Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's Special - - Remembering Sandra Hyatt

The Dishes would like to thank the friends and family of Sandra Hyatt for sharing this blog about Sandra with us.  Everything we've read about her tells us that she was a woman who celebrated life and all its blessings.  For the past month or so, we've been anticipating our 1000th post here at The Romance Dish and talking about how we would commemorate it when it arrived.  By pure coincidence, or perhaps divine intervention, today's blog is our 1000th post and we've decided to celebrate it by giving away ten (10) copies of Sandra's new book from Harlequin Desire, Lessons in Seduction to randomly selected people who leave a comment on today's blog. We'll be purchasing the books from bookdepository.com so this giveaway will be open to everyone who lives in a country where bookdepository.com delivers. 

Sandra Hyatt – still bringing readers together

“A room without books is like a body without a soul” – Cicero

“You would think, being a writer, that I could find a pen somewhere in my house” – Sandra Hyatt

Harlequin Desire author Sandra Hyatt, who passed away suddenly in August posted the first quote on the books page of her website www.sandrahyatt.com and the second on twitter.

In a blog last year she also talked about the power of books to bring people together.

“I took a flight a couple of days ago and sat next to a woman reading a book. I asked her what it was, and just like that - through a mutual love of books we passed a really pleasant half hour. I love the way books connect people. They can connect two strangers sitting next to each other or people across continents and oceans. Like us. How cool is that.”

In a relatively short career she managed to prove the truth of that with her own books which earned her a Rita nomination last year, and just last month a reviewers choice nomination from Romantic Times Magazine.

Her seventh book, Lessons In Seduction, is a December release and her writing friends are banding together to ask readers to buy the book and increase royalties for her family. It’s already collecting great reviews.

Romantic Times gives the book its top grade of 4.5 stars - Reviewer Pat Cooper says: "Readers are the ones scoring the hit when they pick this one up.”
And Sarah Wendell of Smartbitchestrashybooks.com has chosen Lessons In Seduction as her book club pick. Join the discussion on December 22.
Lessons In Seduction
A prince on a quest to find the perfect wife doesn't have time to trifle with a commoner. But Adam Marconi's longtime friend and sometime driver, Danielle St. Claire, has him contemplating a change in plans. Why can't the royal have a little fun before finally settling down? Then their supposedly quick affair suddenly turns
And Prince Adam finds himself in a quandary. Say goodbye to the one woman who sets his heart and body on fire, or defy all the rules and cause the scandal of the century.

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Thanks so much for supporting Lessons In Seduction. Sandra once wrote in a Christmas blog: “Whatever your religious persuasion it never hurts to stop and count your blessings and the gifts in your life.” 

Visit her site:  www.sandrahyatt.com for information on Sandra’s other books and to read a short Xmas story, previously unpublished called Charmed.

Tell us about the blessings and gifts in your life!  

Sandra's author friends will give one randomly selected person who leaves a comment a copy of Under the Millionaire's Mistletoe, an anthology with Maureen Child that contains Sandra's Rita finalist story, "Mistletoe Magic."   

As stated at the top of the blog, the Dishes are also giving away ten copies of Sandra's new book, Lessons in Seduction to randomly selected people who leave a comment on today's blog.


  1. So very sad. This is a wonderful way to remember her. Love her quotes. But remembering a loved one or friend is another great tribute to them when we celebrate their accomplishments as well. I'd love to read one of her stories. My prayers and thought are for her family during this healing time.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. “Let me tell you, being able to wear pajamas to work if I choose sure beats having to wear a suit.” ~ Sandra Hyatt

    This is one more qoute I would like to add to those you used in today's article in memory of Sandra Hyatt. What a tremendous loss to the Romance reading and writing community. This is the first time I have heard of her sudden death and my heart goes out to her husband and two teenage children I chose this particular quote because it is a perfect tribute to Sandra Hyatt's unique sense of humor. May she Rest in Peace.

  3. to admit that i never read sandra's book before but i knew that she's a great author and feel so sad we had loss one a great author ;(

    i really love this quote : “Whatever your religious persuasion it never hurts to stop and count your blessings and the gifts in your life.”

  4. Such a terrible loss to the reading world. My heart is with her family through this painful time.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends as they deal with this sad loss of her young, vibrant life.

    Her thoughts will live through her books and her quotes!

    What a wonderful idea/tribute to help her family and spread Sandra's writing gift to others!

    johns lake at usa dot com

  6. But remembering a loved one or friend is another great tribute to them when we celebrate their accomplishments as well.

    I agree, Carol. This blog tour not only celebrates Sandra's life but also introduces many new readers to her wonderful writing and reminds all of us to appreciate each and every day.

  7. Eli Yanti said, i really love this quote : “Whatever your religious persuasion it never hurts to stop and count your blessings and the gifts in your life.”

    I love this quote. Whatever my pains and sorrows, I always try to find a blessing in every day I'm given.

  8. What a wonderful tribute to Sandra. My prayers go out to her family as well as my thanks for their love of her, her writing, and her readers. Counting blessings is always something each and everyone of us should do throughout the year.

    Congrats to TRD on your 1000th post. :)

  9. Deb said, Congrats to TRD on your 1000th post. :)

    Thanks, Deb! It hardly seems possible! :)

    Counting blessings is always something each and everyone of us should do throughout the year

    I so agree! Losing my parents and husband way too soon has taught me to appreciate the many blessings of my life.

