Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review - - Tempting Mr. Townsend

Tempting Mr. Townsend: a digital novella
By Anna Campbell
Release Date: February 27, 2016

When her beloved husband is killed at Waterloo, Lady Fenella Deerham tucks her heart away and devotes her life to their young son. Five years later, her friends drag her back into London society but none of the men she meets threaten her self-imposed, emotional cocoon...until one night when a brawny, angry stranger charges into her drawing room, demanding to know what she's done with his nephew.

Successful, rich, and recent guardian to his orphaned, eleven-year-old nephew, Anthony Townsend is well-liked and well-respected by many of Lady Fenella's peers, even though he is not one of them. Out of his mind with worry when his nephew, along with Lady Fenella's son, goes missing from school, he races to her London home, certain he'll find the two boys there. Instead, he finds a beautiful, delicate, strong-willed woman who turns his world upside down.

Bristling like two barnyard cats at their first meeting, the undeniable electricity between Anthony and Fenella gradually changes to a spark of a different kind as they set off in search of the missing boys. Will they accept this new life direction that fate has handed them?

Anna Campbell is an auto-buy for me and her novellas are quickly finding places among my all-time favorite short stories. Emotional, poignant, and sprinkled with rapid-fire banter, sparkling humor, and a healthy dose of sizzle, Tempting Mr. Townsend hit all the right notes for me. At 150 pages, it's a quick read but with the character development, complexity, and emotional depth to give this reader the satisfaction of a full-length novel.



  1. This sounds lovely. I really do love Anna's books.

  2. I will have to get this one, because I love stories like this.

  3. This is one of Anna's books that I have not had the chance to read yet but am looking forward to it.

  4. I enjoy her books and am looking forward to reading this one.