Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Frenzy

In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day is called "Black Friday." Why? Well, it is pretty simple: Black Friday is the beginning of the traditional holiday shopping season. The term "Black Friday" can be traced back to around 1966 when it originated in Philadelphia by the police department in reference to the heavy traffic on the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, a few years later retailers and media began using the term to refer to the beginning of the period in which retailers go from being red to black in their financial records.

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Have you seen all the store ads telling you the sales begin at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m.? I have seen where Old Navy will be open at 3 a.m. and Toys R Us will be open at midnight!! Crazy I tell you. See, I'm a person who loves to sleep. Yes, I love my bed and my warm, cozy covers. You will not find me in line at some store at 4 a.m. to buy anything!! LOL! I have to admit, the hubby and I did go out on Black Friday one year (prior to children). We got a few deals, had a little fun, and were totally exhausted when we got home!

If I were to venture out this year, I would be in line at 5 a.m. at Walmart to get the Cricut Expression. It is a wonderful diecutting machine that I dream of having for my scrapbooking and cardmaking. I have the smaller Cricut, but bigger is always better. Walmart is having a great sale on it and it is never, ever on sale. But, I will be curled up in my bed fast asleep. Remember, I said I do love to sleep.

Are you joining the madness and going shopping on Black Friday?How early are you going?
What is on your must-get list?
Or will you be like me asleep in your bed?

To help ease the stress of the first shopping day of the holiday season, we will be giving away several books today (to U.S. residents only). Why should all the presents be for other people? You deserve a prize too, especially if you ventured out on Black Friday to shop!! So be sure to leave a comment, you just might win!


  1. So I have a sick child and husband who's not as sick. I think they can be trusted to manage each other for a couple hours while I go and enjoy the sights and frenzy at Target. Not that I have anything to buy. But I like to see the energy and fun people are having.

  2. I am not venturing forth to the stores today. The only reason I'm up this early is because my husband had to leave for work by 4 and I got up to make him a cup of coffee.
    I do not like the madness of Black Friday. I don't like to shop any way, so BF and all of its sales hold no appeal to me. I am going to clean house and then put up the Christmas tree today---after I go back to bed in just a bit! :)

  3. I won't be venturing out today. I know I'll be missing all the great sales and doorbusters, but I don't think I could handle the enormous crowds. I might do some online shopping today. I've been hearing a lot about the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster. I'm not sure I'll be able to get one for my niece, they're selling out everywhere.

  4. I, too, will not be venturing out to the Black Friday sales. The stress of dealing with the crowds, the parking and the general rudeness which abounds is not worth the "deal" I may get. Instead I will see my husband off to work and then spend the rest of the day putting up the Christmas tree with my kids.
    I wish all of the shoppers well and envy then there verve. Happy Shopping to all of you brave enough to go out! Hope you get a great deal!!

  5. I only have to get one thing, if I don't find it at Wal-Mart on sale then I will get it online and pay full price plus shipping. My granddaughter (in Texas) wants a hot pink DSi. That is the only reason I am up at 6 AM on a day off.

  6. No shopping for me this year! I do go occasionally with family or friends--more to enjoy the spectacle than for anything else!

    Today I'm working and moving into my new office! Yay!

    Oh, and eating leftovers!

    Looking forward to hearing about all the deals the rest of you get!

  7. stretching and yawning Hello everyone! I am just getting up from a wonderful night's sleep.

    Keira, so sorry to hear you have sick ones in the house. So you really go to the store to watch the frenzy, but not participate? Maybe you will find some great deal that you just can't live without. Let me know how it goes.

    Deb, oh aren't you a great wife!! To get up THAT early to make the hubby coffee. That is so sweet. Me, I always tell the hubby not to wake me - LOL! We always put up our tree and decorate the house on Black Friday too. The kids always look forward to it.

    Jane, another one who doesn't like the madness! Welcome to my club. You know, I have already done some online shopping and am just waiting for the packages to arrive. Monday (known as Cyber Monday) is suppose to be the best day for holiday online shopping. You may want to wait until then and check out the deals.

    Hey Cyndi! Another joins my club! :-) We do the tree thing today too. The kids always look forward to putting the ornaments on the tree and seeing who's turn it is to top the tree.

