Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review - - The Hunter

The Hunter
A Highland Guard Novel
By Monica McCarty
Publisher:  Ballantine
Release Date: June 25, 2013

I'm a proud fan of medieval romance and have been an avid reader of Monica McCarty's books since the publication of her debut, Highlander Untamed, in 2007.  Her attention to historical detail, three-dimensional characters, fast-paced stories, heart-pounding action and heart-melting romance make her an auto-buy author whose books all have places of honor on my keeper shelves.  With each story she writes, she elevates the excellence of her craft.  I can't wait to see what she brings us next!

A member of a secret group of elite warriors serving Robert the Bruce in the fight for Scotland's freedom, Ewan "Hunter" Lamont is unquestionably the best tracker in Scotland.  The chieftain of a small clan, he's dedicated to Scotland's cause and firm in his belief that women belong at home, not secretly acting as couriers for the church in Scotland's battle with the English.  That's a belief that will be tested time and time again when he meets a feisty Italian nun by the name of Sister Genna.

A lady by birth, Janet of Mar has allowed everyone to believe that she was killed in a bridge explosion during her ill-fated attempt to rescue her twin sister from the English.  Now known as Sister Genna, Janet lives in the disguise of an Italian nun while acting as a courier for the church in their attempt to aid the Scots in the battle with England.  She's met Hunter before and is both intrigued and infuriated by the man with whom she shared a passionate kiss; a kiss that has both Janet and Hunter running for emotional cover.

When Sister Genna/Janet goes missing, Ewan is sent to find and rescue her.  This time, though, he knows that the woman he seeks is no nun, however that doesn't make her more accessible.  In fact, it makes her less so as the Bruce has promised her hand to another - a fact of which Janet is not aware - and Ewan will not steal a woman meant for another, no matter how his heart yearns for her.

Janet is determined to use her wits, her strength and her considerable skills as a soldier for Scotland.  If she decides to take a husband, and in her mind, the possibility of doing that is extremely remote, it will be her decision and her's alone.

"You can't seriously be considering becoming a nun?"
After what had just happened, it sounded just as implausible to her.  But she would do what she must.  "If that is my only alternative to marriage."
"You make marriage sound like a death sentence.  Would it really be so horrible?"
She thought of her family.  Yes, it would be.  How could she explain?  How could she make him understand what to him - to most men - must seem unnatural?  "I would lose myself."

Ewan's heart belongs to Janet but will he also give her his respect?  Will he turn his back on a lifetime of honor and duty to embrace this woman he loves?

Will Janet lower her emotional shields enough to offer Ewan her love and trust?

Surrounded by danger and the English army, will they live long enough to make it back to the Bruce?  And, once they do, will they find the courage to risk losing all they hold dear by going against his edict that Janet marry another?

Join Janet and Ewan on this dangerous, highly-charged, deeply emotional journey of honor, love, betrayal and forgiveness in tumultuous 14th century Scotland.

Are you a fan of medieval romance?  Any medieval books you recommend?  Have you read Monica's books?  Which one is your favorite?

Three books by Monica McCarty are up for grabs today.  We have one unsigned copy of The Hunter offered by TLC Book Tours.  We also have an unsigned copy and a signed copy of The Hunter from the Dishes' conference stash.  We will randomly select one person who leaves a comment for each of the three books.  (U.S. and Canadian addresses only)


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    I love this series; I rave about this series every time a new book comes out. Love, love, love. She turned me into a Scottish romance reader again. Thank you, Monica!!

    Favorite? I think The Hawk, because he reminds me of my hero. :)

  2. I love, love this series... From my 1st Monica McCarty book I was hooked... and as for who is my fav Highland Guard... well I would have to say The Viper.. oh damn I love them all.

    1. LOL @ Kathleen! I kind of love them all too. ::grin::

  3. Oh, I read The Chief and loved it. I just wish I wasn't so behind in my reading. Medievals are my favorite and so far I haven't read any that I haven't enjoyed.

  4. Oh, Monica, do I ever love Highland stories! Kilts, broadswords, hunky heroes and feisty heroines are my cup of tea for sure. I'm so glad I've met another author of Highland romance. I can never get enough of that! Thanks for sharing today and thanks for offering the excerpt, which merely whet my appetite for this sequel in your series! Thanks to PJ and Andrea for this post today. jdh2690@gmail.com

  5. I'm reading the series now and am in the middle of the 3rd one, The Ranger. So far, The Hawk is my favorite. There's just something about Eric that grabbed my heart, big time. :)

    As for loving the medieval era, I think you can tell by my name that I adore it. ;)

  6. I have not read Monica's books yet, but I have read a few Medieval romances. I believe Teresa Medeiros' The Devil Wears Plaid and Charming the Prince fit in that category - both excellent!

  7. I love this series! As if the books were great and captivated enough, I love all the covers! I'm definitely a fan of medieval romances and Monica's. I think The Viper would be my favorite (if I was forced under duress to pick just one LOL.

  8. Great review, PJ! I haven't read this series but keep thinking I ought to. I love medieval romance. It's too bad for me that my favorite English settings have grown thin on the ground. I love Gerri Russell's Scottish medievals. I've downloaded Denise Domning but haven't tried the book yet.

    And I have several of Christina Dodd's older ones, including the fabulous Candle in the Window.

    Since I missed the photos from RWA when they were current, I'll comment here to be sure you see it. As always, the photos are great. I love the one of me and Jeanne.

  9. Wonderful review! I have the first 6 books, but have only had the chance to read the first 3. They all have a special place with me, but so far, my favorite is Ranger. I completely agree with you that they seem to be getting better with each read!
    Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to read The Hunter. :)

  10. I don't read too many medieval romances but those I have read, I've enjoyed. I've only read one of Monica's books (The Viper) but I did quite enjoy it! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  11. I do like Medieval settings.

    Many of the first books I read were set in this time period:

    Elizabeth Lowell's Untamed, Forbidden and Enchanted trilogy is a favorite of mine, Julie Garwood's Ransom, Merline Lovelace His Lady Ransom, Alena, Alana, Claudia Dain The Fall, The Holding, The Marriage Bed, Margaret Moore- A Warrior's Lady, Bride of Lockbar, Lord of Dunkeith, In the King's Service, Hers to Command, Catherine Coulture- Earth Song Warrior's & Fire Song. I did read Shannon Drake/Heather Graham too. Blue Heaven Black Night, Seize the Dawn, Jude Devereaux- Knight In Shining Armor and Christina Dodd- Candle In the Window...

  12. I loooove me a good medieval romance! Add in highlanders? *SWOON*

  13. Medieval Highland tales werte the first romances I read and are still my favorite. Julie Garwood's were the first I read and I still go back and reread them when I can. My favorite would be RANSOM (who couldn't like Brodick Buchanan even if he is a bit full of himself?). I have Monica's VIPER on my TBR shelf at the moment. I haven't checked the TBR mountain lately, but I am certain I have a few of hers in there too. After checking her site, I need to go shopping and make sure I have all the Highland Guard series. Good reading ahead!

  14. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for being on the tour.