Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GUEST AUTHOR - Kimberly Killion

We are so thrilled to have award-winning author, Kimberly Killion, with us today as our very first guest author and to celebrate Day 2 of the grand opening of THE ROMANCE DISH. Kimberly writes powerful, sexy medievals. Who doesn't love to read about a sexy Scotsman! I fell in love with her writing last year when I read (and raved about!) her debut novel, HER ONE DESIRE.
Let's all welcome Kimberly!
*cheers & applause*
KIMBERLY: My, my, my, you all certainly outdid yourselves on the decorations... Bravo! Bravo! I was here yesterday for the launch and have to say, you all had a packed house. Is anyone suffering a bit from the bubbly?
*lots of nodding*
Well, I’ve got just the thing for what ails you…more bubbly!!!
*hurrahs and applause*
Now where is that handsome Irish butler I saw yesterday? *Kimberly searches the crowd for Sean.* Oh, I worried the bloke might have worked over hard yesterday. Hmmm…he doesn’t seem to be with us at the moment, but fear not ladies, I never travel without my own attendant.
“Oh Mr. Butler! Mr. Butler, do come say hello to the girls.”
Ah, there he is. Ladies, I give you Gerard.
*silence, gasps, swoon*
“Do not tally, Gerard. And keep those glasses full.”
Now…where was I…Ah, yes…I was about to tell you a little about myself. As Buffie said before, I write sexy Medieval Romance, but you all really don’t want to hear about me. The truth is, you really don’t care how long I’ve been writing (since ’97) or what I would tell aspiring authors (persevere). Let’s be honest, do you really care what my favorite food is (chocolate) or what my greatest fears are (spiders and balloons)?
I know the last thing you all want to hear about is who my favorite authors are (Teresa Medeiros and Julie Garwood) or what I’m working on now (a three-book series that is currently top secret, but let’s just say I’m trying out a regency voice).
What you all really came for today are the hawt Scots!
“Oh, Gerard! Gerard!” Where did he go?
GANNON: He's over here.
KIMBERLY: *gasp* “Gerard! I did not bring you along so you could woo all the guests! Now start filling those glasses!”
Ahem…where was I?… Ah, yes…hawt Scots. Well, let me tell you a bit about—
*Holds up finger* “Gerard, see if you can make yourself useful in the kitchen.”
The man gets so jealous when I talk about my Calin. Laird Calin MacLeod that is. He is the hero in my October release, HIGHLAND DRAGON. Let me tell you a bit about him. Eighteen years after hiding the secret of his betrothed’s lineage, Laird Calin MacLeod is forced to choose between avenging his father’s death and surrendering to the passion he finds in the arms of his enemy’s daughter.
This man saw more bloodshed before he was ten years old than the average young laddie. (read about that treacherous moment) And let me tell you a wee bit about his woman...
Akira Neish has been raised as a peasant, her belly often empty and her family subject to the cruel whims of her clan's laird. To the clan’s children, the horned shaped birthmark she bears means she is a witch. But she is neither peasant nor witch—and now the man who knows the truth has returned to claim her for his own.
Yes, you guessed it. That man is my Calin. How do you suppose that first meeting will go?
Actually, here’s a brief snippet of Calin and Akira’s first encounter...
Calin crawled atop Akira on all fours, covering her from head to toe. Mocking their privacy, the guards lowered a gauze canopy—caging them like breeding animals on public display. She violently thrashed her head side to side, whipping a black web of hair to veil her features.
“Imigh sa diabhal, bastún,” Akira cursed at him in Gaelic. And then in French. “Focal leat! Retournez à la pute qui t’a accouchée!”
“I am nay a bastard, and my mother wasnae a whore.” Calin calmly corrected her expletives. Her obscene vocabulary both shocked and impressed him.
“To the devil with your black blood. May ye rot alongside the bitseach that birthed ye.”
“Nor was my mother a bitch.” Although Calin knew little about the woman who died giving birth to him, he felt a sense of honor to protect his mother from such heinous names. He exhaled dramatically, shook his head, and tsked. “How can such a vulgar tongue be placed betwixt the lips of such a bonnie fine mouth?”
In response, Akira spat on him. She then thrust forward, ramming her forehead into the bridge of his nose. The impact against his skull reverberated clear to his back teeth.
Hell and damnation, his bride was a hoyden!
ANDREA: Whoa! What happens next?

PJ: Please, please tell us what happens next!

KIMBERLY: You’ll have to pick up the book to see...
Now, then...let’s talk about your favorite Scots. Maybe he’s an actor or perhaps he’s a character in a book. And for those of you who comment, I’ll toss your name in Gerard’s pocket, and later today, we’ll draw a winner for an autographed copy of HIGHLAND DRAGON as well as an autographed copy of my RITA nominated debut book, HER ONE DESIRE.
Oh, and before I wrap up, I wanted to thank Buffie for having me on THE ROMANCE DISH today. *searches the crowd* Where did Buffie go?

I’m here! Over here. Gerard and I were just catching up. *sigh*
Thank you so much for joining us today, Kimberly. But most especially thanks for bringing Mr. Butler with you!!

Be sure to stop by this Saturday, November 7, to check out my review of HIGHLAND DRAGON.


