Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Coming Attractions

How is it possible that 2020 is almost half over? Weren't we just celebrating Christmas and New Year's? We're still under shelter-in-place restrictions in my state (new COVID cases continue to exceed 100 daily in my county) so now that I'm finally home I'm making good use of my "can't go anywhere" time. I'll admit, it's not easy (I'm a people person) but I also have risk factors and with the number of people around here not wearing masks or social distancing, going out is a bit scary. This week I've been concentrating on cleaning out my office/home library. Those of you who are regulars here at the blog know what that means (check end of post for details).  I'm also closing in on my summer reading pace (though our neighborhood pool is still closed 🙁 so I can't combine my books with doses of Vitamin D yet). Still, with so many new titles releasing in June, it's a good month to be a reader, even if I am stuck inside. 😉 Here's what's happening at The Romance Dish in June. 

We kick off the month on Tuesday, June 2 with my review of Jamie Beck's new women's fiction novel, If You Must Know, along with an excerpt from the book and a Q&A with the author. 

Stop by Friday, June 5 to read my review of A Cottage Wedding, the second book in Leigh Duncan's heartwarming Heart's Landing series from Hallmark Publishing. Reading this book is like watching a Hallmark movie in your mind. 

On Monday, June 8, I share my thoughts about The Beauty of Broken Things, a new British contemporary fiction novel by Victoria Connelly

Wednesday, June 10, I'll be hosting the HQN blog tour for A Royal Kiss & Tell by Julia London. This is the second book in London's A Royal Wedding historical romance series. 

Join me Friday, June 12 when I share my thoughts about Small Town, Big Secrets, a sweet contemporary romance by Elsie Davis

On Tuesday, June 16, I'll be sharing my thoughts about Jennifer Ryan's new women's fiction novel, Sisters and Secrets along with a Q&A with the author. I loved Ryan's first women's fiction venture, The Me I Used to Be, and am looking forward to reading this new one.

I'll share my thoughts about More than Neighbors, a new small-town contemporary romance by Shannon Stacey on Wednesday, June 17. I was thoroughly charmed by this first book in Stacey's new Blackberry Bay series. 

Friday, June 19 brings a review of Dance Away with Me, a much anticipated new novel from Susan Elizabeth Phillips

We're going to the Florida Keys on Monday, June 22 with a review of Last Train to Key West by Chanel Cleeton, a 1930's tale I can't wait to dive into. 

Monday, June 29 brings a review of Sarah MacLean's Daring and the Duke, the highly anticipated third, and final, book in MacLean's Bareknuckle Bastards, historical romance series. Prepare yourselves for gushing. This is my best book of 2020 so far.

Rounding out the month of June will be a blog tour review of Wild Wedding Hookup by Jamie K. Schmidt on Tuesday, June 30. A short read (177 pages), this new contemporary romance from Harlequin Dare is sure to bring some South Florida steam. 

That's the schedule for June at The Romance Dish. I do anticipate additional reviews - and giveaways - during the month, so check back for updates.

What's on your reading schedule this month? Any upcoming books you're especially excited about?

Are you still under stay-at-home restrictions where you live?

Any fun projects underway while you're staying home?

Two people who comment on this post before 11:00 PM, June 5, will each receive a box of books and swag. 

Two people who comment on this post before 11:00 PM, June 5, will each receive a package of books. 

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  1. Topping my June book list are Always the Last to Know (Kristan Higgins), The Summer Deal (Jill Shalvis), The Silent Wife (Karin Slaughter), Every Step She Takes (Kelley Armstrong) and the new SEP and MacLean books from your list. Here in Houston, we’re still under some restrictions, but it’s eased up quite a lot. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. I'm doing well, thanks. Hope you are too.

      I haven't read Kelley Armstrong yet but Every Step She Takes sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the rec!

  2. I'm currently reading "Milady", but only a few pages in so can't give an opinion on it yet. I've also got a Bernard Cromwell book to read to. I've binge-watched The Last Kingdom and I'm anxious to find out what happens next. I don't have the patience to wait until next year when they might start production again.

    I'm anxious to read Julia and Sarah's books.

    Restrictions have been eased where we live, but because of my pulmonary problems, I'm hesitant about going out. Therefore, my daughter gets any shopping that I need when she gets off duty from the Fire Station

  3. I always like a surprise pack of books, especially contemp romance and see some of those that look interesting here. Thanks for presenting them.

