Friday, September 18, 2020

Review - - The Prince Who Loved Me

The Prince Who Loved Me
by Abigail Sharpe
Just Add Peaches - Book 3
Publisher: Abigail Sharpe
Release Date: September 23, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

He loves her. ♥

She loves him not...yet.

Brandi Clayton spent years being a chameleon, trading on her looks for the security of having a man taking care of her. After all, being alone is what her mother taught her to fear. When her grandmother’s will surprisingly reveals Brandi inherited the family business, a new path opens up for her. She’s determined to take charge of Belle’s Medicinal Brewery and her own life. And if she can take that leap, she can find a man who loves her for exactly who she is. With her long-time friend Sebastien’s support, she’s bound to succeed, but she can’t take advantage of Sebastien forever.

A royal with no responsibilities, Prince Sebastien of Casagnes spends his days near Brandi, sketching, and helping his friend whenever she calls. His love for her is like his art -- safely hidden where it can't be rejected. But when Brandi uploads her profile to dating sites, Sebastien fears losing the one woman who is his everything. Can this loyal royal find the courage to put his heart on the line and paint a picture for Brandi of their life together?

The Prince Who Loved Me is a Just Add Peaches novel. Each book in the series is a stand-alone, passionate and playful contemporary romance, but you'll want more than one juicy bite.

PJ's Thoughts:

As with the first two books in Sharpe's Just Add Peaches series, The Prince Who Loved Me is filled with humor, charm, satisfying emotional depth, and a happily ever after. I love a friends-to-lovers story and have been anticipating this one. I couldn't wait to discover how Sharpe would navigate these two from firmly in the friend zone to a committed romantic relationship. She does it skillfully, with a few bumps along the way, but that just makes the end result that much more satisfying, no?

Both Brandi and Sebastien are fully dimensional characters with surprising depths. I really enjoyed their friendship. There's such caring and support between them and so much history. I could easily understand why it might be difficult to put that at risk by changing up the parameters of their relationship. One of the things I most enjoyed about their journey was the character growth for each of them, especially for Brandi. Her evolution was realistically portrayed over the course of the series, putting me firmly in her corner by the end of her journey (which was not the case at the start). Sebastien is such a sweetheart. I absolutely adored him and was cheering him on from start to finish.

Secondary characters once again brought added richness to the story without detracting from the main couple. Sharpe has a talent for bringing all the characters in her stories to life, both good and bad. There's a toxic character in this book who had me thinking decidedly unkind thoughts and got off way too easy for my taste. I was feeling a bit bloodthirsty. Kudos to the author for having the ability to create a character so vividly realistic as to generate that much emotion in me. The end of the book was exactly what I would have hoped for and this close group of friends once again had me cheering happy endings among the peaches. 

The Prince Who Loved Me can be enjoyed as a standalone but for a deeper appreciation of Brandi's character growth as well as evolving dynamics among the cast of characters, I recommend reading the three books in order. 


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  1. As always, you have given me a terrific review. Thank you.

    I like friends to lovers too.

    I hope everyone is taking care and staying safe.

  2. Great review! Need to add the whole series to my TBR list.