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Today's Special - - Robyn DeHart

Andrea and I are delighted for the Romance Dish to be a stop on Robin DeHart's blog tour for her new historical romantic suspense novel, THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS.

A life-long love of stories and adventure, it was either become a stuntwoman for the movies or live out those adventures from the safety of her PJ's and computer. Award-winning author, Robyn DeHart chose the latter and couldn't be happier for doing so. Known for her unique plotlines and authentic characters, Robyn is a favorite among readers and reviewers. Publishers' Weekly claims her writing to be "comical and sexy" while the Chicago Tribune dubs her "wonderfully entertaining." Robyn is an award-winning author as well as being a four-time RT Bookclub Reviewers' Choice award nominee, and a three-time RomCon Reader's Crown nominee. Robyn lives in Texas with her brainy husband, two precocious little girls and two spoiled cats. You can find Robyn on-line at her website or at one of her group blogs, the Jaunty Quills or Peanut Butter on the Keyboard.

Places to find Robyn:
Jaunty Quills: http://jauntyquills.com/
Peanut Butter on the Keyboard: http://peanutbutteronthekeyboard.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robyndehart
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/robynwtr/
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Hi Robyn!  Welcome to the Romance Dish!  Congratulations on the release of THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS.  Will you please tell our readers what to expect from this story? 

Thanks so much for having me. I’m absolutely thrilled that The Secrets of Mia Danvers is finally in readers’ hands, this is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a very long time. I think for those readers who’ve read me before, you can expect the same trademark humor (though perhaps a bit less), the same sexy heroes and the same smart heroines – but this book is quite different. First of all, I’d consider it a romantic suspense that just happens to take place in Victorian England. It is still an historical romance, but you can’t write a book about Jack the Ripper and not have the creepy suspense element be a big part of the action of the plot. Basically this book takes place six months after the Whitechapel murders and asks the question…what if Jack the Ripper didn’t stop killing? What if he kept going, but moved himself to the more prestigious Mayfair area and what if there was a witness?

I love a little suspense in my historical romance and this premise has me itching to read the book!  THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS launches your new historical romantic suspense series for NAL.  How many books will be in the series?

The series is plotted as a trilogy, but right now the third book hasn’t been purchased. So we’ll see.

The book has been released in digital format.  Will it also be available in print?

There is always a chance for it to go into print, if it does exceptionally well digitally so I guess that’s up to you, readers. J

Mia faces some unique challenges in this book as a sightless person.  How did you go about researching her character?

I mostly tried to put myself in her shoes. I closed my eyes a lot while writing the scenes in her point of view. I tried to tune into my other senses to experience what it might be like to rely only on those. She was incredibly challenging to write, but I’m very proud of how she developed. And so far readers seem to love her.

What one thing do you want readers to understand about Mia?

It was very important to me that Mia not be a victim. I didn’t want her to be bitter and still sitting around blaming everyone for what had happened to her. Granted she certainly has warranted some bitterness, but I wanted to write about a woman who had the strength to rise above that, to become something more than her blindness.

I think that strength is going to make her a favorite among readers.  What one thing do you want readers to understand about our hero, Alex Foster, Eighth Duke of Carrington?

Ah, poor Alex, that fellow never stood a chance. He tries so very hard to do the right thing. He’s plagued by it, really. He wants to do what his father and brother before him could not do, be a good man, a good and decent duke. But the heart wants what the heart wants and he simply has to come to terms with that.

What a beautiful cover this book has!  How much input do you have into your book covers? 

I know! Isn’t it gorgeous?! My editors always ask me for ideas before a cover goes into production. My editor and I had the same basic vision for this one, we wanted Mia to be standing facing away from the reader so we show just her back. The rest the art department did. I’m so pleased with how it came out. And the cover for The Temptations of Anna Jacobs is just as beautiful (you can find it on my website!)   

Oh, wow!  That's another beautiful cover!  Readers, check it out here.  

Let’s switch the focus to you for a few minutes.  What book (or author) was your introduction to romance fiction?

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’ The Rose in Winter was my first romance. I stole it from my mom’s shelf when I was in high school. Up until that point I knew I wanted to be a writer, but I hadn’t yet decided what I wanted to write. Reading that book, everything clicked into place. I knew immediately the road for me would be historical romance. It was life changing.

I know many readers who credit Woodiwiss for their introduction to romance.  For me, it was Victoria Holt.  

We love to be carried off to faraway places and times through the pages of our beloved books.  If you could visit any place or time, where would you go and why?

I’m much too practical and rely too heavily on modern conveniences to want to do more than visit any of the historical eras. But I write in the Victorian period because it fascinates me. The industrialization, the growth and modern advancements. Did you know that Corn Flakes and Cotton Candy were invented in the Victorian era? Too cool. But if we’re talking book worlds, it would be a toss up between JD Robb’s world and Harry Potter’s world.

I knew about Corn Flakes but not Cotton Candy.  It really is amazing how much I learn from reading historical romance!  

A young lady very dear to me just graduated from high school and is about to embark upon the next chapter of her life.  If you could go back in time and give the newly-graduated Robyn one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t be so worried about meeting Mr. Right. I was quite focused on that for a long time as I longed to marry and become a mother. As it turned out, I didn’t meet my Mr. Right until I was 29 and didn’t become a mother until I was 37 so I kinda feel like I wasted a lot of time focusing on all that when I could have been enjoying myself more.