  4. I am tackling my TBR pile. I'm an essential worker so I'm still on the grind.

  5. We enter Stage 2 on Friday. We won't get to Stage 3 till there's a vaccine. I've found the stages seem to vary from state-to-state.

    Looking forward to Sarah MacLean's next book.


  6. Our lockdown has somewhat eased. Restrictions vary by city and county. I couldn’t read when this first happened but am finally getting into the groove. I’ve got 3 new releases—Vanessa Kelly, Eloisa James and Anne Gracie. I’m really into historical mysteries with romance lately so have newer releases by Anna Lee Huber and Andrea Penrose and Closeup by Amanda Quick. Discovered Miss Fishers mysteries and sat through 4 episodes last night. Will continue as I can get from library either through Hulu or DVDs when the library reopens (It’s very good)

  7. Wow!! I'm definitely writing down all of those contemporary romance titles!! My favorite genre, well that and Amish fiction! Hope you are doing well PJ.....we moved to Mooresville in April!😲💜

  8. Hey, are you feeling OK? Taking care of you? Austin is still under a sort of lockdown, and wearing masks is important if one wants to go into a business. I have some issues which means I am trying to stay home as much as possible.

    I am really looking forward to Come Dance Away With Me. The Beauty of Broken Things also sounds like a book I would love.

    I have been trying to do one big task per day. I had been really down and setting goals for myself seems to help perk me up. But there are no exciting events in my life right now. And being home is not a bad thing for me...I am an introvert book addict, what's not to like?

    I am excited about

  9. Wow--that's an awesome list--great authors and great variety! My cats and I are soldiering on--they are keeping me laughing, and I am keeping the cat treats coming! We still have restrictions here--now it is mandatory that everyone must wear a mask in a store, office building, restaurant, etc. Crowds and lines are size-controlled, and social distancing is still in effect. There has been some easing of restrictions for business operations, but guidelines must be followed. Some hard-to-find items are back in stock. Books are, of course, still a blessing. They always will be : ) Stay Safe everyone!

  10. I've been staying home (except for grocery store trip every 2 weeks) since early March. I've been reading Hannah Howell's Murrray family series - I'm up to book 8. Just got Shelley Noble's Lucky's Beach in the mail - she's a new author to me so I'll see how I like it. Looking forward to the library opening up!!

  11. A few of the books I'm looking forward to are Kristan Higgins', Susan Elizabeth Phillips', and Molly Fader's. Another really good book that got read early was Kate Bateman's To Catch an Earl. Oh, I almost forgot, Roxanne St. Claire has a book coming out this month too. I'm glad you are back home and being safe. Stay safe, PJ.

  12. Always look forward to any new suspense books, will be reading what I have at home.
    No projects, pretty much yes to stay inside, we do go for walks and go the beach to walk as well, staying the distance. Nice variety of books. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Whoops, that was me at 6/3, 8:29PM
    Natty's Mama (Karen T)

  14. I am reading Nora Roberts' Hideaway. Next on the pile is Kerrigan Byrne's new one A Dark and Stormy Knight. I am looking forward to SEP's new book. I hope it is another humorous one for her because I could use a good laugh.

    I am still staying home most of the time, and trying to do a few projects around the house. Soon we are headed to Highlands,NC, in the mountains for a few days of social distancing relaxation.

  15. I'm hoping to get to Anne Gracie's latest and I cannot wait for SEP's book to come! But I also have a pile of library books I've ignored since the library's been closed - and now I'm afraid they're going to want them back before I have time to finish them!!

    1. Hi Meg, you should check your Library's website. Ours just keep renewing the books till they reopen. Yours may be doing the same.

  16. I have been really looking forward to SEP's Dance Away With Me, had not been aware that there would be a new Sarah MacLean release. But am excited for that too. Hopefully I will be able to read them this month. Truth be told I am still trying to get ahold of Jessie Mihalik's Sci Fi romance, Chaos Reigning. It is the last in a trilogy. The stay at home order here should lift after 6/12 and some of the restrictions are already easing. I am glad that things have improved enough for the easing but am nervous about potential resurgence. The fun projects while quarantining have had to do with the pragmatic matter of cooking, but it has been interesting to be able to make recipes that I would normally not have time to try.

  17. I already have SEP's book on pre-order. I love reading her books. The other one is The Last Train to Key West by Chanel Cleeton.

  18. This year has been just crazy in terms of timing. I can't believe it's June! And yet the first months of the year have taken years ;) Looking forward to Erin Nicholas's Making Whoopie at the end of this month!

