Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hot Dish -- September

The first signs of autumn are in the air here in the United States -- crisp morning air, leaves changing colors, and football season has begun. And since Andrea, Gannon and PJ are such huge lovers of football, I have decided to dedicate this month's HOT DISH to them.

While I am one who does not like to bestow the title of HOT DISH to a man more than once as there are so many sexy men in the world, this month I had to push that aside. See, as I was researching this month's HOT DISH (have I told you lately how much I enjoy my research?), I discovered that no picture seems to come close to this one of Jed Hill.

So, ladies, are you ready for some football? I see lots of "scoring" in Jed's future, don't you? Do you think Jed is worthy of the HOT DISH title twice?

~ Buffie


  1. I've been seeing Jed on a lot of covers lately.

  2. Is it hawt in here?
    This guy deservs a repeat,
    WAY to end Summer!

    Haiku for you, Anna!

  3. Works for me! *grins*

    Thanks, Buffie!

  4. Oh yeah, what a way to start my morning, just turned the air down a little more and told my son to wrap a quilt around him, mom can't take the heat!

  5. Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. ;-)

    Buffie, I highly approve of Jed! He is most worthy of the title "Hot Dish". :-)

  6. Buffie, he is worthy of the HOT DISH title EVERY month, as far as I'm concerned. Oh my goodness, it's hot in here...

    *fans self*

    Thanks, Buffie! *vbg*

  7. Not a huge fan of football - HOWEVER - this hunk can teach me any day!

  8. He's definitely Hot Dish material. Especially since I'd like to sop him up with a biscuit.

    (I take any opportunity to use this phrase.)

    Now I need to find out more about this Jed person.

  9. What a hunk!

    Now excuse me while I gather my jaw from the floor.

  10. This man sizzles! And he is an ex-football player, so he looks right at home. He can tackle me anytime ~*drool*

  11. Oh yes he is worthy! I am ready for some how guys but not the football. I don't like sports.

  12. OMGoodness!!!

    What a splendid specimen of a football player!

    YES!!!! You may pick Jed as a HOT DISH anytime you'd like!

    I enjoy watching football anytime I can. If only all the football players looked like Jed! What a 'touchdown'!

    He's so...delightful, pleasing, delectable,
    delicious, luscious, scrumptious and totally yummy!!

    Thank you for making my day all the more beautiful!

  13. Well, it looks like everyone agrees with my decision *wink wink*

    As if there would be any hot blooded woman out there who would refuse to let Jed score!!

  14. Had to come back for another look...sigh...

  15. lol Andrea...I came back here for the same reason :P

  16. If this was what real football players looked like, including the outfit, I would be a fan. I would probably be the biggest football fan alive, lol.

  17. Sorry I like my men a little meatier dont' like all those muscles showing he remends me of Jesse on BB....

  18. Absolutely. I Love sports books.