    Hi Deb! Working? Today? So sorry to hear that. Thankfully our firm is closed today and the hubby's off too. LOL at the leftovers! My refrigerator is so full it is not funny.

  8. Okay, now maybe that sounds stupid but I've already read about this over at TGB and several other places and - as a non-US-resident - I ask myself: Why are you all going shopping today? *scrateches head*

    What does that have to do with Thanksgiving?

    *scratches head even more and bangs it on the desk*

  9. I never shop on Black Friday!! I don't enjoy the crowds and the rudeness that seems to overtake everyone. It's ironic that in this season of giving, people become so rude and sometimes just downright mean! No thanks! I actually do a lot of online shopping, so I avoid all of that potential nastiness!

    I'm thinking of going to the movies today. And I'll probably squeeze in a little laundry and cleaning somewhere in there. :)

    For those of you who are braving the crowds, I hope you snag some great deals!

  10. I got some great deals at Target and Kohls this morning. The crowds were lighter than I had expected. Now it's time for breakfast and a nap. ;-)

  11. PJ, I'm glad the crowds weren't too bad. Enjoy your well-deserved nap!

  12. I do 95 percent of my shopping online. I've never had a problem and it makes life so much easier. Perfect solution for an isolated writer who enjoys isolation!

    Jane---I'm hoping to get Zhu Zhu pets for daughter...but not going crazy. I learned my lesson with the Wii that first year. I got one! But only after standing in line three hours with a sick twisted feeling in my stomach that there wouldn't be enough.

    Jane Goodger

  13. I'm already finished my shopping so i'm keeping out of the madness. I love amazon and ebay. ^^ The only thing i was going to get was the new Kingdom Hearts game for my sister and i found it for only $2 more than amazon on an per-thanksgiving sale this past Wednesday.

    My sister and mother did leave at 6am in the morning to get to Wallmart and Target. My mother also made my father leave by 5am to get to Gamestop to get a Nintendo DS for 60% off.

  14. Morning ladies!
    I'm a Black Friday shopper. Have been for ten years now. I meet several members of my family at Wal-Mart around 3:30 am. We load up on all the items that are on sale at Target and whatnot because Wal-Mart will comp them. We position people at certain spots and they are responsible for getting 3-5 of any giving item. I took my 14 year old daughter with me this morning and put her in line to get my son a DS lite. She got it, but was a little scared, but did pretty good considering she was a "blood Bath" virgin. LOL
    We got the usually TVs and tom-toms and $3 pajamas sets for nieces and nephews and a bunch of other stuff that was simply too good a deal to pass up.
    So 6 hours later and $350 poorer, I'm back home and ready for a nap after a big family breakfast.
    At least no one got hurt this year (and that's a first). I enjoy it and it has become tradition. :)
    Hope you all had a great Turkey-Day and survive the Holiday shopping season!

  15. Hey LisaK! All I can say is it has become a tradition. Hope you will stop banging your head soon! LOL!

    Gannon, I am so with you on not hitting the stores today. A movie sounds great! What are you going to see? I really want to see The Blind Side.

    PJ, you got out in the mess??!!! WOW! So what good deals did you get?

    Jane, I do about 25% of our shopping online. Yes, it is so much easier!

    Jedi, already done? WOW!!!!!! You are really on top of it. LOL at your mom making your dad go to GameStop at 5 a.m. He's a good husband!

    Kimberly, you power shopper you!!

  16. It's time to announce our first winner!!


    You have won a signed set of Kimberly Killion's books -- HER ONE DESIRE and HIGHLAND DRAGON.

    Please email me at theromancedishATgmailDOTcom with your snail mail addy.

  17. Well it looks like my shopping will be online, those people are crazy and it was the DS on sale, not the DSi. I am going to take a nap. LOL

  18. Kimberly, you brave woman! Glad you got some deals and there were no injuries! *g*

    Buffie, I'm pretty sure that we're going to see The Blind Side. I know I'll cry like a baby, so I'm stocking up on Kleenex. :)

  19. Cyndi, you are going to LOVE Kimberly's books!!!

  20. Jane, I hear the Zhu Zhu pets are THE thing this year and very scarce. Hope you get some!

  21. Ok, I had to check and see what a Zhu Zhu pet was and seriously? A remote controlled hamster? I had real hamsters when i was a kid. Course we then had "many" hamsters, but still... It's like a less technical tamagotchi (those things bring back memories). Kids seriously what that??

