Friday, March 4, 2016

Harlequin's Romance When You Need It

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Do you read Harlequin romances?

What's your favorite Harlequin line? 
Superromance? Intrigue? Desire? 
Love Inspired? Something else?

Who are your favorite Harlequin authors? 


  1. I'm reading a Desire right now, Charlene Sands ONE SECRET NIGHT, ONE SECRET BABY, Dylan and Emma's story. I also recently read Vicki Lewis Thompson's Thunder Mountain Brotherhood series and Kelli Ireland's Cowboy Blaze Brothers series.

    I've been reading category romance books for 25 years. I love Blaze, Desire, Presents, Historicals, HQN, MIRA... There are only a few I haven't tried.

    PRESENTS, Desires and Blaze are my go to reads!

    Other favorite authors:
    Jill Shalvis, Linda Lael Miller, Stefanie London, Leslie Kelly, Carly Phillips, Merline Lovelace,Diana Palmer, Abby Gaines,Trish Milbourne, Donna Alward, Jo Leigh, Anna Sugden,Carole Mortimore, Helen Biachin, Cathy Williams...

    1. There are a lot of my favorite authors in that list too, Laurie! I've been reading Harlequin category books since my twenties and I've probably read just about every category line during that time. Nowadays, I tend to gravitate to the Superromance and Harlequin American lines though I'll occasionally pick up another line if a favorite author is writing in it. Kandy Shepherd, for instance, writes Harlequin Romance and I love her books. I'm reading Trish Milburn's newest, Home on the Ranch right now.

  2. I would say Historical, Intrigue, and Romantic Suspense are some of my favorites. There are too many authors to just pick one or two lol.

    1. Have you read the Harlequin Intrigues that Debra Webb and Regan Black co-write? I love them! Their newest, Gunning for the Groom was released March 1st.

  3. I read tons of Mira and HQN publications. So many autobuys publish with them--Robyn Carr, Susan Mallery, Brenda Noveak, Emilie Richards, etc. I'm also a big Superromance fan. I read at least one each month, usually several. I buy other lines when favorite authors publish in the line or when a trusted source highly recommends one. For example, I just read a Special Edition by Karen Templeton whose books I never miss, and although I rarely read Desires, if Liz Bevarly's name is on the cover, it is an auto-buy.

  4. When things are crazy, Harlequins are the right length to be able to fit in a good read. I always have one in my car, just in case I find myself with time on my hands and nothing to read. I enjoy both the historical and Intrigue lines the most, but have read books from all their lines.

    As for the authors there are too many to name. Some of them are B. J. Daniels, Debra Webb, Charlene Sands, Donna Alward, Suzanne Brockmann, Elizabeth Boyle, Mary Burton, Jennifer Blake, Lynna Banning, Robyn Carr, Pam Crooks, to name a few.