Visit Kimberly Killion’s website for contests, excerpts and more: www.kimberlykillion.com


  1. What a great interview Ladies and I do love those photos how lucky are you girls with Gerard Butler LOl.

    Kimberly I read Her One Desire and loved it I have Highland Dragon on the TBR pile I would never miss one of your books I am soo looking forward to reading the new one can't wait.

    Haven't the Ladies done a fantastic job with the new site.

    Have Fun

  2. Just got late started to work and whew....what a treat at 5 am in the morning!!!!

    Kimberly, your book sounds GREAT!!! Man! I'm never gonna get my TBR pile manageable...

    And seriously, there is sleep in my eyes but Gannon are you REALLY standing next to Gerard??????????

    LIke did you TOUCH him? Smell him?

    And I'll send Sean over later....her's um, just waking up

  3. Kimberly, we are so excited to have you with us here at TRD as our first guest author! And, really, who doesn't love a HAWT Scot?!

    I do, especially when it makes snuggling up to Gerard Butler! *whispers* I'll send him over in a minute, Buffie.

    Highland Dragon is at the top of my TBR mountain. I think I'll climb to the top of my stepladder and grab it. I'm in the mood for a Highlander.

  4. Helen, wasn't Kimberly's interview great? And she is so fabulous to bring Gerard along to share with us.

    Thanks for being one of our frequent "Dishers." :)

  5. Joanie, yes I am standing next to Gerard. I do get to touch him, smell him.....*vbg*

    Send Sean up when you're finished with him. I know you kept him up late last night with....research. *wink* Thorough research can be so exhausting. LOL

  6. Kimberly your book sounds great! I will be adding it to my TBR pile!
    Ladies the party yesterday was great. YOu are great hosts!
    Gannon--wow! You are smoking in that picture with Gerard. Your DH better watch out!

  7. Helen,
    I'm so glad to hear you liked Her One Desire and that you've picked up Highland Dragon. With any luck you'll enjoy Calin and Akira's story, too. :)
    And yes, this gals have the place hopping early this morning.

    Glad you enjoyed the post this morning. Can I have Gerard get you anything this morning? Maybe some amaretto for you coffee???

    I bet you'll need a 12 foot ladder to get to the top of your TBR pile. LOL. But yes, do get Highland Dragon off there. Just think about the hawt Scot awaiting you there...

    Hello Cyndi and welcome. Pull up a chair and make yourself all kinds of comfy. :)

    I'm off to find some creme de la Butler...

  8. Aaahhhh, I just *love* starting the day cuddling up to my Gerry!!!!!!!

  9. Helen, if you enjoyed Her One Desire than you will not be disappointed one bit in Highland Dragon. Great story!!!

    Joan, that mountain of TBR books is every growing, isn't it? Do hurry up with Sean, he has a very busy day ahead of him :)

    Hey Cyndi! Kimberly's book is fabulous! You definitely need to add it your pile. Thanks for joining us at the party yesterday.

  10. Hello and welcome, Kimberly!! We're thrilled that you are our very first guest author at The Romance Dish. And it's only fitting since you played such a huge part of its conception. Thanks so much for bringing Gerard along with you, too. You sure know how to pick 'em!

    HIGHLAND DRAGON sounds wonderful! Congrats!

  11. Isn't Gannon just beautiful in that picture!!! She almost steals the limelight from my Gerry. Almost! LOL!

  12. Kimberly, I am so glad you are with us today. You know how much I adore your books, and those hawt Highland heros you create!!

    I have one question regarding Highland Dragon . . . are you going to write a story for Kendrick? Please, please, pleassssssseeee tell me YES!

  13. Hi Kimberly! Congrats on the release of Highland Dragon. And, I have to say, I love that cover! Also loved Her One Desire, and I know I'll love this book, too! You totally kick the high concept thing, girl!

  14. Well, you KNEW Gerard was going to get me over here! Although it's probably a tad early to drink after yesterday's party, a mimosa really isn't drinking, right? Because it's got OJ in it. Which is proper for morning. So, Gerard, sweetie, if you could just bring your fine sexy self over here with that bottle. . .

    Meanwhile, loved the photos, the cover is scrumptious, and the excerpt was fab! Lifting my mimosa glass to toast your new release; I hope Highland Dragon sells gangbusters!

  15. I heard Gerard was here and had to stop by!

    Congrats on your release Kim! You so deserve it!

  16. Hey Vanessa! Yes, I do believe you will enjoy Highland Dragon. Calin is one sexy hero!

    JoAnn, Gerry tends to bring out all of us ladies, doesn't he?! He will be over in just a moment. *wink wink*

    Lori, thanks for stopping by! If Gerry's around, you know you have to make an appearance. Sure don't want him to get sad. :)

  17. Hi Kimberly & RD ladies :) Congrats on the release of Highland Dragon. I've heard so many good things about it.

    I met Kimberly last year at a signing in IL and she's a very friendly, interesting person. Cannot wait to read her second book.

    And Gerard... swoon. Can't get enough of him ;)

  18. Thanks, Helen! Yes, Gannon and Buffie look great snuggled up to Gerard, don't they?

    Hope you have a great day, Joanie!

    Thanks, Cyndi! That was certainly one rockin' party!

  19. Me thinks the name "Gerard" is magic.... ;-)

  20. Morning, Kimberly! We're delighted to have your with us at the Dish today. I have Highland Dragon on my tbr and can't wait to dive into the story. Buffie will tell you that I absolutely adore a good medieval romance!

