Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stock Up Saturday Reviews

Too Wicked To Love
by Debra Mullins
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: May 31, 2011

After learning her boyfriend was using her just to get closer to her Admiral father, Genevieve Wallington-Willis has sworn all men are untrustworthy and beneath her attention. The bitterness of their break up made it easy for Genny to leave men by the wayside and live her own life. That is until the day she attended her sister’s wedding and ran into John Ready, the man who had the gall to call her a flirt. While anger simmers, it was not the only emotion Genny feels around John Ready. Genny once again feels desire, passion and the excitement of attraction.

Forced to leave England and assume another identity after being framed for the murder of his wife, John Ready returns to England to attend his best friend’s wedding. While at the wedding John is asked to guard two women and readily agrees when he discovers the man who framed him is also the man attempting to kidnap one of the women. While John diligently goes about his job protecting the ladies and keeping his identity of a duke a secret, he finds himself distracted by his thoughts and growing feelings for Genny.

“That kiss was … well, it was ill-advised. I was not thinking, only feeling. And I wanted you.” His voice lowered to a near growl. “God help me, but I still want you.”
As danger lurks closer, John and Genny discover a love of a life time. But can their love survive the secrets of their past? Is their love enough? You will have to read the book to see! I have always enjoyed the writing of Debra Mullins, and this is a wonderful story of secrets, betrayal, passion, evil and putting it all on the line for the one you love.

~ Buffie

Burning Down the Spouse 
Ex-Trophy Wives Series, Book #2 
By Dakota Cassidy 
Publisher: Berkley 
Release Date: July 5, 2011 

Frankie Bennett goes berserk on live TV when she discovers her husband’s ---Mitch of Mitch in the Kitchen---infidelity. After that embarrassing debacle and being kicked out of her house, Frankie moves in with her Aunt Gail---in a retirement village---and spends the next six months hiding under the covers. Desperate to light a fire under Frankie, Gail turns to Maxine Henderson-Barker, an ex-trophy wife and owner of Trophy Jobs Employment Agency, for help. Frankie is practically broke, jobless, and can’t think of a job she would be qualified for, unless it’s as an expert vegetable chopper. Well, Maxine is not about to let Frankie crawl back into bed and continue to feel sorry for herself, so she tells her to suck it up and come with her for her first job interview…at a Greek diner.

Nikos Antonakas runs the family restaurant, Greek Meets Eat Diner, home of the World’s Best Meatloaf. As a favor to Maxine, he’s willing to hire Frankie as a prep chef. Plus, there’s just something about Frankie that he can’t resist, even when she looks like a “hot mess”---as she likes to say. The last thing Frankie needs is to get involved with another man, even if he does look like a luscious Greek statue come to life. But Nikos is very hard to resist---he’s sexy, kind, and makes her laugh. Throw in his big Greek family, and he seems pretty darn perfect. But first, Frankie needs to stand on her own two feet and put her trophy wife days behind her.

A Dakota Cassidy novel is the perfect recipe for a guaranteed giggle fest. She has a wicked way with words that will have readers laughing out loud, and she also cranks up the heat with her scorching hot love scenes. I fell in love with Nikos, Frankie, and the rest of the Antonakas family. For a good time, I recommend you go Greek and pick up a copy of Burning Down the Spouse. Opa!

~ Gannon


  1. Great reviews! I have TOO WICKED TO LOVE in my TBR pile and I must get to it soon!

  2. Okay, the cover for Burning Down the Spouse caught my attention first. LOVE the review. Just bought it for my Kindle. :)

    Before I moved on I had to read the review for Too Wicked To Love and LOVED that, too. Added it to my wish list for later.

    Thanks for two great reviews ladies.


  3. Gannon, BURNING DOWN THE SPOUSE sounds great! And now I can't get the Talking Heads out of my mind - LOL!

  4. Hey Sheree! Have you read Debra Mullins before? I just love her stuff! I hope you enjoy TOO WICKED TO LOVE.

  5. Hey Tami! Isn't that cover just great?!

  6. Burning Down the Spouse looks like my kind of read. Thank you for two great reviews.

  7. Buffie, I'm definitely going to be pick up a copy ofToo Wicked To Love.

  8. Tami, if you've never read a Dakota Cassidy book you're in for a treat. She's hilarious!

    I love the cover, too. :-)

  9. And now I can't get the Talking Heads out of my mind - LOL!

    Buffie, I know what you mean. *g*

  10. Connie, it's great fun! I hope you enjoy it.

  11. More books to add to the ol' TBB list!! Great reviews, Buffie and Gannon!

  12. Love the review! I am going to have to get this book. Sounds fantastic!

  13. Both books look wonderful. On my list.

  14. I first started reading Debra Mullins with her book DONOVAN'S BED, wonderful read! Ever since then I try and get my hands on anything she writes.

    Have a nice day!