Sunday, October 14, 2012

Free Read - Dress Me in Wildflowers

Dress Me in Wildflowers, a "coming home" contemporary romance from Trish Milburn, is available for FREE download for a limited time at  Here's the blurb:

Farrin Taylor is a living rags-to-riches story, but it's not a story she cares to share with anyone.  To her, the rags part of her story is in the past and should stay there.  When she left Oak Valley, Tennessee, she had no intention of ever going back there, of ever being the person she'd been there.  She's no longer poor little Farrin with the outdated clothes and nonexistent social life.  She remade herself into one of the top designers in New York, specializing in wedding and special occasion gowns for starlets, royalty and those with fat bank accounts.  So when Tammie, her best friend from high school invites her to their fifteen-year high school reunion, Farrin can't think of anything she'd rather do less.  Only when Tammie's mother, who'd been like a second mother to Farrin, encourages her to come back to Oak Valley for a visit does Farrin relent.  She intends to be in and out in a day but that's not exactly how things pan out.  The next thing she knows, she's bought a historic inn to keep it from being demolished, learned her high school nemesis didn't have the perfect life she always thought and her teenage crush has grown up and just might like her back.  She also realizes that time and distance are funny things and that Oak Valley isn't as bad as she remembers.  In fact, it and the people there might be the things she's been looking for without realizing it.