    Btw, that is one stunningly gorgeous cover!

  21. Buffieeeeeeeeeee,
    You all are such gracious hostesses. Thanks for all the compliments. As for Kendrick, well, I did have a book in mind for him. We'll see. :)

    Andrea, I don't know how you and PJ put up with those other two harlots. LOL They do know how to throw a party.

    Vanessa! *waving*
    Thanks for stopping by. Of course, who wouldn't want to hand out here with all the hawt waiters floating about? *wicked grin*
    I'm glad you enjoyed Her One Desire and with any luck, you'll like Highland Dragon as well. It seems to be making a splash with reviewers anyway.

    JoAnn is in the house! Whoot!
    *Gerard* get thee fine self to JoAnn, and leave the RD girls be for a while.

    Lori! I do declare...Jack will be jealous when he hears you've snuck away from the Romancewritersrevenge to play with Gerard! *wink* Thanks for stopping by and congrats back at you on your newest release, WIld Heart!

    Stacy, *scratching head* Where did we meet? And pray tell, what did I do that was "interesting"? Hmmm...hope I wasn't on the stuff. LOL

    OMG! I'm never going to be able to keep up with your audience today.
    Must add amaretto to coffee...

  22. Stacy, thanks for stopping by. Isn't Kimberly just wonderful! She is a girl you can sit down and have a nice chat with, but who will also party all night with you.

  23. Andrea, if you think the name Gerard is magic, you should ask Buffie and Gannon what the ole rake is wearing under his kilt! Whoa!!!!!!!

    PJ...What's not to love about a great Medieval? I mean really. Come on. :)

  24. Kimberly, what exactly do you mean by DID? I mean that man is a hero beginning for a great story!

  25. Andrea, I don't know how you and PJ put up with those other two harlots. LOL They do know how to throw a party.

    Finally! Someone who understands! I keep telling people that Andrea and I are the sweet, innocent ones but they never seem to believe me. *sweetly smiles*

  26. Cyndi, I'm so glad you're back! Kimberly writes a fabulous medieval with verrra sexy Highlanders. ;)

    Thanks for the compliments. I did tell my hubby this morning that I was hitting the red carpet with Gerry, but I don't think he believed me. :)

  27. Morning Helen! Isn't that a gorgeous cover on Highland Dragon? It's enough to make me buy the book based on the cover alone and that's something I don't often do.

    I'll be putting your prize pkg. from yesterday into the mail this morning.

  28. Hi Joanie! Um...you did know Sean was just on loan, right?

  29. Buffie, you're looking very lovely yourself standing next to my, um, I mean our Gerry. Aren't we lucky? *g*

  30. I'd visit you anyway Kim, but when I heard you brought THE BUTLER, I moused clicked over here as fast as my fingers could carry me! What an awesome post!!! You are too funny! Love the graphics :) Highland Dragon is sitting here next to me. It's been here since it released, teasing me and pressuring me to finish my work so I can pick it up and devour it! This weekend I've started a reading club--no talking, just reading, at my local coffee shop, so I can't wait... 5 days until I can read about Calin and me--uh I mean Akira...lol Happy Release! Oh and can I get a photoshopped pic, pretty please with a hawt Scot on top? HUGS! Eliza

  31. Hi Cyndi! I'm thinking there might be a little something Gannon neglected to tell us. They do look awfully cozy in that photo.

  32. Hi, Vanessa! I have to agree with you--Highland Dragon does have an absolutely gorgeous cover!

    JoAnn, hot waiters yesterday, Gerard Butler today. We only have the best! ;) And, yes, a mimosa is a vitamin C enriched, perfect-way-to-start-your-day beverage. At least around here it is. *g*

    Lori, thanks for dropping in this morning. Gerard is attracting quite a crowd. :-D

  33. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for popping in. That is one seriously gorgeous cover, isn't it?

    Morning JoAnn! Orange Juice is nutritional. Orange Juice is in a mimosa. Therefore, mimosas are nutritional! Don't you like my reasoning? Thought you would. :) One mimosa coming up for the lovely Ms. Ross.

  34. Hi Lori! Thanks for stopping by and huge congrats on your debut release of "Wild Heart", on the shelf today!

  35. Tsk, tsk, Buffie! You know that new boyfriend smell wears thin after a while. Maybe I'll go have a mug of ale with Kendrick and see what's been happening with him. Who knows....

    PJ said...
    *I keep telling people that Andrea and I are the sweet, innocent ones*
    Hmmm...you don't say...I'll have to put in a call to my US Marshall friend to see if I can dig up some dirt on you two. LOL

    I think it's best your dh never sees this. *wink*

    Thanks for stopping by. Name the Scot, I'll put you on him. LOL

  36. Stacy, we think Kimberly is pretty fabulous, too!

    And as for Gerard, *sigh, swoon*...'nuff said. :)

    Kimberly, Buffie and I would never divulge the secret of what a Scotsman, such as Gerry, is wearing under his kilt. Magical is an apt description, though. *vbg*

  37. Hi Stacy! (waving)

    I met Kimberly at a conference in Atlanta. Her smile just lights up the room, doesn't it?

