Friday, January 10, 2014

Today's Special - - Jennifer Bernard

Author photo by Dylan Patrick Photography 

It's my pleasure to welcome contemporary romance author Jennifer Bernard to the Romance Dish today. Jennifer has had an interesting journey to her current romance author profession.  A self-admitted geek with parents who didn't understand her love of romance fiction, Jennifer nonetheless inhaled books by Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Victoria Holt and more from an early age.  After graduating from Harvard with a degree in History and Literature, Jennifer worked for Macmillan Publishing writing encyclopedia updates then moved to a fishing island in Maine where she wrote screenplays with her college roommate. She eventually ended up in Los Angeles where she wrote news copy, screenplays and short stories.  It was during a difficult time in her life that she turned to romance novels for comfort and, for the first time, considered focusing her writing talents in that direction.  She now writes contemporary romances about sexy firemen for Avon.  You can find more information about Jennifer and her books at her website.  

Please give Jennifer a warm welcome.  

When your good friend calls you up and says, “Hey, I went to a fireman bachelor auction and bid on a firehouse dinner! Want to come with me?” … it’s hard to say ‘no.’ I’d always had a secret crush on those strong guys whizzing past in their shiny engines. In my mind, they were the perfect manly-men, daring, gutsy masters of the elements – fire, water, chemistry. Especially chemistry. Lord have mercy, they were sexy in their turnouts!

But how could real-life firefighters sitting around a dinner table measure up to what my fantasy had created? I worried about having my illusions destroyed, but decided it was worth the risk.

Little did I know that one dinner would end up changing my life completely; that my writing career would be born that night.

It was such a fun dinner, and it completely upended all my expectations about firefighters. They were down-to-earth, gracious, eager to show us around, delighted to tell us about the pranks they liked to pull on each other. Their dedication to their work and their pride in their firehouse shone through in everything they did. And the food was fantastic! Those guys could really cook.

Fast forward to three years later, when I’d finally decided to try my hand at writing my favorite genre, romance. That dinner came back to me, those fun, brave guys, and I knew my hero absolutely had to be a fireman. And since he worked at a firehouse filled with other handsome firemen, it cried out to become a series. And so the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel were born.

Of course I had to pay tribute to the original inspiration by including a bachelor auction. That’s how my first hero, Captain Brody, met the love of his life, Melissa. In my latest novella, DESPERATELY SEEKING FIREMAN, they’re back, along with another captain at the firehouse, Jeb Stone, who gets stranded on an island with beautiful press secretary Nita Moreno.

The moral of the story is, if you ever get invited to a firehouse dinner, don’t hesitate. Say yes. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.  

Readers, have you ever attended a firehouse dinner?  

Are you a fan of firefighter heroes?  

What do you think it is about a man in uniform that draws in readers?  

Have you read Jennifer's Bachelor Firemen books?  Do you have a favorite?  

One randomly chosen person leaving a comment will win a copy of the first book in Jennifer's Bachelor Firemen series, The Fireman Who Loved Me.


  1. I love fireman, I have attended a firehouse dinner, but I have attended a Fireman Calendar contest.. One of my good friends was competing for a month on Fireman Calendar for charity. We went to give him support.. It was a fun night and we were able to ogle a lot of good looking fireman. What more could a girl ask for..
    Thanks PJ for introducing me to Jennifer and her books.. Nothing get me like a firefighter hero...

  2. I think firefighters make great heroes. I mean, they are already in a heroic line of work any way, so it just makes for a great story. I have never been to a firehouse dinner but I do know several firefighters and they are all great guys!

  3. So glad to see you on the Dish today! Welcome Jennifer. :)

    I never attend the firefighter dinner, but the heroes? of course, I'm a fan, which sane women can resist not to, right? ;)
    I think when it's a combination of uniform and muscles.... equals dangerous recipe, don't you? a magnet for sure.

    ok, this one is a confession... :P I bought 2 of your books (the first two of this firefighter series), but haven't got around to reading it.

  4. Men in uniform are really part of an elite group of what I feel are brave, fit men doing for others and putting their lives on the line. The fact that they look so hot in those uniforms is a bonus lol

  5. Thank you for the lovely welcome to the Dish! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who adores those sexy fireman heroes. (But really, what's not to love?) :-)

  6. I love your books Jennifer. They are perfect combination of funny and lighthearted mixing with action and drama. I can't wait for Vader's book!!! Will Stud be getting his own book?

  7. Love the firefighters in this series -- and the fire station pets as well!

  8. I've read them, and my favourite is still The Fireman Who Loved Me. There is a sexy, perturbed fireman, a witty heroine, a quirky granny and also a cute dog on the cover. What's not to love?

  9. I love firemen. Never been to a fireman dinner, but I have bought several calendars. Just to, you know, support them?? ;-). Love to win a copy of the book. yay! A new author to try.

  10. Hi, Jennifer, and welcome! I've never been invited to a firehouse dinner, but I won't say no if I ever am! And I adore firefighter heroes. The most recent one I read about was Jack Harper in Jill Shalvis's ALWAYS ON MY MIND. :)

  11. Disappointed but I haven't read any of your books yet.

    I have a B-I-L and a nephew who are firefighters in Milwaukee. I know that sometimes one of the people volunteer to cook but sometimes it rotates and then it can be pretty bad.

    they do tend to play practical jokes on each other here too.

    Glad you had a fun time.

  12. I have visited different Firehouses with children, but I have never had a Firehouse dinner. Love the idea. For real & in books Firefighters make great heroes.

  13. Hi Jennifer! I've never been to a Firehouse dinner before but if someone invites me, I would go in a heartbeat :-) There's just something about guys in uniforms who risk their lives everyday to save others. It's pretty hard to choose a favorite from your Bachelor Firemen series, they're all so fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Haven't attended a firehouse dinner since I was a kid, but I spent hours at the local firehouse after Hurricane Sandy to get warm and to recharge batteries.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  15. I've never been to a firehouse dinner but I so want to! I think it'd be awesome to go! I definitely am a fan of firefighter heroes, they don't get the recognition they deserve. I think a man in a uniform looks the part of a hero and makes them even more interesting. Picking a favorite is too hard, that's like having to choose a favorite child! I love all your books :)

  16. I've never been to a firemen's dinner, but it sounds like fun. I love firefighter heroes. I like men in uniform. They are usually unsung heroes. You are a new author for me, so I haven't had the pleasure of reading any of your books yet.

  17. I've never been but if the food is good and the company even better I wouldn't say NO when asked to join in tye fun :) I like firemen because they give their all and risk their lives to save others from harm.

  18. I've never been to a firemen's dinner, but I've read about them.