandmother ran the charity, has been taken over by Ebenezer Scrooge the Second, aka CFO Guy Hightower, and he’s declared there will be no more money coming to Christmas from the Heart.

Guy is simply being practical. Hightower Enterprises needs to tighten its belt, and when you don’t have money to spare, you don’t have money to share. You’d think even the pushy Olivia Berg could understand that.

With charitable donations dwindling, Olivia’s Christmas budget depends on Hightower’s contribution. She’s focused her whole life on helping this small town, even putting her love life on hold to support her mission.

When Guy’s Maserati breaks down at the edge of the Cascade foothills, he’s relieved to be rescued by a pretty young woman who drives him to the nearby town of Pine River. Until he realizes his rescuer is none other than Olivia Berg. What’s a Scrooge to do? Plug his nose and eat fruitcake and hope she doesn’t learn his true identity before he can get out of town. What could go wrong?

My thoughts:

I can always count on Sheila Roberts for humorous, heartwarming, holiday romance. This year, she's bringing readers a new, feel-good story that gives a nod to the classic tale, A Christmas Carol. Once again, I found myself delightfully immersed in the lives and loves of the citizens of a small, Washington town.  

I love Sheila Roberts' characters. They're so delightfully real, with all the flaws and quirks we find in ourselves and those around us. I like that even though they may have good intentions, they don't always make the best decisions. I enjoy how they evolve, often taking two steps back for each step forward as they move toward their happily ever after, wherever, and with whomever, that may be. I love the spirit of kindness, love, sharing, and forgiveness that she weaves throughout this story. I also turned the final page with a smile on my face, joy in my heart, and the conviction that, once again, two deserving characters have found the person they're meant to share life with. 

Have you discovered Sheila Roberts' books yet?

When do you start reading Christmas romances?

How do you give back during the holidays? 

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  1. Have discovered her books and love them. I try to give back all year long. At Christmas though I do a shoebox and an angel from the tree. Work Christmas dinner at church Christmas morning for those in need

  2. Sheila is a new-to-me author. This book sounds like a good one. I've read at least one Christmas themed book since Sept 1st. I don't really hold holiday themed books to read during that time. If I feel like reading the next book up for a particular author and it happens to be a Christmas book, I'll read it even it is in July. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I've read a few of Sheila's stories & have enjoyed them. I'll read Christmas stories any time of year, but do particularly enjoy them after Thanksgiving when I'm getting in the mood for the holiday.

  4. I have read several of Sheila's books; always a good read and read Christmas books any time, but usually start reading a lot of them in Aug or Sept.

  5. I haven't read Sheila's novels but will now. This is a lovely story which I will enjoy greatly. I read Christmas books starting in the fall. I give back all year round.

  6. Sheila's books are captivating and special. I can read Christmas books anytime. I give always. To friends and family. I cook for them, bring and send gifts and shower them with love and kindness.

  7. I have some of Sheila's books on my tbr, but haven't read any of them yet. I don't really have a specific start time for any holiday books - I've been known to read Christmas ones in the middle of the summer. We always donate to the Angel tress during the holidays and to a couple animal rescues.

  8. I enjoy Sheila's Christmas stories. A particular favorite is Three Christmas Wishes.

    The Christmas holidays are made extra special for me by reading Christmas stories in the weeks leading up to New Year's. I usually start in mid-November.

  9. I have not read any of Ms Roberts' books, but your review has made me want to start.

    I read Christmas books on and off all year round. I need the charm and warmth of Christmas stories.

    I bake for my neighbors for Christmas. I actually bake for them all year round but I try to do special baking at Christmas. I also am one of those people who send cards...I want people to have a tangible reminder of the fact I care about them.

  10. I have not read this author. Would love to try her.
    Karen T. (Natty's Mama)

  11. I discovered Shelia's books several years ago. I know I'm going to get a wonderful book. I am currently reading an ARC of Nancy Naigle's Christmas Angel. Thoroughly enjoying so far. As for giving back, there is plenty to do within the family. Our aunts are 98 and 93. I make sure they have the baked goods they love and other little things. A cousin who is single and has MS, we do the same but also make sure she gets out of the house. During the holidays they always argue that I have more important things to do. They just don't get it. I love doing this for them. It brings me great joy.

  12. I have read some of her books.

    I read Christmas books all year.

    I buy items for Toys For Tots, church-related donations, adopt-a-families, school, etc... at the holidays.


  13. I love the idea of Olivia doing the rescuing. I don't think I've read anything by Sheila Roberts before, but now I'll have to track her down. Thanks, PJ!

  14. I always make donations to various charities during the year and have been working in the pantry for our church outreach program and am looking into working in a soup kitchen. I also like get a child or family to shop for during Christmas.

  15. I have read this author and would to win this book; and read holiday books anytime.

    I take care of the linens for my church and help out family with babysitting and anyone who needs help getting to doctor's appointment or friends and family who are ill and may need help.

  16. I absolutely love Christmas Romances and have been reading them since forever. I read this one and loved it. Sheila does such a great job with her characters and the plot.