  38. Harlot, moi? *gasps* Buffie, did you hear what they called us? Oh, well, if it means we get more up close and personal time with our Gerry, we'll just have to deal. LOL

  39. Hi Eliza! Welcome to The Romance Dish! I'm fascinated by your coffee shop Reading Club. Will you tell us more about it?

  40. Eliza, good morning! Gerry is a lovely sight to wake up to.

    You'll have to share when you get your photoshopped pic with your hawt Scot on top! *vbg*

  41. Gannon,
    I think it's best your dh never sees this. *wink*

    Kimberly, what happens at The Dish, stays at The Dish! ;)

  42. Hi Kimberly,
    A fun interview! :) Congratulations on your release of Highland Dragon. Hot title and cover! Take care and I wish you continued success! *Hugs*

    Diana Cosby
    Romance Edged With Danger

  43. Gannon, you know I don't like to share with just anyone, but I do believe I can share Gerry with you :)

    Our Gerry has a very nice ring!

  44. Eliza, thanks so much for stopping by. Gerry tends to bring out the ladies - LOL!

    You are really going to love Calin. He is one very special hero! I am glad I am not the only one who sees herself as the heroine in every story!!

  45. Harlot? Moi? Sweet, little 'ole me?

  46. Diana, thanks for dropping by. Yes, isn't that a great cover?! I must say that your avatar is pretty darn hawt too!

  47. Good morning. Congratulations on the launching of your blog and to Kim for her newest release. It sounds like a great story. I can't wait to read it.

    As for my favorite Scot....well, one of my favorites is Iain from The Secret by Julie Garwood.

  48. Thanks for stopping by, Anna Kathryn. Oh yes, Julie Garwood writes scrumptious Scots, doesn't she? I'm partial to Gabriel MacBain from "Saving Grace".

  49. Gannon said...
    is wearing under his kilt. Magical is an apt description, though.

    You naughty girl!

    PJ said...
    I met Kimberly at a conference in Atlanta. Her smile just lights up the room, doesn't it?
    Aww...thanks PJ. That's so sweet. *blushing*

    OK...get with me via email. I'll hook you up with Ger and we'll cal it your Christmas present. :)

    Gannon said...What happens at The Dish, stays at The Dish! ;)
    If that's the case, bring back Sean, because we are all just too much woman for Gerard to handle. *snort*

    Thanks for stopping by Diana! You'll have to hook up with these girls when your new book comes out. They're awesome!

  50. Anna Kathryn,
    Finally some one answered the question. LOL

    The Secret by Julie Garwood is the book that hook me on Romance. Great story! After that came Heather and Velvet by Teresa Medeiros. I studied that book! Read it over and over and over. Le sigh

  51. Good Morning Kimberly (and you too, ladies)!

    To be honest, I rarely read any type of historical...but your Scot sounds delicious enough that I am most certainly going to give it a go! It sounds so steamy!!!!!!!

    And all you ladies are talking about Gerard and Sean... but what about Ewan? Doesn't he need some face time, too? :o)

  52. Hi, Diana. It's nice to have you here with us today. We always have refreshments for our guests, so grab something yummy and enjoy!

    That applies to the gorgeous eye candy, too. :)

  53. Hi :)
    Thank you for the fun & informative post. I really enjoyed it. The picture is great. I don't know how it works, but I love it.
    Thanks again,

  54. Anna Kathryn, thanks for stopping by. We love meeting new friends that share our love of romance. I'm sure you'll enjoy Kimberly's books!

    I think Julie Garwood is a favorite of many of us!

  55. Megan said...
    To be honest, I rarely read any type of historical
    Oh, you really must give one a whirl. I have to admit I don't read anything else.

    Good morning RKCharron! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  56. Hi PJ!

    Isn't it a fabulous idea? My girlfriend and I during the summers sit on our decks and read, and since I live in a townhouse, its like reading together :) Well now that its getting colder, I don't want it to stop! So once a month we're meeting up at the coffee shop with some other women, just to read! Its a chance to get away from the house, chores, work, kids, hubbies, whatever, and just read, dish on books, etc... I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  57. Kimberly, you're right, I think we women may just be too much for Gerard. Of course, Buffie and I could keep him for ourselves.

    I think Sean and some of our other resident hotties can take care of the rest of you. They are experts at so many things. *VBG*

  58. I will Gannon!

    Oh yes, Buffie... I can't help but picture myself, isn't it wonderful!?! lol

  59. Kim, you are the best Santa ever!!! I'm emailed you :)

  60. Megan, Kimberly's hot Highlanders are a sure bet in the historical department! And lucky for you I have both of her books. If you ask nicely, I may let you borrow them. :)

    Note to everyone: Megan is my niece, so I'm allowed to tease her.

    Megan, how do you like my red carpet pic with Gerry? Love my dress, shoes and much thinner body! LOL

  61. I thought I'd throw in my own love of Julie Garwood :) The first romance I ever read was THE BRIDE, and I'm STILL in love with Alec... sigh...and Jamie was a kick*ss heroine!

  62. Okay Gannon... how much do I have to suck up to get those books? Wash your car? Wash you children? ;O)

    You look fabulous with Mr. Butler...and short!!!!!!! How in the world did you accomplish that in those heels?

