Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review -- Sex, Lies and Mistletoe

Sex, Lies and Mistletoe
Undercover Operatives, Book 1
By Tawny Weber
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Release Date: November 15, 2011

Undercover DEA agent Caleb Black is home for the holidays---possibly to bust his own father. But maybe Caleb's con-man dad isn't the one running drugs through the small town of Black Oak. Maybe it's the green-eyed goddess who runs the New Age shop and has Caleb under her sultry spell.

Pandora Easton saved the family store with two words: sex sells. And her delectable aphrodisiacs really work, as she's proven with Caleb again and again and again.
Little does she guess that, in the end, her most potent potion will be the truth....

Caleb Black has stayed away from Black Oak for many years, but he agrees to come back as a favor to his FBI agent friend. His mission/favor is to see if his dad is behind the drugs that are being run through town. As much as Caleb dislikes his father, Tobias, and all of the cons he has pulled over the years, he just can't quite believe that the old man has sunk low enough to be heading up a drug ring. The alley behind Tobias's motorcycle shop seems to be the hot spot, but the little shop next door, Moonspun Dreams could just as easily be the front for the drugs. After all, the people in town can't get enough of the food in the cafe there, aphrodisiacs. Caleb decides it's time to get to know the owner, Pandora Easton a little better. Beautiful woman, aphrodisiacs---Caleb thinks this may not be such a hardship after all.

Pandora Easton comes back home after losing her job and her reputation thanks to her loser ex-boyfriend.  Her mother tells her to take over her New Age shop, Moonspun Dreams---which is going nowhere fast---and turn it around and make it profitable again.  Great!  Pandora has no idea how to make it work, but when she finds her great-grandmother's book of recipes in the back of the shop, she comes up with the idea to add a cafe using the recipes in the book.  Recipes using aphrodisiacs.   In no time, the Moonspun Cafe and the store are a huge success, with more business than Pandora could ever have imagined.  She is thrilled and doesn't think things can get much better when Mr. Tall, Dark and Dangerous walks in the door.  Caleb makes Pandora's body hum without any need for her aphrodisiacs, but soon the two of them are sampling the cafe's goods...and each other.  Is their relationship destined to last or will it burn hot and fast before it completely goes out?

Caleb's eyes met hers and she swallowed the sudden lump in her throat.  His gaze was hungry, but there was an appreciation, a sort of soft wonder, in his eyes that made her feel as if she was the most incredible woman in the world.

Then his mouth met hers and she forgot to think at all.  His tongue caressed, then slipped gently between her lips.  He tasted delicious.  Hot and mysterious, with just a hint of chocolate.  As he kissed her, his hands slid up to gently cup her cheeks, tilting her head to the side just a little so his mouth could better access hers.

Pandora swore she was melting.  Not just sexually, although one more rub of his thigh against hers and she'd explode.  But emotionally.  The kiss was pure romance.  Sweetly sensual, sexually charged and oh, so perfect.

I love a romance set in a small town, with all of the quirky characters who love to know who's doing what with whom. In Black Oak, California it seems like everyone in town wants to know just what's going on with Caleb and Pandora....and there's plenty going on.  Tawny Weber has created a cast of vivid characters with a hot hero and spunky heroine in the lead roles.  Humorous, romantic, and sizzling hot, Sex, Lies and Mistletoe is an excellent holiday read to turn up the heat on a cold winter's night.

~ Gannon



  1. Great review as always, Gannon. I have not read this author before, but I do like the her storyline. A little like the book/film "Chocolat" meets the bad guy drug dealers at Christmas instead of Easter. It's a very cute idea and might be worth looking at.

  2. Any Christmas book is worth checking out I always feel. I love them. It's the feel good sense.

  3. This sounds like a really good fast-paced yet sultry and sexy book that is a must to read. OK, now, where is Santa? I need to sit upon his knee and ask for Sex, Lies and Mistletoe for Christmas. Thanks for the terrific review, Gannon. You would make a good fisherman as you know how to "reel the readers in!" ;-)

  4. Tawny writes fun stories with plenty of heat and romance. I think you'd enjoy them, Flora.

  5. Marybelle, I love Christmas books, too.

  6. Connie said: Thanks for the terrific review, Gannon. You would make a good fisherman as you know how to "reel the readers in!" ;-)

    Thank you, Connie. That's too funny. * off to get my fishing pole * LOL

  7. Thanks for the review, Gannon. I always look forward to a new book from Tawny!

  8. Another author I have been collecting and reading from the beginning. How she gets such a good satisfying story into so few pages just amazes me. On occasion the shorter books seem to leave gaps in the story but never with Tawny.

  9. wow.. blaze, i have so many friend who love reading this genre.

    maybe i will try to read it ;)

  10. I can't wait to read this one!! Thanks for the great review, Gannon!

  11. I always love Tawny's books and I'm really looking forward to this one!

  12. Great review, Gannon. This sounds like a lot of fun. I LOVE Tawny's books so this is an autobuy for me.

  13. I'm in the mood for a fun Christmas tale & this looks like a good one.

  14. Oh wow, Gannon :-) What a lovely review -thank you! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed Pandora and Caleb's story.

  15. Sounds like a fun read.