Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Review - - The Baby Contract

The Baby Contract
by Nan Reinhardt
Four Irish Brothers Winery - Book 4
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Release Date: July 16, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

Firefighter and paramedic Tierney Ashton has always been a bold adventurer, but at thirty-four she longs to embark on a new adventure—motherhood. But who will be the father? Although financially challenging, a sperm bank appears to be her best option. That is, until she shares her dream with her long-time pal, Brendan Flaherty.

Government analyst and world traveler Brendan Flaherty returns home to River’s Edge to help out at his family’s thriving winery and his brother’s new community theater. He also plans to finally achieve his lifelong goal of writing a novel. But when Tierney shares her wish, Bren offers to be her baby daddy—with one condition. Marriage.

It seems like a perfect contract, but will love get in the way?

PJ's Thoughts:

I wasn't sure what to expect when I began reading Nan Reinhardt's The Baby Contract. This was my first book by this author as well as the fourth book in her Four Irish Brothers Winery series. A stickler for reading a series in order, I was a bit worried about starting with the fourth brother. It was a needless concern. I adored this book. Yes, as the final brother to find love, the other three couples have significant page-time but I never felt left out or confused. Also, by the end of the book, I was so enmeshed in the lives of all the Flaherty brothers and their wives that I immediately downloaded the first three books in the series. 

I love a friends to lovers story and Reinhardt has written a good one with likable characters, emotional depth, surprising twists, and an enjoyable blend of tropes. She weaves friends to lovers, marriage of convenience, and best friend's little sister together in a seamless tapestry of unexpected love, finding one's true passion, and heartfelt happy endings. Bren and Tierney made me laugh, made me sigh, and, at the end, had both my heart and my tear ducts overflowing with joy.  

As stated earlier, I typically recommend reading a series in order, especially one set within a close-knit family such as the Flaherty brothers where characters' journeys are intertwined throughout the series. However, while doing that may deepen your understanding of the family dynamics as well as each character's back story, Reinhardt has written these books in such a way that readers really can jump in anywhere and enjoy. Be warned, though, that once you meet these guys, and the women they love, you'll probably want to read all of their stories. 

I don't know if Reinhardt has more stories planned for River's Edge, but there's at least one fire-fighting, secondary character in The Baby Contract who I definitely want to know more about. Here's hoping she'll decide to return to this lovely little town on the Ohio River for more heart-tugging contemporary romances. Also, cameo appearances by the Flaherty family would be more than welcome. 


  1. Thanks for this review - you have given me another new to me author and the book sounds terrific. I don't know if it is being a prisoner (that is what it feels like right now)- but the emotional part of this books sounds perfect for right now.

    I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care.

    1. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did, Annette.

  2. Definitely a series that sounds like one I would enjoy.

    1. I really enjoyed the family dynamic among the brothers as well as the friendship and support among the four women.

  3. Thank you so much for this fabulous review, PJ! And so delighted you enjoyed the story enough to seek out the other three! That warms my heart! And, fyi, that firefighter and his brothers are all getting stories, so more to come from River's Edge! <>

  4. Thanks for the review PJ! I just finished reading the Blackthorne's and this series sounds like a good fit.