  63. RKCharron, lovely to see you! Sit back and make yourself at home. :)

    Eliza, I love the idea of your reading club. Sounds like my kind of place--an escape from housework, kids and hubby--just to read and chat. Where do I sign up? :-D

  64. Megan, we'll discuss what's required in the sucking up department. Now that you mention it, my car is looking a little dirty. LOL

    Isn't it fab that I can stand next to Gerry in high heels and he's still taller?! The magic of photoshop!

  65. Anna Kathryn, it's great to have you stop by today. I absolutely love Julie Garwood's heroes. She's the lady that got me reading romance so many years ago. It was Conor in THE WEDDING.

    Megan, welcome back! You really should pick up Kimberly's book. There are a quite a few steamy scenes!!! Sounds like Gannon has plenty of chores lined up for you :)

    Hey RK! Great to see you again. Are you still recovering from the party last night? LOL!

    Eliza, your reading club sounds very interesting. Do you find yourself chuckling at a particular scene in your book and telling the person next to you about it? I tend to do that while reading in bed next the dh who is watching sports.

  66. OK...ladies...I have to step out for a bit to enthrall the farming community. I have a radio interview. *biting nails*
    I have no idea what to expect other than an enormous amount of agitation from a bunch of grmbling farmers you will no doubt be missing the grain report. Le sigh.

    I do hope they have the "blipper" working as sometimes I can have a vulgar mouth.
    My mother best put on her sunglasses for I will undoubtedly embarrass the entire family.

  67. Oh...and I'll leave Gerard with you for the nonce. Do play nice with him. I'll be back shortly...

  68. What a great site. Can we have Gerard every day ? Highland Dragon sounds great. Can't wait to read it.

  69. Cute and clever interview - great graphics and great Butler. YUMMM

    Yes, nice site, too. Best of luck with your book, Kimberly!!

  70. Thanks for stopping by, Linda. Personally, I think we should make Gerard our blog mascot. What do you think? ;-)

  71. Hi Paisley! Gerard sure is lovely to gaze upon, isn't he?

    Thanks for the compliment on the site. Hope you'll visit us often.

  72. Have fun with the radio interview, Kimberly. I'm sure you will do a fabulous job!!!!

    Hi Linda. Wouldn't it be great to have Gerry every single day!!! Ahhhhh, what a nice dream.

    Paisley, thanks for stopping by. A shot of Butler is always a great way to start the day.

  73. Hi, Kimberly. Thanks for bringing Gerard. Even if I can't touch him, it is always nice to look!;-)

    Calin sounds like a delicious hero, and I already like Akira. She can curse in 3 languages!

    HER ONE DESIRE was an enthralling story. I wish you continued success with HIGHLAND DRAGON. I am already reading great reviews for it.

  74. My goodness Gerard certainly gets around.

    Great interview and I'm looking forward to reading Kimberly's latest..

  75. Wow! I think Buffie and Gannon need to share the "magic" with all of us!!
    Eliza love the idea of your book club--now I need to see if I can get any like minds in my area to do something similar.
    PJ--for some reason I find it hard to believe that you are sweet and innocent! (smile) Actually I will give you the sweet part--innocent? Makes me scratch my head in wonder. VBS
    Love the sight!

  76. Wonderful interview !!! So much fun. You know, I've always been partial to Sean Connery. I know he's Welsh...but that accent and low masculine voice. He's still a hawtie!!

    Love your site.

    Highland Dragon sounds like a wonderful read.

  77. Cheryl, I hope you will pick up Kimberly's book. I don't think you will be disappointed at all!

    Maria ((hugs)), thanks for stopping by! Yes, Gannon and I are having a blast sharing Gerry. :)

    Cyndi, you know, I think Gerry has enough magic to share with LOTS of women! So come on, grab your best dress and hit the red carpet with us!

    Armenia, so glad you could join us today. Thanks for the compliments on the site. We sure do love it :) I have to say I am in total agreement with you about Sean Connery. He may be older than most hotties, but he can still put a smile on my face :)

  78. Linda Henderson said...
    What a great site. Can we have Gerard every day?

    Dang! I knew that was going to happen. Gerry and I go way back, but I'll think about loaning him out. *wink*

    Thank for stopping by Paisley and ogling the goods!

    PJ said...
    I think we should make Gerard our blog mascot. What do you think? ;-)

    Hmmm...he does match nicely and adds to the decor...still thinking about who I would replace him with.

    Buffie said...
    Have fun with the radio interview.
    It went great. Once you get me talking, it's hard to shut me up. LOL I think the farmers will love it. Hehehehe

    cheryl c said...
    ...and I already like Akira. She can curse in 3 languages!
    Oh aye, Akira is a fiery lass and if you speak any of those languages you will see that she curses like a drunkem sailor. ;o)

    And here's hoping you enjoy Highland Dragon as much as Her One Desire!

    Hello, Maria!
    I do hope Calin delivers.

    Cyndi said...
    Wow! I think Buffie and Gannon need to share the "magic"

    I couldn't agree more. They are being Gerard-hogs. LOL

    Armenia said...
    I've always been partial to Sean Connery.

    Me too...shh...don't tell Gerry.

  79. I'm so cracking up at the photos. Any way I can get one of those with me and Karl Urban? Or Orlando Bloom as Will Turner? :) Hee hee.

    Kimberly, I'm definitely check out your books. I love a good Scottish story. I haven't been able to find the documentation yet, but I "think" my paternal line might have been Scottish. It's been a long time since I've had time to work on genealogy, and it seems as though the paternal line is dead-end city. Oh well, must did deeper.

