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Spotlight on Dana Marton and Broslin Bride (Gone and Done it)

Have you been reading Dana Marton's Broslin Creek romantic suspense series?  It only took one book to hook me on this small Pennsylvania town and it's fascinating inhabitants.  The newest addition to the series is Broslin Bride (Gone and Done it), 195 pages of humor, heart, suspense, romance and more twists and turns than a mountain road.  It's the fifth book in the Broslin Creek series but stands well on its own.  

Fyi...the Broslin Bride epilogue contains a spoiler for Deathwatch, the first book in the series. You can download Deathwatch FREE at most sites. You can also read my review of Deathwatch here.  

Looking for an entertaining story for a summer afternoon? Give Broslin Bride - or any of the Broslin Creek books - a try!  ~PJ

The worst time to be charged with murder is:

a.  When you have no alibi for the night in question.
b.  When you have no memory of the night in question.
c.  When you told people you hated the victim.
d.  When the detective is the first guy you ever slept with--which didn't end well.

Check all the above for Luanne Mayfair.  If it wasn't for bad luck, she wouldn't have any luck at all.  Okay, maybe a little luck.  As it turns out, Detective Chase Merritt doesn't hold grudges.

He still looks at Luanne just as he did in high school, except he's grown some serious 'hot cop' muscles -- very distracting when Luanne is trying to avoid the very law Chase represents.

Is she the killer?  Is she being framed?  Is she the next victim?  As Chase and Luanne race to find some answers, danger and heat ratchet up in this fast-paced, romantic mystery that will stop your heart one second, then steal it in the next.

Broslin Bride Excerpt:

Luanne Mayfair might have killed her boss a little. Fine, a lot. Pretty much all the way. God, that sounded bad. But he was a sleazebag. Honest. The maids at the Mushroom Mile Motel that Earl Cosgrove managed often prayed for lightning to strike the lecherous bastard. Alas, God had seen fit to send Luanne instead.
Now you’ve gone and done it, she thought the morning after as she stood on the sidewalk in front of the fifties ranch home she rented in her hometown of Broslin, PA. She squinted against the early summer sun. Her red 1989 Mustang sitting by the curb had come from the used-car lot with its share of nicks and dents. But the damage to the front was new.
Gone and done it.
She’d done a horrible, terrible, despicable thing. Guilt and regret made her knees wobble. Whatever the punishment was, she deserved it.
Except, she couldn’t go to prison. She had her four-year-old twin sisters to take care of. She was Mia and Daisy’s sole guardian.
Luanne drew air in big, gulping breaths to wrestle down the shock and nausea. Get moving. One foot in front of the other. She couldn’t stand there and stare all morning. She had to find a way to get away with murder.

Readers, do you enjoy humor in your romances?

Do you like short books that you can read in one day?

Are you a fan of multi-book series?

Luanne is guardian of her four-year-old twin sisters.  How do you feel about children in the romances you read?

Dana is offering one randomly chosen person their choice of one of the following Broslin Creek e-books: Deathscape, Deathtrap or Deathblow.  To be entered, either like Dana's Facebook page or sign up for her newsletter and let us know in the comments which you have done.     

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Dana Marton has thrilled and entertained millions of readers around the globe with her fast-paced stories about strong women and honorable men who fight side by side for justice and survival.

Kirkus Reviews calls her writing “compelling and honest.” RT Book Review Magazine said, “Marton knows what makes a hero…her characters are sure to become reader favorites.” Her writing has been acclaimed by critics, called, “gripping,” “intense and chilling,” “full of action,” “a thrilling adventure,” and wholeheartedly recommended to readers. Dana is the winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, the Readers’ Choice Award, and Best Intrigue, among other awards. Her book, TALL, DARK, AND LETHAL was nominated for the prestigious Rita Award. DEATHSCAPE reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s Romantic Suspense Bestseller list.

Dana has a Master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction, and is continuously studying the art and craft of writing, attending several workshops, seminars and conferences each year. Her number one goal is to bring the best books she possibly can to her readers.

