Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review - - Too Wicked to Wed

Too Wicked to Wed
By Cara Elliott
Publisher: Forever
Released Date:  November 1, 2011

The product of an unconventional country upbringing, twenty-two year old Lady Alexa Hendrie, more comfortable with agriculture, mathematics and card playing than London society, doesn’t give a thought to the risk in which she places her reputation by bearding the notorious Irish Wolfhound in his brothel and gambling den in her desperate search for her brother. Four months later, Alexa is doing plenty of second guessing as she returns to London for a season, finding herself a fish out of water amidst the silly young debutantes, bored by the bland gentlemen of the ton and unable to get a life-altering kiss with a wicked Wolfhound out of her mind.

Connor Linsley, Earl of Killingworth, secret owner of The Wolf’s Lair and known throughout London as the Irish Wolfhound knew Alexa Hendrie would be trouble the minute she opened her mouth. The kiss he demanded in exchange for information about her brother was meant to send the much-too-clever miss running back to her family’s country estate. It was never meant to linger in Connor’s mind for months after the fact. Now she’s back in London, just as Connor’s world seems to be falling apart. Someone is playing a deadly game, with Connor and The Wolf’s Lair in their sights. He doesn’t have time for Alexa, with her clever mind and saucy mouth yet circumstances keep bringing them together with sparks flying each time they meet, as in this exchange on a moonlit terrace when they first encounter one another after Alexa’s return to London.

“You flatter yourself, sir. Be assured that, as kisses go, your performance was quite forgettable.”

“Forgettable,” he repeated softly.

“Completely,” she assured him.

“Well, then perhaps you need a reminder.”

Alexa gave an involuntary gasp. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“I warned you about your mouth – that’s exactly the wrong thing to say to a lecherous libertine.”

Don’t. She stared at the sinuous curl of his smirk. Don’t think about the hot, brandy-spiced taste of his lustful lips. Don’t think about the hard, steel-chiseled press of his sculpted muscles.

“Don’t…” she stammered.

Too late.

With a wicked gleam in his gaze, the Irish Wolfhound seized her shoulders and drew her close. Then his wanton mouth was on hers, teasing a terrible, tingling lick of heat inside her. Fire sizzled from her scalp to her toes – and to hidden places she wasn’t even aware existed.

This time, his kiss was slower, softer. He suckled her lower lip, his teeth gently nipping the swell of her flesh. Alexa shivered as the earl traced his fingertips along the arch of her neck and framed her face between his palms. Surrendering a tiny moan of pleasure, she opened herself to his delving demand. The slide of his tongue inside her was wildly sensuous. Her pulse began to skitter, her knees began to quake. 

Strangely enough, the soft, suckled sighs were not all hers. The Wolfhound’s breath tickled her cheeks, and within its gossamer flutter seemed to float a sweet, sweet whisper. 

Connor is determined to steer clear of  this woman he can't stop thinking about but fate has other ideas.  Alexa ends up part owner of The Wolf's Lair during an intriguing card game and finds herself smack dab in the middle of Connor's life and the danger surrounding him.  Their lives hang in the balance but if they can manage to outwit his unknown enemy, Connor and Alexa just may end up with everything their hearts desire but never thought they could have. 

I like Cara Elliott's writing more with each book she publishes.  Her characters in Too Wicked to Wed are engaging and the story moves along quickly, holding my attention from beginning to end - and keeping me reading late into the night.  Secondary characters, in particular Connor's two friends (future heroes of the next two books), are not just window dressing but vital elements of the story and have me eagerly anticipating their own stories.  Alexa is an intelligent, brave but vulnerable heroine who I liked immensely and who more than holds her own with the man who steals her heart and Connor...  What can I say about Connor?  He's a man who is much more than his reputation would have you believe and I thoroughly enjoyed traveling his journey to unexpected love with him. 

Too Wicked to Wed is the first book in Elliott's new Lords of Midnight trilogy.  The next book, Too Tempting to Resist, will be released April 24, 2012. I've already pre-ordered my copy.



  1. I love the beginning of series. It's always exciting.

  2. PJ

    Great review

    I really need to catch up on Cara's books I have a few on the TBR pile

    Have Fun

  3. I love getting in on the beginning too Marybelle! Can't wait to get this one...note to self, wait for weekend since it looks like I will be up half the night reading.

  4. Marybelle, I insist on reading the books in a series in order so I'm always excited to discover a new one with the first book! ;-)

  5. Helen, I think you'll really like this one. It's a wonderful romance with a touch of mystery and adventure.

  6. Can't wait to get this one...note to self, wait for weekend since it looks like I will be up half the night reading.

    If you're like me, Dianna, you'll be up until the wee hours. These characters refused to let me put their book down until I reached the end! :)

  7. love the review PJ, thank you

    will put on my list ;)

  8. Oh yummy! A feisty heroine and tough hero thrown together. What fun to read this book and follow how they spar with one another. Great review and thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading this novel!

  9. love the cover - my next purchase :)

  10. This book is definitely going on my TBR list!
    I like when authors have connected books, stand alones are good too, but I like to see what happens down the road in the future books.

    Can't wait for December 6th, I LOVE my sweets!

  11. Great review, I have been seeing this book around and it looks really good.

  12. Oh, yes, a new series!! I'm definitely adding this one to my list. Love the excerpt, PJ!!

  13. I haven't read this book or author yet, but I think I won a copy. I'll have to move it up on my TBR piles.