    Favorite Scots? Other than Gerard, Jamie Fraser from Outlander, love James McAvoy, Paul McGillion (who I met and who was way funny), Ewan McGregor, and the funny late-night host Craig Ferguson.

  80. *clapping* Brilliant! I have to bookmark this blog...

    LOVING the GERARD pictures... *LOL*

    Hello, Kim! Glad to see you out and about and promoting your awesome books!

  81. A 12-foot ladder to get to the top of Gannon's TBR pile, huh? I think I need an oxygen tank and a sherpa. :)

  82. Great interview and great pictures !! If only... right ??

  83. Trish Milburn said...
    Can get one of those with me and Karl Urban? Or Orlando Bloom as Will Turner?

    Hmmm...Let me think on it. I've got the orders piling up. LOL

    I wish I could say I was Scottish but alas, I'm afraid I've got the blood of an Irish pirate, which leads me to Ms. Hellie!!!

    So glad you popped over. These gals will give the RomanceWritersRevenge a run for your money. I love both of ya'll...

    Hello, Emmanuelle! The if only is why we write fiction. :)

  84. Kimberly, The book sounds wonderful and the excerpt you gave us. WOW! I'm already on the phone with my local book stores to see if they have it on the shelves. Yes, on the phone. I live 20 miles from town and don't want to waste precious BOOK money on gas to travel back and forth if they don't have your book. :)

    My favorite Scot? I have to choose ONE?!?! *sits down to compare points on her favorite Scots* This could take a while, I'll have to get back to you. :)

    Woo Hoo I get my name in Gerard's pocket!!!!

  85. Kimberly ~

    I forgot to ask earlier...

    Are you attending RomCon?

    Just curious. Thanks

  86. Hi Kimberly!! Great to see you over at this wonderful place! I loved the interview and the pictures of Gerard.

    Highland Dragon sounds great. I still haven't read Her One Desire but it's next in line, I promise! I need a break from regencies with a good medieval. But I really want to know more about the regency thing :)

  87. Awesome interview and blog - nothing can go wrong when you have Gerard Butler *g*

    Gannon are you REALLY standing next to Gerard??????????
    Gannon? GANNON? is that you??? LOL Gannon you look gorgeous! - seriously, I couldn't believe my eyes either =)

    I can't wait to hear about your new regency series Kimberly - I love historical romance. I will have to look out for your sexy scottish medievals =D

  88. Hello, Dorothy!
    I know what that like to live miles from a bookstore. I'm rural and the local Waldenbooks closed a little over a year ago. I do hope they have it though.
    As for RomCon...I'm thinking about it. Problem is, it's so close to RWA's conference and since RWA is in Nashville this year, that's just a hop, skip and jump from home. But, we'll see. I wish I could go to all the "Cons"

    Christie said...
    But I really want to know more about the regency thing.
    Well I'm working on a sensual three-book series that plucks renowned Scottish warlords off the battlefield and tosses them into the glittery and scandalous social society of Regency London. The catch is the heroes... ;)
    Once I sell it, I'll be sure to post more.
    Tris, doesn't Gannon looked fab? I wonder who her hairdresser is? LOL

  89. Kimberly, I love the sound of those regencies! Do you have a publishing timeline for them yet?

  90. Hi, Kim! Just stopping by to check out the latest hawt spot, as opposed to hawt Scot, right?

    Looks like you're having way too much fun!

  91. Welcome, Patricia! Thank you for stopping by our new blog. Amazing how many people a hawt Scot draws in, isn't it? ;-)

  92. Hi Tris! Doesn't that Regency series sound terrific? I love to pop back and forth between historical time periods. They are all so fascinating!

    Hi Christie! Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to stop in.

    Welcome back, Dorthy! I agree! How can Kimberly expect us to choose just one when there are so many deserving hawt Scots out there in Romanceland?

  93. Hi Hellion! Thanks for dropping in. Um...where's Jack?

  94. Hi Trish! Hmmmm...you and Keith Urban. Yes, I can see that. Definitely. ;-)

  95. *LOL* Kim, I'm sure they will give us pirates a run for our booty--I've already added them to the ship's favorite enemies--awesome blogs are like Lays potato chips, you can't have just one. It's awesome there will be more to read with my morning Mountain Dew!

  96. PJ, I didn't bring Jack. He has an annoying habit of "grass is always greener" mentality...so he'd whine and plead to hang out with you guys a few days...and he's not housebroken, and you've got enough to contend with, keeping Gerard happy...I did it for you, really...

  97. Trish, aren't the photos fabulous? I think my picture with Gerry will be my Christmas card this year :-) I didn't realize you were into genealogy too! I've been researching my family for a few years now. I haven't found the Scottish connection yet, but have found the Irish and German ones. I would love to go to those places in person and look through the records.

  98. MsHellion, so glad you stopped by and are enjoying the site! Thanks for adding us to your list of enemies - LOL! Please let dear Jack know he is always welcome in this port ;-)

    Great to see you again Dorothy! I say don't limit yourself to just one Scot . . . there are too many to pick just one!

    Christie, seriously you really REALLY need to read Her One Desire. It is one fabulous debut book! And Highland Dragon is a wonderful follow up!