What are you working on now?

I’m finishing up The Temptations of Anna Jacobs.

Can't wait!  

Thank you, Robyn!  We wish you all the best with THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS and the Dangerous Liaisons series.  Do you have a question for our readers today?

How do you feel about mixing historical romance with romantic suspense?


The Secrets of Mia Danvers blurb:
A lone witness finds her protector...
Since losing her sight in a childhood accident, Mia Danvers has resided in a small cottage on the vast Carrington estate. Thought to be dead, Mia lives a life of virtual seclusion—until one night, while walking home, she happens upon a horrendous crime.
Alex Foster, Eighth Duke of Carrington, lives according to society’s expectations for him. He’s never met the woman who lives in the cottage at the edge of his property. But when she arrives at his door in the pouring rain terrified and claiming she has witnessed a murder, she seizes his attention.
Mia is determined to help the authorities track down the culprit, even though the only person willing to accept her aid is the handsome, arrogant duke. Working closely together proves difficult as Mia’s beauty and independence tempts Alex to ignore convention and follow his desire. But what neither of them know is that this murderer has struck before in Whitechapel, taunting the British press only to vanish—a ruthless killer who knows that Mia is the only living witness to his crime…

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  1. I enjoy stories with the mix of historical romance and romantic suspense. Depending on the time period, solving a crime was so different and difficult so I enjoy seeing what happens.

  2. Sightless witness! Reluctant protector and admirer. Strong willed, feisty, independent woman.
    Intriguing suspense!
    Can't wait to see how these two team up to capture a killer while falling in love.

  3. Wow! This sounds like a fantastic read-I have just added it to my nook and it is up next!


  4. What a generous contest. Thanks so much.

    Best wishes with the book. It sounds wonderful.

  5. I enjoyed the interview, thank you. I have many of your books already, I can't wait to read this one.
    I think historical romance and romantic suspense is very exciting.


  6. Enjoy her books and I am part of the corset crew

  7. I can't wait to read The Secrets of Mia Danvers!!

  8. Hello Ladies!

    What a great interview. I really loved this story because it was unique and sweet and just a very special romance.
    I have no problem about mixing historical romance with romantic suspense. It gives the story an edge I think...



  9. I admire Robyn so much and truly look forward to reading this great novel. I’ve read so many great things about it that I’ve put it at the top of my Wish List! Congratulations, Robyn!

  10. *waving* Hi, Robyn! We are so happy to have you with us today. Congrats on the release of THE SECRETS OF MIA DANVERS! I agree with PJ--the cover for it is gorgeous! And so is the next one. :)

    I don't mind a mild bit of suspense mixed in with historical romance. As long as the focus is on the couple and their relationship, then I'm perfectly fine with it. :)

  11. uggh it ate my comment. I love variety so mixed genres are always exciting. I have read some of your stories and enjoyed them and I'm sure this one is another great read. Although I read gothics first, it was Kathleen Woodiwiss that really got me hooked on romance - The Flame and the Flower I believe.


  12. Congratulations on your new release. I like a little suspense in an historical romance. It's interesting trying to solve the mystery before the author tells us.

  13. Hi Robyn! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I do enjoy a bit of suspense in my historical romance. The Secrets of Mia Danvers is waiting for me on my kindle. Can't wait to dive in! :)

  14. Wow, cotton candy and corn flakes in the Victorian era!? How in the world did they come up with that! I love myself some suspense in my romance. It gives it some movement and thrill! They should hurry up and pick up the third book because I want to know more about it!

  15. As far as I'm concerned, mixing historical romance with romantic suspense is a double delight! It's really engrossing, usually has more intricate plots and thus takes a slower reading...hard to read the whole thing in one night! I like that. :-) I will say it again, Robyn, I am so very glad I was introduced to you on a blog...your books are either on my keeper shelf or my keeper folder at Amazon. :-) jdh2690@gmail.com

  16. I LOVE anything historical! Suspense added is a bonus, like getting 2 books in one. I'd love to read this so thank you for the chance!

    Wanda Barefoot

  17. I read a little of your book on Amazon and immediately fell in love with Mia! She;s such a strong character which I love! I can’t even begin to imagine how she survived her mother sending her away from home with her governess to live in a cottage on the Duke of Carrington’s property ad since I didn’t read the entire chapter was wondering when she found out that he was the “new” Duke?

    I love when an author combines some suspense to their historical stories! It really keeps me as a reader wanting to find out what is going to happen next!

    I loved your Legend Hunters series but wondered if it was your choice of your publishers to wait and print it after the Legend Hunters series was released?

  18. I love it when a historical romance also includes a suspenseful subplot. Or maybe the love story is the subplot. While I love a plain ol' love story, adding that extra dimension keeps things exciting and it can also provide external obstacles instead of the hero and heroine just not speaking honestly to each other in order to keep them apart.

  19. Thanks for the wonderful blog today, Robyn! I do enjoy a touch of suspense with my romance; it ads to the conflict that a good novel needs to hold it together and keep the reader interested. I am only disappointed when a favorite writer decides to give up Romance to write Suspense exclusively. Good luck with this latest release.

  20. I enjoy romance historicals with suspense and humor in them.

  21. I love historical romance with just a little suspense.

    Marcy Shuler

  22. Congratulations on the new release! I like suspense in historical romances.