  19. I have many books on my table, but haven't decided yet what to tackle first. It will likely be BEACHSIDE BEGINNINGS by Sheila Roberts. I am trying to finish reviews for the last 3 I read. A medication I am on has affected my vision and really slowed down my reading.

    Things are opening up here, but I am still not going out. Very few are wearing masks and are not social distancing. They never paid much attention even when they were supposed to be in self-isolation.

    The first month or so I didn't accomplish much. The past few weeks I have been working on my flower beds. Several have been neglected for several years and were taken over by Virginia creeper vines, poison ivy, honey suckle, and two other vines. It has been a hard slog cleaning them out. I finished one bed today (about 10 by 20 ft.). It is cleaned out and planted. I have reduced strength and little balance due to CIDP, so things are going slowly. I have a 100 ft. bed that I have been working on. There is still a lot of weeding to do before it can be planted. There are 4 other beds plus plantings all around the house to finish up. Rainy days are coming and I can tackle the stuff that has been accumulated. It will be so nice to have things organized and cleaned up.

  20. A great list of books. I'd like to read The Beauty of Broken Things. I've been reading Anna Belfrage's Graham Saga. I'm up to book 6. I've been cleaning out closets and donating clothing to give to the VVA (Vietnam Veterans Association). We're at stage two here. Things are opening up gradually.
    Carol Luciano

  21. I am looking forward to the new Chanel Cleeton book. I am a nurse so I have been working through all of this. My husband did get the outside of the house painted.

  22. Lots of good reading as usual. I've been reading up a storm - the only good thing with all of this. I've been back to work for 3 weeks and the rest of our state opens up next week. I still have no plans on doing anything other than work because I have to. All my extra reading is the only silver lining in all of this!!!

  23. Since early March I have been looking after my 2 grandsons, 6 & 8 daily. Keeps me busy and spending time together is rewarding and special. Now I am reading more and enjoying the sunshine and blue skies. I walk twice daily and enjoy the beauty. The Girl They Left Behind, Lady Clementine and many more wonderful books.

  24. I have been busy with many projects. I help out my son with his two young girls whenever necessary. In between I read memorable novels. The Only Woman in the Room, Moving Day, and The Immortalists, all of which are great. Reading outside is a pleasure now and the warmth is soothing. I venture out more now since it is opening up and even our libraries are available now.

  25. Thanks for showing all these books. Not planning on too much and waiting for library to open so I can find some new books.

  26. Nice assortment of books this month. I'm especially interested in Daring and the Duke by Sarah MacLean. I read the first 2 books in the series and I'm waiting for this one to come out. The new one by Julie London sounds good too. Haven't read her work for a while now. Need to put this one on my books-to-buy list.

    We are still in pretty close lockdown here in Michigan. I think we are entering phase 4 of the re-opening process. Our governor has held firm in her plan to only open businesses and services as needed and restrict some services to prevent a new outbreak of the virus. We have been hit pretty hard here. Personally, I haven't left my apartment since March 12. I do have some doctor appts during the month of June that I will be keeping. All of the offices have particular protocols before allowing anyone in the office. This reassures me a lot because I have COPD and I use oxygen 24/7. I am suseptable to virus of this nature and lung issues.

    I really need a hair cut and a mani-pedi. I did manage to do my own nails in May. Getting that gel polish off is hard to do but after spending half a day on each hand, I managed. Can't wait for the beauty salons to open which I don't think will happen any time soon.

    All in all, I've stayed busy watching old TV programs on Netflix and HULU and reading...lots and lots of reading. I won a copy of Who Speaks for the Damned by C. S. Harris that I haven't received yet. Have pre-orders in for the new Shana Galen and Sabrina Jeffries books along with the new series by Valerie Bowman. Some good stuff coming out the last half of the year.

    Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands and don't touch your face!

    Love and happy reading to one and all!

  27. The top books I'm looking foward to are Sarah MacLean's (!!!) and Grace Burrowes' A Lady’s Dream True - out next week. In the meantime, I've been binging on Penny Reid's Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. Texas is in stage 3 of opening up - 75% capacity in restaurants, 50% most other places - masks encouraged. I've got asthma so I'm still not going out much. As for projects, my hubby built a smalled raised garden - complete with frame for fencing to keep out deer and larger critters - it's the first veggie garden we've had for almost 10 years. We've got lots of veggies, fruit and flowers on the plants, but nothing is ripe yet. :-)

    Everyone stay safe and be careful!!