    Tris, No you really can't go wrong with Gerry, even if you have to share him :)

    Hello Patricia, thanks for stopping by. Scotsman always seem to draw people out, don't they?!

  99. Okay Kimberly, you need to dish a little bit about these regencies. Tell me what's on the plate and when will they be published.

  100. Holy cow! Y'all have been busy!!

    Kimberly said: Andrea, if you think the name Gerard is magic, you should ask Buffie and Gannon what the ole rake is wearing under his kilt! Whoa!!!!!!!

    LOLOLOL!! *ahem* Why, no. I wouldn't know anything about that.

    *bats eyelashes*

  101. PJ said: Finally! Someone who understands! I keep telling people that Andrea and I are the sweet, innocent ones but they never seem to believe me. *sweetly smiles*

    Uh huh. And if you don't believe it, just ask us.


  102. Any time Gerry is around it is hard for even the most innocent of us to stay that way, girls! Trust me, that charm is dynamic and devastating. :)

  103. Linda, I think Gerard should be our official blog hottie!

    Paisley, thank for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed gazing at Gerard. *g*

  104. Kimberly, I hear you on the potty mouth. Have the same problem myself. LOL

  105. PJ said...
    Do you have a publishing timeline for them yet?
    Ummm...er...I'll let you know the moment I sell it. LOL

    Hey, Pat! *waving*
    Thanks for stopping by. ;)

    And PJ, Hellie is right about Jack. He is a handful and drinks far too much. LOL

    Buffie said...
    I haven't found the Scottish connection yet, but have found the Irish and German ones.

    This sounds familiar. I did some research for my dad and found out we are from Germany. With a last name like Killion, he spent his entire life thinking we'd come from Ireland. So I told him that we did come from Ireland, we just settled in Germany before we can to America.
    Hope he never realizes that was a lie. The only response I got from him about possibly being from Germany was: "Well, I guess that explains why we're all so grouchy."

  106. Maria, (((BIG HUGS)))! It's so fabulous to have you here with us. Buffie and I have really enjoyed our time with "our Gerry." *g*

    Armenia, Sean Connery is definitely one of the sexiest men out there--young, old, bald or with hair, he's delish.

  107. Cyndi, I don't know about Buffie, but I'll share Gerard with you, for a wee bit. After all, what are friends for! *vbg*

  108. Ooops, had the last few of my comments under The Romance Dish hat. *blushing*

    I'm so busy catching up on what I missed when I was out, that I didn't even notice "who" I was for a minute.

  109. MsHellion, ahoy there! *g* We do love our pictures, too.

    Once you get Jack "housebroken", bring him over. :)

  110. Trish, I'm thinking of adding another room to the house for all of my TBR books...or maybe a whole wing! LOL

  111. Tris, thanks for the compliments! I love the dress, don't you? I owe it all to Kimberly! ;)

  112. Whoa! What did you guys do? Who is this "The Romance Dish"? Good idea though, making 1 of you. Is that what you did?
    I think I've had too much bubbly. I'm confused???
    And I think Andrea has been oot with Gerard. You girls need to have a blog where you get names like they have on the RomanceWritersRevenge. Like Hellie is Ms. Hellion. I think you need a special day for name picking.
    I'm thinking "Sweet pea-j" and "" and "Creme de la Buffie" and hmmm...I'm stuck...
    hmmm...Gannon...gravy..."Biscuits and Gannon???" LOL No, that's bad.
    Maybe you all should just go with "hors d'oeuvre" *Muahahaha*
    OK...that was vulgar. I think Jack spiked my bubbly with some rum.

  113. Hi, Patricia! Gerard is accumulating groupies faster than we can keep up. He seems to like it that way! ;)

  114. Kimberly, hors d'oeuvre, indeed! Not too far off from harlot, though!!

    Biscuits and Gannon? I'll let my hubby in on that one, since biscuits and gravy are a particular favorite of his. I would hope Biscuits and Gannon top that! *snork*

  115. Kimberly, I don't think you had too much bubbly. The Romance Dish was me--forgot who I was there for a minute.

    And on that note, would you care for more bubbly? :)

  116. Hi, ladies! What a wonderful interview, and what a compelling excerpt! Kimberly Killion has a new fan, right here!

    Your new site is gorgeous--I'm so impressed! Looking forward to all the good times. And your butler is verra, verra nice. :-) I'll look forward to him, too.

  117. Great interview ladies! I haven't read anything by Kimberly Killion but I must fix that! I'm super jealous of all the gorgeous pictures with Gerard, ;P

  118. Susan Sey said...
    what a compelling excerpt!

    Thanks so much! Glad I intrigued you. :)

    Hi Rowena. Hope you get a chance to check out one of my books, or hey...why not both. *vbg*

  119. Kimberly,
    Great interview. I loved both your books and look forward to that series you're keeping secret.

  120. Kimberly! I want the book, please. My favorite Scot is my great-grandfather who ran off (well on a boat) to Jamaica and found himself and island princess. True story.

    As for your excerpt "Calin crawled atop Akira on all fours, covering her from head to toe." Um, yeah, okay. I really need to read more.

    Great post. I love the dish already!

  121. Looking forward to geting dressed up and experiencing the "magic" of your Gerry!
    Interested in meeting the much bandied Jack. Can he possibly measure up to Gerard?
    Kim looking forward to hearing more about your three sensual romances!!!
    Loving this sight and the partying.
    That said--need more bubbly. Have to keep the giddiness going.

