Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Review - - Trust Fund Fiance

Trust Fund Fiancé
by Naima Simone
Texas Cattleman's Club: Rags to Riches - Book 4
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Release Date: September 1, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

His friend needs a fiancé to claim a fortune.

But they both know it’s about more than money…

Ezekiel Holloway’s proposition could save his friend Reagan Sinclair’s inheritance and give her the freedom she craves. But when family scandals force Ezekiel to end their fake engagement, the heiress comes up with a counterproposal—and they elope to Vegas after all! Is there something more than mere convenience at stake here?

PJ's Thoughts:

After I turned the final page of Trust Fund Fiancé, I went straight to Instagram and posted the following words: "Damn. That wasn't a book. That was an *experience* and I don't know how I'm going to find the words to do it justice." Days later, I'm still trying to find those words. Let's start with Naima Simone's exquisite writing. I was only 4% into the book when I was already swooning over her beautiful prose and mentally rearranging my schedule for the day. It was apparent I wouldn't be going anywhere or doing anything else until I finished this book. She wrapped me up in her words like a warm cozy blanket on a crisp autumn day. 

Her main characters, Reagan and Zeke, leaped from the pages of their story straight into my heart. I loved these two. Both complex, fully-formed characters with emotional baggage, kind hearts, admirable ambitions, and relatable obstacles in their paths, they engaged my interest, and my emotions, almost immediately. I was in their corners, both individually and as a couple. They each have deeply emotional powder kegs to address, layers to reveal, and people intent on blocking them at every turn to defeat before they have any hope of a happy ending. I admired them, cheered for them, cried with them, and at times just wanted to hug them. 

This is the fourth book in Harlequin's multi-author, Texas Cattleman's Club: Rags to Riches series. There's a mystery thread that runs through the series but jumping into the series at this point didn't negatively impact my enjoyment of this particular book at all. What it did accomplish was to generate enough interest in the Wingates (Zeke's family) and the mystery surrounding their business empire to have me downloading the first three books in the series and eagerly anticipating the next four.  

Trust Fund Fiancé is a friends-to-lovers, marriage-of-convenience romance that wrapped me up in all the feels with laughter, tears, heart-tugging emotion, and sizzling, red-hot chemistry. I loved the deep, caring friendship that developed between these two before growing into more but let's go back to that smoking-hot chemistry for a minute. Whoa, Mama! Do these two bring it! I'll just say that (1) Naima Simone could teach a master class in how to write love scenes and (2) I will never view the hood of a Jaguar in the same way again. ;-)

Click here for a list of all eight books in the Texas Cattleman's Club: Rags to Riches series. 

Content warning: This story deals with some emotion-packed issues that may be triggers for some readers, including miscarriage, teenage pregnancy, and death of a loved one.


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  1. Oh PJ!! I meant to pick this up already! I started to last night then saw it was a series and hesitated.

    I haven't been a category reader in a while but I'd read anything Naima writes!

    Enjoyed your review!!

    1. This one stands well on its own, Nellie. And I agree, I'll read anything she writes. :)

  2. I occasionally read category romance, but have not read any of these books. Simone is new to me!

    1. She's fairly new to me too but has quickly become an auto-buy author.

  3. I do read category romance sometimes but haven't started this series yet. The fact that Naima writes it makes it automatically be on my wish list! She's awesome!

  4. First, thanks for the review. You make this book sound so wonderful. Another new to me author.

    I do read category romances. And generally enjoy them...cause if I read the first one and like it I will carry on, if not, that is it.

    You continually introduce me to new authors, new series and all around new directions.

    Take care and stay safe, everyone.

    1. Hope you give her a try, Annette. She's a wonderful writer.

  5. I've loved category romance since my preteen days when I would borrow, er steal, my mom's.


    1. LOL! I understand. I did a lot of "borrowing" from my neighbor.

  6. I do enjoy category romance books. They are the perfect length to squeeze a read in when you are busy. I've not yet read any of the books in this series , nor have I read any of Naima Simone's books.
    Thank you for the review and mentioning another series I will have to check out. Take good care of yourself and stay healthy.

    1. I hope you enjoy her books if you decide to give them a try.

  7. I've read the Lick series and the Bachelor Auction series. Love her books. Will have to get the books in this crossover series.

  8. Like a number of other authors, I own a bunch of Naima's book but haven't read one yet. She is definitely on my must read list!! Thanks for the chance and the review PJ.