  22. No Black Friday shopping for me. I've done it twice and don't plan to do it again. Unless there's a REALLY great deal on something I need. My husband got my laptop on Black Friday 3 or 4 years ago. He's a great guy. ;-)

    As for my Christmas shopping, I'm almost done! I have to get one more thing for my daughter and something for my aunt (who is one of those people that have everything).

  23. Congrats, Cyndi!!

    Buffie and Gannon, my sis is going to see TBS today with a friend of hers. It looks so good!

  24. What exactly is "The Blind Side" about? I've seen previews of it, but i can't really decipher the plot of the story. Is the guy actually blind or they talking about "blind" in the manner that no-one paid attention to him before.

  25. Time for another winner . . .

    JANE!!!! (the first Jane who commented at 5:08 a.m.)

    You are the winner of a signed set of Julie James books -- JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

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  26. Keira, sending get well wishes and gentle hugs to Miss Wee. Hope she's feeling better soon!

  27. The tree is up and the stockings are hung. I love putting up all the Christmas decorations. And after a little nap, I think it is time to announce another winner.

    Congrats to DIANA!!!!

    You have won LONE STAR COURTSHIP by Mae Nunn and GODDESS OF THE HUNT by Tessa Dare.

    Please send email me your snail mail addy at theromancedishATgmailDOTcom.

  28. Jedi -- here's a description of the movie.

    The Blind Side depicts the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless 18 year old from a broken home. He enrolls in a private Christian School and struggles to fit in because he is woefully underprepared. Eventually, he is taken in by the Tuohys, a well-to-do family who helps him fulfill his potential. At the same time, Oher's presence in the Tuohys' lives leads them to some self-discoveries of their own. Recognizing his potential talent as a football player, they encourage him. Living in his new environment, the 18-year-old faces a completely different set of challenges. As a football player and student, Oher works hard and, with the help of his coaches and adopted family, becomes an All-American offensive left tackle

  29. Thanks Buffie. *(^O^)*

    That movie does sound like a tear jerker. I'm surprised Sandra Bullock is in now. Mostly because this isn't the type of genre she usually takes part in.

    My mother and sister just got home awhile ago from Black friday shopping and apparently it's madness out. People were guarding the stuff in the carts and everything. The big thing around here seems to be Cabbage Patch kids. Apparently people were fighting over them at Wallmart.

  30. Thank you, Buffie. I don't get the Zhu Zhu hamster either, but apparently the kids are going crazy for them. They only retail for about $10, but people are selling them for more than triple the price on eBay and other sites.

  31. Just got home from seeing The Blind Side. It was really touching! A must see movie!

  32. Jedi, too funny about the cabbage patch dolls. I live in Georgia and have been to the Cabbage Patch Hospital where the dolls are "born". You can actually watching a birthing, where the dolls comes out from under cabbage leaves.

    Jane, I have never heard of a Zhu Zhu hamster. My kids haven't even mentioned that. I hope they don't because I'm done shppping for them :-)

    Gannon, I just have to go see that movie. It would probably make for a great girls day activity.

  33. And our last winner of the day is . . .


    Congratulations to you!

    You have won RAINTREE SANTUARY by Beverly Barton and VEIL OF MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian.

    Please email me your snail mail addy at theromancedishATgmailDOTcom.

  34. Congratulations to all of today's winners!!!

    Thanks for sharing your Black Friday with me :-)

  35. Ya! Thanks so much (♥_♥) I sent the email just a few minutes ago. Did you get it?

    Congrats to everyone else who won as well!

  36. Buffie, that would be a weird and interesting experience at the same time. It would be something worthy checking out if i'm every in Georgia. I live in Pennsylvania and the only factory i've been around is Hershey's. ^^

  37. Jedi -- we have not received your email. Can you resend it again?

    And next time you are in Georgia, let me know and I'll go to the Cabbage Patch Hospital with you :)

  38. Buffie,
    I sent it again this time though my gmail account. Can you please tell me if you got it? I'm also guessing since you didn't receive this one you didn't get my squawk radio win address either. I really have no idea why you haven't recieved them. The address i sent them to is this:

    Is it possible if you don't get this one that i can have another email address or i can you my own. Then i can just reply to the right address.


  39. Jedi - got the email and I just sent you a reply :-)