  122. **pouring Kimberly more bubbly** Boy, she is SO MUCH FUN when she drinking this stuff - LOL! Cute idea with the names.

    Susan, thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Rowena, get thee to the nearest book store and BUY, BUY, BUY!!! I think you would really enjoy Kimberly's books.

    Nicki, what a fabulous story about your great grandfather!! Definitely worthy of a book itself. Yes, you really need to read more about Calin and Akira. Passionate, fiesty, and true love *sigh*

    Megan, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see more of you :)

    Cyndi, here's another glass of bubbly for you. I think Gerard is heading your way to feed you some strawberries covered in chocolate. See, I do know how to share :)

  123. Well...you've ruined me. I have enough "GB" fantasies as it is, and now I have one of him serving me champagne! I have a very special tip for that waiter : )

    Gerard is my Highland Dragon!

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  124. Susan, thanks for the lovely words about our blog. We are loving it here, and we think our Butler is verra nice as well. :)

  125. Rowena, run to the bookstore quickly and grab Kimberly's books! I'm reading HIGHLAND DRAGON now, and all I can say is "Wow!" Calin and Akira are already setting off sparks, and I just started! :)

  126. Megan K, thanks so much for joining us. We have plenty of bubbly to go around, and I do believe Gerard is available to serve you. *g*

    Nicki, I love the story of your great-grandfather! That would make a fabulous book!! You simply must read HIGHLAND DRAGON--I am, and Calin and Akira are heating up the pages already.

  127. Cyndi, if it's more bubbly you want, you know you're in the right place. :-D

  128. Virginia C, welcome to our ever growing Gerard fan club! Gerard=Highland Dragon. Oh, yeah!

  129. Thanks for stopping by, Megan!

    So I've wetted your appetite with that snippet, eh?!
    You want to know what's even more intriguing about that scene???
    The heroine is tied to a bed. *gasp*

    Cyndi said...
    Can Jack possibly measure up to Gerard?
    Dang...that's a loaded question. You wants to take it? lol
    *Gerry!* Get these women some bubbly. ;)

    Buffie said...
    She is SO MUCH FUN when she's drinking...

    Umm...er...have you been talking to Hellion?

  130. *grabs chocolate covered strawberry and overhears Kimberly*

    The heroine is tied to a bed.

    *eyes open wide and slides over*

    Really, Kimberly? Tied to a bed? I simply MUST check this book out....

  131. Hey Virginia, a girl can never, ever have too many GB fantasies!!!!

  132. Kimberly, I want to take a moment and just say thank you to you. I am so glad that you were able to be our very first guest author. You played a big part in the creation of our blog. Your support has meant a lot to us, and your creativity has made our new place here look fabulous. Thank you so much for everything!!!!

    Love you bunches!

  133. Andrea said...
    Really, Kimberly? Tied to a bed? I simply MUST check this book out....

    Yes...the "auction" is one of my favorite scenes. ;)

  134. Kimberly, the heroine is tied to a bed!!! Way to leave us breathless with anticipation. And I thought that was Gerry's job! *wink*

    Kimberly, thank you for being our first guest author and making today such a rocking party! You have played such a big part in the success of our blog, and we can't say thank you enough!



  135. Buffie, it is you I have to thank for making me feel so welcome here today. I just love what you and PJ and Andrea and Gannon are doing for the Romance community and I have no doubt you will be a smashing success!
    The decor is second to all of your personalities. And as a token of my gratitude, I'll leave Gerard in your hands and hope you all take verra good care of him.
    Oh, and do let me know whose name you draw out of Gerard's pocket so I can get their books in the mail.

    Looking forward to reading your review on Saturday...


  136. Thanks Gannon! I had a great time dishes with you gals! Good luck, read lots and remember to fall in love everyday...
    (((HUGS back)))

  137. And while I'm thanking folks, I need to thank PJ and Andrea for their hospitality today as well. Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a great circle of friends. Much luck, peace, and love...

    Now then, I think I MUST go watch 300. ;)

  138. Kimberly, thanks so much for being our very first guest author at The Romance Dish. You were great!

  139. Great Interview! Lucky you! You have my favorite man there- Gerard Butler! LOL He so beautiful! I haven;t gotten to read your books yet but would love too. Love the new site!

  140. Lady Graeye, thanks for stopping by!

  141. Thank you so much, Kimberly, for being our first guest author, for designing our lovely digs, and for bringing Gerard. ;-) You are THE BEST! (((hugs)))

  142. You know, I *really* enjoy my job. It took me a couple of times to find a name in Gerry's pocket (sigh) but I finally came up with one.

    *drum roll* The winner of Kimberly's books is . . . .


    Congrats Nicki!

    Email me (theromancedish at gmail dot com)your snail mail address to claim your prize.

  143. Great new site, ladies and cute interview, Kimberly!! I wish you all great success.

    Sandy Blair and her Highlanders

  144. Sandy!!!! Yay! I'm glad you (and your yummy Highlanders) could stop by!

  145. You are sending me Gerard for my birthday! Ladies, really you have out done yourself. Again. Tell him to wear a kilt and knock on my kitchen door. I hope that's not a euphemisms for anything.

    Now my birthday is super happy! (Buffie, I'll send my address and directions for Gerard right away!)