Friday, November 27, 2009

A Special Black Friday Treat

Yesterday, you slaved in the kitchen creating a Thanksgiving feast for your family.  This morning, many of you awoke before dawn to be first in line to buy that perfect Christmas gift at your local store.   Now it's your turn.  Send the hubby and the kids to the movies, pour a glass of wine and relax with a free e-book novella by historical romance author, Caroline Linden. Harper Collins (Avon) is offering Deeper Than Desire, a free companion e-book to Linden's December print release, For Your Arms Only 

I won one of Caroline Linden's books last year.  I've since read everything she's published but it only took that one book to put her on my auto-buy list.  If you haven't discovered her wonderful stories yet, now's the perfect opportunity to try one for free!

Free Caroline Linden e-book


  1. oh cool ^^ Just downloaded it. Thanks so much

  2. Everyone gets a treat today! Enjoy ladies!

  3. I've already downloaded and read it. What a wonderful, sad, beautiful story!

    Thanks, Buffie! (No Thanksgiving here but I get presents anyway. Now that's how I like it! *g*)