  10. I'm off to work but I'll be back tonight to catch up on all the comments. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  11. “Whatever your religious persuasion it never hurts to stop and count your blessings and the gifts in your life.”

    This is such a lovely quote, and one I try to live by each and every day.

  12. Just read the excerpt of her book...how sad that a talented writer will not be able to continue to display that creativity. I will be looking for this book and any others I can find.

  13. This is a wonderful tribute to a remarkable woman. Sandra will be missed. My prayers are with her family.

    I have many blessings in my life, including my amazing husband, children, and family. I am so very blessed. :)

  14. I miss Sandra a lot. I was BLESSED to have corresponded with her via email on several occasions, as well as on the blogs. When I first "met" her, she blogged about not being able to find a poem online that she enjoyed, so I took those elements and wrote her my own poem instead. She told me that she hung it in her office as her inspiration, and she read it often. Again, I was BLESSED. I couldn't put down Sandra's first book (HAVING THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY) until it was finished; I just loved the sexual tension she incorporated. I felt BLESSED to have been able to read her words. Next I read THE MAGNATE'S PREGNANCY PROPOSAL and again couldn't put it down until I read each and every page. She had realistic surprises throughout and I loved the characters, including the secondary ones. Again, I felt BLESSED. At this point, Sandra became my "go to" author and I started saving her books. (I rarely save books, as I read over 250 per year.)
    I would love to have/read Sandra's remaining books and WILL, God willing. I don't even need to read the blurbs to "see" if I want to read them; no, I NEED to read them.
    It should be noted that I know I am BLESSED in hundreds of thousands of other ways, but this comment is long enough as it is.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Dishes and their fans/commenters, and may we all be able to find the time this holiday season to read at least one book at our leisure, and if one of them is a Sandra Hyatt book, then we are all BLESSED again.

  15. That's so sad. It's awful to lose someone. It can make the holidays without that loved one particularly painful. My condolences to her family and friends.

  16. Sandra was a wonderful person and terrific writer. Just finished Lessons in Seduction. I love the way she mixed humor and tenderness.

  17. Sandra was a lovely friendly woman whose smile really lit up a room. She always had a friendly word, and offered encouragement. She really is missed by her writing community down here in New Zealand.

  18. What a wonderful way to remember Sandra and all she stood - stands - for. And on your 1000th post, too! Spooky.

    Hope, strength, persistence and self-belief. That's what Sandra meant to me. An inspirational woman.

    As for the blessings in my life - although it doesn't always feel like it, I have many. Everywhere I turn, in fact. A beautiful country, a safe home, a loving family, gorgeous children... Thanks for reminding me!

  19. I remember hearing about Sandra's passing and although I have never read any of her books, I could see she has touched many people in life and through her stories. I think that is one of the greatest thing an author can ask for, to have people remember their stories. I am sending blessings and well wishes to her family and loved ones.

  20. I was lucky enough to meet Sandra and was struck by how kind, funny and generous she was. Everything her friends have said about her were so abundantly clear when she smiled at you. Her sincerity, love of life and the people in it shines from the pages of her books. I'm so glad we have them to remember her by.

    As for me - I know I'm blessed just as Sandra was. A wonderful husband, beautiful children, close family and loyal pets. What more do I need? It doesn't hurt to be reminded about it though does it :)

    Thanks so much for your blogpost today, and congratulations on it being your 1000th!

  21. My thoughts are with Sandra's family and this was a lovely post to celebrate her life and stories. I would say my family is my greatest blessing.

  22. What a wonderful way to celebrate and remember Sandra Hyatt! I'm so pleased that we are able to celebrate our 1000th post while contributing to the memory of this woman.

  23. My new job is a blessing, I couldn't ask for a better one with nicer people or a lovelier boss. My health and ability to work and support myself is a blessing as well.
    My family and friends are gifts that I'm so thankful for every day.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  24. I was shocked when I learned of the sad news on Twitter. I think this post is a lovely tribute to Sandra. I agree with her about being able to wear PJs to work. I wish I could!

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  25. How sad to loose someone so young. My thoughts are with her family and friends. I hope the happy memories will help ease their hearts.

    I am thankful for the wonderful, understanding husband I have and the family and life we have made together. We were lucky to have healthy children and never had too many bumps along the road of life. Our newest blessing is our new granddaughter, Lillie who will be 6 months old on Thursday. This is our oldest daughter and her husband's first (and only) child. She is a sweetheart, of course.

    Congratulations on your 1000th blog post.

  26. I've enjoyed Sandra's books and when I heard she had passed, I remember that my heart just felt heavy - especially for her family and friends, but also for her readers.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  27. I was never lucky enough to read one of Sandra's books, but now is a good time to start. Sounds like she had some great quotes as well.

    Her death is a big loss for the reading world from all I have read about her.

    My heart and prayers go out to her family and friends.

  28. I count myself as blessed to have known and been friends with Sandra for many years. When she first started writing she used to get so frustrated when the words wouldn't come as she wanted them to.

    Three things epitomized Sandra: persistence; Unfailing encouragement for other writers and her immense courage in putting her writing out there.

    Sandra never forgot her friends and was great at maintaining friendships and I still miss her cheery, funny emails popping up on my screen to lighten the day.