Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Review - - My Kind of Perfect

My Kind of Perfect
by Tracy Brogan
Trillium Bay - Book 3
Publisher: Montlake
Release Date: June 8, 2021
Reviewed by PJ

After her scandalous May-December romance comes to an end, baby of the family Lilly Callaghan returns home to Trillium Bay braced for the torrent of “I told you sos” from her sisters and the rest of the tiny island community. Floundering both personally and professionally, she’s at an emotional crossroads but determined to figure out her next best steps.

When a surprise job offer from her house-flipping sister reacquaints Lilly with handsome, free-spirited Wenniway Island transplant Matt Eastman, Lilly wonders if she’s ready for a new romance. Then she meets Hollywood heartthrob Jayden Pierce, who is filming a movie on the island, and she’s certain of it—but with whom? She’s caught the attention of both men, and both men have caught hers. So what’s a girl to do?

Earnest Matt shares her love of the close-knit island community, while surprisingly down-to-earth Jayden encourages her to live life outside her comfort zone. As the flirtatious triangle sets the town talking, Lilly must choose: Does she want to plant forever roots in Trillium Bay with Matt? Or follow a man who makes love stories for a living? Two very different men. Two very different futures. But deep down, Lilly knows that only one holds the promise of her kind of perfect.

PJ's Thoughts:

Tracy Brogan is an author who can make me snort laugh and shed tears within the same paragraph, fall in love with a quaint island of 600 people, and pretty much grin through an entire book. With her quirky characters, sparkling dialogue, and heartwarming romance, she brings Northern Michigan's (fictional) Wenniway Island and her colorful citizens to life in this feel-good book - and series - that I am having so much fun reading. 

I really enjoyed Lilly's journey. I was ready for her to find herself and move forward to explore her own dreams rather than someone else's. It was immensely rewarding to watch her grow throughout the book, find her voice, her value, and stand up for what she wanted. What she deserved. I was cheering her on the entire way.

As with older sisters Emily and Brooke, Lilly's story is filled with humor, self-reflection, strong but sometimes complex family bonds, and sigh-worthy, though often complicated, romance. The quirky citizens of the island - including Lilly's family - once again added an abundance of humor and heart to the story while the Hollywood film crew were a surprisingly fun addition. I especially enjoyed heartthrob Jayden who turned out to be totally different from what I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed the peek behind the scenes of a movie set through the eyes of Lilly, her firecracker of a grandmother, and her star-struck, teenage niece. Other favorite characters included Gloria and Tiny, a larger than life couple who bring laugh-out-loud humor (it's best to not eat or drink anything while reading a scene that Gloria is in) along with tear-inducing sentimentality (father-to-be Tiny had me reaching for tissues). And then there's sexy, laid-back Matt Eastman, a relatively new addition to the island, affectionately referred to as Yoga Matt by the locals and enthusiastically admired by single women of many ages, who turned out to be a much more complex guy than I anticipated. 

If you're looking for a fun, flirty, summer read that brims with humor, heart, family, and, just possibly, the perfect love for Lilly Callaghan, add My Kind of Perfect to your reading list. I laughed,  cried, and smiled from beginning to end...which seems to be my normal progression with each Tracy Brogan book I read.

If this is your introduction to Brogan's Trillium Bay series, don't miss out on Lilly's sisters' stories in the first two books: My Kind of You and My Kind of Forever

Have you read Tracy Brogan yet? Do you have a favorite book or character of hers?

Tell me about what makes the perfect summer read for you.

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  1. I can't wait to read this PJ!

  2. Love her books!! I have read them all!!

  3. Wonderful. I haven't read this author's books. A perfect summer book filled with fascinating characters, a setting by a lake or ocean and an intriguing story.

  4. I enjoy Tracy's books. Summer reading would have to have sunshine, brilliant blue skies, an attractive cabin situated with a picture window looking at the immense lake and boating and swimming at the dock.

  5. I have never read Tracy Brogan, but this sounds delightful. My perfect summer read is something light-hearted, funny and sexy.

  6. I'm gathering summer read books. Looking forward to starting this series.

  7. I have not read any of her books.

  8. I love, love, love Tracy's books!!! Your review showcases the best of this story. Thanks PJ.

  9. A new to me author, but I now have the first 2 books in this series on my Kindle. I like small town stories. As far as summer reads, I like to read nearly anything at nearly any time.

    I hope everyone is well and safe and happy.

  10. Sorry I missed the giveaway, but glad I read the review. This does sound like a fun read. Tracy is a new to me author, but this series sounds like one that is just what I enjoy. I appreciate a book with good character and plot development. For summer I prefer books that are bait on the lighter side full of humor and even good tears. Thanks for the review.