Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's Special - - Sheila Roberts Treasure Hunt Giveaway

Please join me in welcoming the lovely, and always funny, Sheila Roberts! Sheila is gearing up for the April 1st release of her next Life in Icicle Falls book, Home on Apple Blossom Road and a very special pink envelope treasure hunt that's taking the internet by storm. 

For more information about Sheila and her books be sure to visit her website and like her Facebook page 

Hi Sheila! Welcome back to The Romance DishTell us what’s new in Sheiladom.

Sheila:          Besides my recent “landmark” birthday? I threw my annual surprise party for myself. The beauty of throwing your own birthday party is that you get to make up the guest list, and you can make it as long as you want! My girlfriends and I spent the afternoon consuming champagne and cake and playing games. I am the queen of charades."

PJ:                That’s one of the things we love about you, Sheila. You’re always all about fun!

Sheila:          And now I have some fun news for readers!

PJ:                Some hints, maybe?

Sheila:          Okay, hints: apples and pink envelopes and a treasure hunt for readers.

PJ:                Details. We need details.

Sheila:          What better time to have a new book out titled HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD than spring? The apple trees are blossoming up here in my home state of Washington, where apples are somewhat like currency. (A neat factoid: Washington produces more than half the apples grown in the U.S. But back to the pink envelope and treasure hunt business . . .)

In this latest book in my Icicle Falls series, which goes on sale March 22, Colin Wright and Mia Blair return home to honor the passing of a woman dear to their hearts—Colin’s grandmother, Justine. And surprise!  Justine has left them a mysterious joint inheritance. To find out what it is, they have to go on the treasure hunt Justine designed before her passing, a treasure hunt that takes them down memory lane in Icicle Falls. You see, Justine was convinced their young love didn’t die all those years ago when they both made foolish choices. This could prove a challenge for Colin and Mia, since not only are these two not lovers these days, they’re not even friends. But, boy, does that treasure hunt do a number on their emotions and take them back to very memorable times in the local apple orchards. 

PJ:                 What do pink envelopes have to do with the story?

Sheila:           I so love treasure hunts, and I thought it would be fun, to promote this book, to  launch a treasure hunt just for my readers.


Here’s how it works. When readers click on that pink envelope above, they’ll be taken to a special, non-public page on my website, where they will find a clue as to what the grand prize is. In addition to that secret prize, I’ll give away VISA cards worth $100, $50 and $25 after the final clue, Clue 6, is posted. All a reader has to do to enter is provide her name and email address. At the same time, if she wants to sign up for my reader list, she may, but that’s optional. And each time a reader finds a clue, she can enter—a total of six times. The clue posted above is the third!

PJ:                 Fun! How will readers know where to find the other clues?

Sheila:          On my Facebook page. I’m posting the locations there, because the Internet is a Very Big Place. I don’t want readers to have to search hard, even if this is a treasure hunt!

PJ:                So the book’s about coming home. That conjures up all kinds of possibilities, especially if a former lover is still hanging around . . . and not attached.

Sheila:          Yes, you hear all the time how people wind up with their high school sweethearts, how they somehow get second chances at the love they messed up in their youth.

PJ:                What do you think the attraction of a first love or a young love is? It seems universal.

Sheila:          These people from our youth know what we’re made of; they share fond memories of how we grew up; they share the same values, and they won our hearts back when we were innocent and so full of love.

PJ:                I know you’re happily married to Gerhardt, and he’s a sweetheart. But was there a first love you want to tell us about? What happened to him?

Sheila:          Actually, there was. I was engaged before Gerhardt came along. Sadly, Mr. Almost Right cheated on me, thus revealing a rather large character flaw. Of course, I was terribly sad when that relationship ended, but I wound up with my super hero Gerhardt. I truly traded up!

What about you, PJ? Do you have a first love story to share here?

PJ:                 Ah, first love. I remember it well. Mine was a summer love when I was a teenager but he went home at the end of August to begin his first year of college in Texas and I remained in Michigan to finish high school. We stayed in touch and tried to revive the flame when he came back for a visit two years later but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. Still, I have lovely memories of him! 

                      But back to you, when was your first kiss? Your first date? Do you still know the guys?

Sheila:          Oh, my gosh, I remember my first kiss. Off we went after our date to a scenic parking spot, where I thought we were going to cozy up and enjoy the view. Imagine my shock when my date got me in a lip lock and stuck his tongue in my mouth! I’m afraid it was more of an “aaack!” moment than a romantic one. Yes, I know. Can you say naive?

Now back atcha, P.J. What about your first kiss, your first date?

PJ:                Who’s interviewing whom here? *GRIN* Perhaps our readers would like to tell us their first kiss stories. One randomly chosen person who leaves a comment will win the special prize package you offered—an early published copy of HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD—and . . .

Sheila:          And a DVD of the original Peggy Sue Got Married movie!

PJ:                Again, you’re all about fun!

Sheila:          Thanks, PJ. I hope your readers enjoy HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD—and the treasure hunt! Reader friends, click on that pink envelope clue above now and join the fun! You may enter to win the treasure hunt through Monday, April 11. The winners’ names will be drawn at random on Tuesday, April 12. And—hint, hint—readers just might want to read the excerpt of HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD on my website.

PJ:                Thank you, Sheila. See you around the apple orchard!


  1. I like Sheila's books and always enjoy a contest. But am not understanding at all how to go about it. Tried a few things and did not see where to enter the answer even if I knew the question. Sent Sheila a message on her website.

    1. If you click on the pink envelope above it takes you to a page at Sheila's website. At the bottom of that page is an entry form. Simply type in your name and email address, click "submit" and you're entered!

  2. What a delightful feature and giveaway. My first kiss was many years ago in grade four. This young boy was smitten and we were close friends for a year. I still think of him many years later and wonder.

  3. My first kiss was during a "spin the bottle" game. :-)

    I am looking forward to reading this book. I have always loved second chance romances. A treasure hunt for memories sounds fun!

  4. My first kiss was in middle school from a boy I had a crush on. I thought he was "the one" but of course he wasn't. Thank goodness. Thank you for such a fun contest and I enjoyed the interview too.

  5. My first kiss! Hahaha! He and I were both 13, and he was chewing Juicy Fruit gum. That's almost 50 years ago and to this day the smell of Juicy Fruit gum makes me a little sick. Hahaha!!

  6. My first kiss was in kindergarten and was a complete surprise. Second Chance romances are special.

  7. Mine was at a Jr. High party and was delivered by the "cool guy" in our class. It was fast and not all that impressive, probably because there wasn't any emotion behind it on either side. As I recall, he delivered first kisses to several girls that night! LOL

  8. I read my first Sheila Roberts book at Christmas time and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more.

  9. My first kiss was in 1949 and he was the love of my life. and all these years later I have good memories . Sock hops at noon time, dances after games and those formal dances. Found my old year not long ago and wondered if parents on both sides hadn't their own problems ours wouldn't bave been so big. Looking forward to this sweet book and seeing how it ends. Ruth Nixon

  10. My first kiss was in Jr High. I had such a crush on him and wow was I surprised when he kissed me. Our parents were friends. We moved and high school came along. I know that he married and had a couple of kids. Great giveaway Shelia!!

  11. I've been playing along for a few days!


  12. Thanks for the post and giveaway. I look forward to reading more about Sheila's newest.