Thursday, June 3, 2021

Review & Giveaway - - Wild Love

Wild Love
by Lauren Accardo
Forever Adirondacks - Book 1
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: May 25, 2021
Reviewed by PJ

A down-on-her-luck city girl searches for new purpose among the shelves of a failing bookstore in the quaint town of Pine Ridge, New York—until a forbidden love tempts her to go off-book.

When life sets fire to your happily ever after, you ditch your cheating boyfriend, trade in the city life for the off-the-grid seclusion of your mother's bookstore in the mountains...and try to resist your attraction to the brooding town mechanic you accidentally got into a fender bender with outside the local bar. Sydney Walsh might be falling head over heels for the romance novels she's stocking up to rebuild The Loving Page, but she has no delusions about actually starring in one. That chapter has closed.

Beneath Sam Kirkland's gruff mountain-man exterior lies a gentle heart and a burning desire for the woman he knows he can't have. He's made promises that anchor him to the past, making romance off-limits. And he accepted that—until Sydney came crashing into his life.

Sam can't do a relationship right now. Sydney doesn't have the wherewithal to believe in one. But when you meet the right person, the wrong circumstances don't matter. Even when the world seems to be doing its best to keep them apart, their real, one-of-a-kind love is worth fighting for.

PJ's Thoughts:

Wild Love is a debut novel so I went into it not knowing exactly what to expect but was mostly pleased with what I found. Sam and Sydney pulled me into their lives pretty quickly. I enjoyed the snappy banter between them and the friction that gave way to chemistry then, finally, deep feelings. Sam is such a good guy, deeply loyal and honorable. I understood the commitment he had made that prevented him from pursuing a relationship with Sydney but I was so angry with the character who took advantage of his loyalty, even as I was conflicted over my anger. Good character development there. 

I enjoyed Sydney's journey, especially the evolution of her complicated relationship with her mother, and the self-reflection and growth that eventually brought her to the point where she understood and embraced the who, what, and where that brought her the most happiness. I became deeply invested in Sam and Sydney, both individually and as a couple. I hope we see their relationship continue to evolve in future books as, for me, the ending of Wild Love was a bit abrupt. Or maybe I just wasn't ready to say goodbye. I want more page time for this couple without the stress of a toxic individual between them. And I want to know why Sydney's mom calls her Suds. 

The author's descriptive details brought the small town of Pine Ridge to life, including the forests, rivers, Sydney's mom's bookstore and other local businesses (picture one of those adorable, rustic, mountain towns in Hallmark movies). And many of her secondary characters added charm, a bit of quirkiness, and potential for future stories. I'm especially eager for Sam's brother, Jared's story. His book, Sweet Love, is scheduled to be released September 28, 2021. 

If you're looking for a heartwarming, slightly spicy, small-town romance that tackles some serious topics and launches a new series, give this one a try. I enjoyed it enough to return to the Adirondacks for the next book in Lauren Accardo's Forever Adirondacks series.  

Content Warning: Alcoholism

Do you enjoy small-town romances?

Have you ever visited the Adirondacks? (I haven't, but it's an area I've always wanted to explore.)

Have you read any debut romances lately that you would recommend?

One randomly chosen person who posts a comment before 11:00 PM, June 4 will receive a print copy of Wild Love.

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  1. Love small town romance. Adirondack, on my bucket list. No new debut authors for me recently

  2. I love a good finale in any setting

  3. I love small town stories, especially when I get to meet characters who live in those small towns. I have not been to the Adirondacks. But, I know that I would love the beauty.

    Hope everyone is well and happy.

  4. I enjoy reading small town romances. No I have never been to the Adirondacks. I can't think of a debut novel that I've read lately.

  5. I am originally from New Jersey so we were in the Adirondacks all the time! Such a beautiful range of mountains! I love small town romances and would love to read this one!💜

  6. This one sounds good. Yes to Adironacks with my cousin and husband; it was freezing cold. LOL. And yes love small town romance.

  7. This one sounds good. Yes to Adironacks with my cousin and husband; it was freezing cold. LOL. And yes love small town romance.

  8. I love reading about small towns and yes I've been to the Adirondacks. This sounds like another good read. Thanks for the review PJ>

  9. This one will go on my wish list. I enjoy small town stories and this one will be especially interesting. I grew up in the northern part of the Adirondacks anded would enjoy a trip "home." I would like to see if she got the "feel" of the area correct. From your review, it sounds like she has a good feel for the people and the area. I would love to be there putting a canoe in the rivers and lakes and hiking the mountain trails.

  10. I love small town romance. Cannot think of any debut books to recommend.

  11. Small town romances are captivating and special. I enjoy them greatly. I have visited the Adirondacks many times and love going there. During the summer the area is beautiful. The lakes are perfect for swimming and boating and the area is ideal for a vacation. I miss those summers and the cottages, docks and fun we had.

  12. I enjoy small town romances very much since they are unique and appealing. The Adirondacks are where I used to go each summer. They have the aura of another era and time. We could enjoy simple pleasures like sitting on a deck and reading, walking around the lake and swimming in the clear and clean water. The towns are wonderful.

  13. I love small town romances. I have never visited the Adirondacks, but I would like to.