Saturday, November 14, 2009


What the Duke Desires by Jenna Petersen
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: October 27, 2009

After overhearing her father’s deathbed pronouncement to her brother for the reasons behind her mother’s scandalous suicide, Lillian Mayhew has sought revenge against the man responsible, the Duke of Billingham. Instead of avenging their mother’s death, her brother drowns his sorrows in a bottle. And then the old duke passes away and is praised as a saint. Lillian knows what she must do – find proof that the former duke is nothing like he is heralded as and expose the truth about him. The perfect opportunity arises in the form of a house party hosted by the current duke and his mother.

Simon Crathorne, Duke of Billingham, is seeking a respectable wife, thus the reason for the house party. From the moment he first sees Lillian, Simon feels an instant connection with her. And even though he knows she isn’t an appropriate choice in a bride, he can’t seem to stay away from her. While going through his father’s papers at the estate, he learns that his father isn’t the man that he and everyone else thought he was. But will the things he discovers ruin any chance he has for happiness?

What the Duke Desires is the first book in a new series by Jenna Petersen, and I must say that it looks to be a really good series if this one is any indication. Simon is unlike any of Ms. Petersen’s other heroes and I completely adore him! I love that despite his parents’ disastrous marriage, he believes in love and wants it and passion in a marriage. I also love that he didn’t let up with Lillian – he repeatedly goes to her, whether it’s to check on her after she claims a headache or just to walk with her. And he doesn’t care that all eyes are on him when he does. Even though Lillian doesn’t like the attention, he continues – not to be mean but because she truly interests him and he doesn’t care who knows it. He’s nothing if not determined! *sigh*

Lillian is a clever and very genuine heroine. She comes to the house party with a purpose, but once she meets and gets to know Simon, her priorities start to shift. She finds it more and more difficult to carry through with her original plan since doing so will hurt Simon. I like that she isn’t the typical I-don’t-want-marriage heroine. In fact, she isn’t against marriage at all, but has no illusions of such a lofty one – she’s over twenty-five, possesses no money, has a drunk for a brother and a scandalous mother. Her practicality is very refreshing.

This is now my favorite of Jenna Petersen’s books. In it, she brings readers a well-matched hero and heroine, a cast of attention-grabbing secondary characters, and a plot twist that will surprise you. You do not want to miss What the Duke Desires!



  1. Andrea

    A fantastic review I have this book and it is calling me to be read I love Jenna's books and have all of them,they are always great reads.

    Have Fun

  2. Andrea, great review!

    I haven't read anything by Jenna Petersen yet but this book sounds like something I'd love.

    Especially your description of the hero appeals to me. I don't know about you but sometimes I have a feeling that some romance heroes are pretty identical and/or stereotypes, so I absolutely love to read about outstanding and special ones - also the ones to remember!

    You said it was the beginning of a series - will the drunk brother get his own story, too? I think that would make for an interesting storyline!

  3. awesome review....WTDD is now on my must be bought and read list.

  4. Great review, Andrea! If I wasn't already going to buy this one, your review would have sealed the deal!!

    As the TBR pile continues to grow.....

  5. Thanks, Helen! I always enjoy Jenna's books, too. There's something different about this one. I can't put my finger on what it is, but I love it! Enjoy!

  6. Thanks, Lisa! Simon is definitely not the typical alpha hero, and I *love* that! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy an alpha hero, but you are right that so many heroes today seem identical. You'll like Simon. :)

    Yes, this is the beginning of a series. I don't think the drunk brother is part of the series, but you never know. When you read this one, you'll find out who the next book is about. ;)

  7. Thanks, Calila! I hope you enjoy it. :)

    LOL, Gannon! That's what we're here for -- to help that pile become a mountain. ;)

    Hope you enjoy it, Amy! :)

  8. Andrea~

    I've hear so many good things about this book, but I haven't seen it on shelves around here. What is up with that???
    Wal-mart doesn't have it, K-mart doesn't have it, Target doesn't have it, and don't get me started on what Walden Books doesn't have. GGGRRR!

    Another reason to open my own book store, I can carry books I know I'd like!

    sorry for the rant. It sounds like an awesome book, and I will have to get my hands on it, probably order it from the net, since it costs less (not by much) and I get it faster than if I go through one of the towns independent book stores.

    *sigh* what is a girl to do? open her own book store, I know I if I only had the time to devote to it. *sigh*

  9. Andrea, fabulous review!!! Man, I really REALLY want to read this one now!!

    I just love the beginning of a new series because I know that there will be more books for me to enjoy.

  10. Dorthy, I'm so sorry you've had so much trouble finding it. The only thing I can tell you is to have a bookstore order it or just order it yourself online.

    I always go to my local B&N a day or two after "release day" Tuesday because they usually don't receive them until Wednesday. And even then, they have to get a couple of them from the back.

    I hope you find WTDD really soon and enjoy it!

  11. Thanks, Buffie! Jenna has really stepped up her game with WTDD. You'll love it. ;)

  12. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for the lovely review, Andrea! And Dorothy, please do continue to look for it. They just went to a 2nd printing so I hope the stores will get more. It's so frustrating to hear so many people are having trouble finding it. :(

  13. Thank YOU, Jenna. And congrats on a second printing! That's wonderful news!