Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review - - All for You

All for You
By Jessica Scott
Publisher: Forever
Release date: November 25, 2014 (Mass Market Paperback)

Making an alcoholic hero sympathetic is a difficult task, but Jessica Scott manages it beautifully in All for You. Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli has been deployed to war zones several times and is looking at another trip to the desert.  He knows he has a problem with alcohol but sees a bigger problem in his efforts to train his unit for their upcoming deployment. His first concern, always, is the welfare of the men under his command, and his dedication to them is the driving force in his days.

Reza has one soldier he thinks is faking emotional issues to avoid work and one who can’t get the help he needs for his PTSD, and Reza carries the weight of both.  Dealing with them brings him into conflict with a new psychiatrist, Captain Emily Lindberg, whose efforts to help are complicated by the military bureaucracy.

Spurred by the breakup with her cheating fiancĂ©, Emily joined the army to do something meaningful with her life.  Her eagerness to learn what the soldiers around her will face helps break down Reza’s initial resentment of what he sees, particularly regarding the soldier he believes is faking, as her interference with unit discipline.

Dealing with the soldiers’ various problems becomes more difficult because of an unsympathetic company commander.  As the story progresses, situations that Reza initially sees as annoying take on a new and more ominous cast, and his difficulty in resisting alcohol increases.

Emily and Reza are an engaging pair.  Scott deftly leads them into finding common concerns despite their differences, and their personal chemistry is hot.  Characters from other books have roles to play, and the camaraderie of the soldiers in Reza’s unit is appealing.

The one fly in the ointment, for me, was a series of references to a potentially disastrous event in Reza’s past that was not fully explained. Those who have read the book in which this happened will understand.  Not having done so, I was baffled and distracted from the main story line. By the third reference to the problem back in Colorado, I was becoming aggravated at not having it explained.  If it’s that important, I want the author to just tell me about it so I understand why it matters so much.

Overall, this was a well written romance with admirable characters, a hot relationship, and an interesting plot.

 ~Nancy Northcott

What's your favorite story involving a military hero or heroine?  What books or movies do you like about characters facing personal trials?


  1. Funny you should ask that question: we just saw American Sniper yesterday. It was a fantastic movie. Great acting. Loved the movie, loved the portrayal of Chirs Kyle.

    1. Every review I've heard of this movie has been glowing.

    2. Anonymous, I haven't seen that yet. I hear it's good.

  2. I have read most of Jessica Scott's books and they can be angsty, but are such a good read! My favorite book with a military hero is Three Little Words by Susan Mallery which has former SEAL Ford Hendrix settling down to domestic life.

    1. I don't think I've read Three Little Words. Must check that out.

      Do you think the angst in Scott's books comes from her intimate knowledge of military life?

    2. LauraL, I also haven't read Three Little Words. It sounds interesting, though.

    3. Yes, I think it does come from her experiences and the experiences of the military families around her. And the emotional scenes are balanced with humor. There is a laugh out loud scene in one of the books about "hamster showering protocol."

  3. I have been wanting to read Scott's books, but haven't yet. The excerpts I have read reflect her first hand knowledge of military life. It is hard for someone who has not experienced some of these situations to really get the "feel" right in the scenes.
    Two older books deal well with the problems of PTSD and readjusting to life after being in combat. One is SOLDIER'S HEART by Kathleen Korbel which came out in 1994. It focuses not only on the soldier's problems with readjustment, but the effect on the lives of combat nurses. They have their own battles with PTSD. How many men can you be unable to save and watch die before it tears a whole in your heart and mind that may never be repaired. Two strong characters fighting to hang on and to put their lives back together. Unfortunately, I can't find my copy of the other one. I can picture the cover, but don't remember the title or author. The main characters are a doctor and a Vietnam war vet who is doping with his war experiences. The story centers around an encampment of Viet vets in the mountains that have more than their share of problems and a community that doesn't understand them. Both books are quite good.

  4. I have read all of Jessica's books. Her books are based on her real life experience. Her are some of the best I have read. Because they are based on true experienced.