Keeping in touch with readers is Dana’s favorite part of being an author. Please connect with her via her web site ( or her Facebook page (

Having lived around the world, Dana currently creates her compelling stories in a small and lovely little town in Pennsylvania. The fictional town of her bestselling Broslin Creek series is based on her real life home where she fights her addictions to reading, garage sales, coffee and chocolate. If you know a good twelve-step program to help her with any of that, she’d be interested in hearing about it! 

Author Links:

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Twitter:   @DanaMarton


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    1. I'm having email trouble today. Maybe Mercury is in retrograde or stg. :-)

  2. As a Karen Rose fan I'm looking forward to visiting Broslin Creek.

    I signed up for the news letter ...... thanks for the free downloads! :)

    1. Hope you enjoy them, Q. Dana also has a terrific Harlequin Intrigue backlist!

    2. YOu are so welcome! I really hope you'll enjoy the story.

  3. I liked her Facebook page.
    Yes I love humor in books.
    I do like shorter books to read while I wait for appointments.

    I love series.

    Children are OK. It really depends on the storyline. As I love children and have 4 of my own, I don't mind them in books.

    I would love to be introduced to the BROSLIN CREEK series!

    1. I love shorter books when my schedule is busy. Quicker gratification, I guess. ;-)

      I enjoy children in my romances if the characters are true to life and have a legitimate role in the story. Luanne's twin sisters are intrinsic to the person Luanne is today, typical four-year-olds and I adored them. I especially enjoyed their scenes with Chase, the hero. Have I mentioned that I adored him too? :)

    2. I find that in between heavier suspense, I have to put in some lighter/funnier books. Otherwise, it gets to be too much. While a reader goes through one of my books in an afternoon, I spend 2-3 months inside a serial killer's head to write that book. So it does get to be too much at times. I love the lighter books. They give me a break.

  4. "Compelling" is truly the right word to describe the first three in the series. Looking forward to reading the fourth and fifth.

  5. I signed up for her newslaeeter and I like her on Facebook.. these books sound like a fun read to me can't wait to start the first one...

  6. I already have Deathwatch and am looking forward to reading it. I am also a follower of your Facebook page (Patricia Barraclough)

    Humor is a story is important to me. I doesn't matter if the story is light and fluffy or dark and serious, humor is important for the development of the characters and the reality of the tone. It is a release valve for tension when things are serious. Most people with jobs that are high stress because they deal with serious issues - medical, first responders, and the military - have a wicked and irreverent sense of humor, often saying it is what keeps them sane.

    My schedule is hectic and I often avoid starting long books because I can't give them the attention they deserve to be fully enjoyed. Shorter books are perfect. I can pick one up and know I can finish it in a day or two and be able to enjoy the story. OUTLANDER has been sitting on my shelf forever because I haven't been able to set aside the time to devote to it. Meanwhile, my shelf of Harlequin Intrigues and Historicals is steadily being consumed.

    A big yes to series if the interval between books isn't too long. If a series is 3 or 4 books long, I usually try to get all books before I start reading them so I can read them without any wait in between. Longer series that follow generations of families, The Malory Series by Johanna Lindsey for example, I tend to do in clusters.

    Children can often add something to a romance story. They can be comic relief, points of contention, endangered, endearing, and totally unpredictable. A lot like life.

    Best of luck for the successful release of BROSLIN BRIDE (GONE AND DONE IT).

    1. Well said, librarypat! I spent many years volunteering in the Critical Care Unit of my local hospital, a very high stress area. Wicked and irreverent humor (out of the hearing range of patients and visitors) is often how they deal with the life and death stress of their daily lives.

      If you haven't read them yet, you should know that Dana has a back list of terrific Harlequin Intrigues.

    2. Thank you, Pat! I LOOOVE Harlequin Intrigue readers :-) And thank you so much for the wonderful feature, PJ!!!

    3. I am sure I have read some of your Intrigues. If not there are surely some in the two (or three) boxes of them I have in my sunroom. I'll be checking to see.

  7. Absolutely intriguing. After reading the synopsis, I really want to read the series from the beginning.

  8. sometimes to all of the above; depends how it's written
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