Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Review & Giveaway - - Someday My Duke Will Come

Someday My Duke Will Come
by Christina Britton
Isle of Synne - Book 2
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: January 12, 2021
Reviewed by PJ

Lady Clara Ashford had no intention of ever getting married. A rogue took advantage of her innocence when she was young, and she's spent her whole life trying to make sure no one finds out. But now that her sister is engaged, Clara's well-meaning aunt has set her sights on Clara. Desperate to avoid the matchmaking schemes, Clara's not sure what to do -- until her neighbor, the new Duke of Reigate, shows up on her doorstep in need of her help.

Quincy Nesbitt reluctantly accepted the dukedom after his brother's death, but he'll be damned if he accepts his brother's fiancée as well. The only polite way to decline is to become engaged to someone else -- quickly. Lady Clara has the right connections and happens to need him as much as he needs her. But he soon discovers she's also witty and selfless, and if he's not careful, he just might lose his heart.

PJ's Thoughts:

Since meeting Quincy and Clara in book one of this series, I have been eagerly anticipating their story and I'm happy to say Someday My Duke Will Come did not disappoint. 

I loved these two and their friends-to-lovers/fake engagement romance. Clara has given so much of herself to ensuring the happiness of those she loves, without any thought for her own. At thirty-one, she's firmly on the shelf, even if she does occasionally long for a family of her own. She's also calm, selfless, and nurturing but with an intriguing bit of fire she keeps well hidden. It was such a pleasure to watch those simmering coals ignite, first in her defense of Quincy then later when their friendship takes a deeper turn. There are also emotional depths to her that she has suppressed over the years. Watching her come to terms with the events of her past was both heart-wrenching and empowering. 

And then there's Quincy. ::Sigh:: He's the hero many of our hearts seek. Charming, fun-loving, steadfast, loyal, a gentleman to his core, incredibly sexy, and endearingly vulnerable. I adored him. His life experiences (as a young boy in England and as a man in America) have given him emotional depths that he also keeps well hidden. My heart ached for him as his story unfolded but rejoiced as certain truths were brought to light. He's the kind of hero who makes you want to laugh with him, play with him, hug him, and drag him off to have your way with him. Did I mention how much I adored him? 

I love the path Britton took with Quincy and Clara, bringing them together first as partners to defeat the villainous duchess, then evolving into friends with lively banter and subtle flirting, building their chemistry until it ignites, then finally guiding them to a deep, abiding love. I like that they each have an individual journey and growth arc within the journey they take as a couple and that those individual lessons help bring them closer to one another. I turned the final page of their story with a heartfelt smile and a happy sigh. It doesn't get much better than that.

While Someday My Duke Will Come can be read as a standalone, it does feature several characters from book one, A Good Duke is Hard to Find. You can absolutely start with book two and enjoy it but I believe you'll enjoy it more if you read the books in order. The third book in the series, A Duke Worth Fighting For (Margery's story), is scheduled for release in August 2021. I already have it on pre-order and am counting down the days until my next visit to Christina Britton's Isle of Synne. 

Have you read Christina Britton yet?

Tell me about a fictional hero you've fallen in love with recently.

Do you enjoy historical romances that take the characters out of London?

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  1. This sounds like a lovely read. I do not believe I have read any of Christina Britton's books, but may have one in my TBR mountain. Having the couple be friends and their relationship build slowly and naturally is something I like. I haven't read as much as I like recently and although I have enjoyed the books I're read, none of the heroes were someone I would run off with. Right for their heroine, but not for me.
    I think any time you can change up the setting for a story, the better. Getting them into a setting that is more strict, let structured, a different culture, or a road trip, all open up possibilities for encounters and events.
    I think this will be another series to add to my wish list.

  2. Loved the review! I have not read any of her books, she is a new to me author. This one sounds really great. I'll be adding it to the long wish list.

  3. I've not read her as yet but she sounds like an author I would enjoy. I tend to fall in love with the current hero that I'm reading about at the time lol.

  4. In my recent Christmas novel reading, the hero I most fell in love with was Gabe from Debbie Mason's "Christmas on Reindeer Road." I've been reading a lot of contemporaries lately....

    I am a fan of Regencies who take the characters out of London, especially stories set at house parties. I haven't yet read one of Christina Britton's novels but I see the first book in this series is on sale. Have to say the cover on this book is lovely.

  5. I absolutely adored this book! So romantic and humorous at the same time. Christina Britton has become a new favorite author for me.

  6. Christina is a new author to me. I always perk up when a Duke is featured. I do enjoy getting an armchair tour of England with the travel of the characters.

  7. I haven't read Ms Britton yet, but her books sound like ones I will enjoy! I definitely enjoy reading books that take place outside of London and outside of house parties as well.

  8. I have not had the pleasure of reading any ofMs Britton’s work.
    I recently fell in love with Terri Brisbin’s Iain MacKillop in A Highlander's Hope. I also liked Sullivan Waring in an older book After the Kiss by Suzanne Enoch.

    1. I do like books that take you out of London. I’m currently reading Suzanne Enoch’s Rules of Engagement . They are on a naval ship visiting islands on their way to Tahiti. I also like trips to Scotland.

  9. I've got one of Christina's books checked out from the library. I haven't started it yet though, it's called "The Viscount's Promise". I didn't know that it was a series, and read the second book first (A Match made in London). I always fall for the hero of any current book that I'm reading.

  10. New author to me! I'm hearting hard over the hero in The Rogue and The Hellion - lord Bathurst by Connie Mason

  11. I have a couple of Christina Britton's titles on my TBR, but not this one! I definitely enjoy non-London settings! I was able to catch up with a few of Jeannie Lin's novellas, and love those settings. An Illicit Temptation was especially lovely, with a remote desert-y setting, and a gruffly appealing hero, Kwan-Li.

  12. Thank you for this awesome review! I have never read Christina Britton before, but am looking for some regency romance after tearing my way through Bridgerton! Thanks, PJ!!

  13. I have never read this author and I'm not sure why. This book sounds one I would really enjoy. I like historical romances of most kinds but I prefer those set in the 19th century. While I do prefer those set in England, I do like the occasional trip of adventure to parts unknown. They can be a fun departure from the usual London setting.

  14. A new to me author, but I just purchased the first book in this series. You have made me realize I made a good choice. Thanks for the review.

    I fell in love with Lucius, The Duke of Ashmont, in Loretta Chase's Ten Things I Hate about the Duke. He started out as not so much and became an absolute wonderful man.

    If the story is good, I am not particular about the site. But, I do enjoy books which show more of England than just a city.

    I hope everyone is taking care and staying well.

  15. I haven't read her books.

    Beast in Lorraine Heath's latest was good hero.


  16. I don't believe that I have read a Christina Britton book but your glowing review certainly has caught my attention. Much buzz was made online for Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall, it is an M/M romance. I read it and found that the character, Oliver Blackwood, was a rivetingly romantic main character. Most of the historical romances I have read have been set in London but I have also been happy to read of characters set in different parts of the world.

  17. Oh no!!!! Another author I now want to read. Someday My Duke Will Come sounds so good, but I'm compelled to start at the beginning so am heading off to track down A Good Duke is Hard to Find. And I think Zaf from Take A Hint, Dani Brown would have to be my current romance crush. Thanks, PJ!

  18. This is a new author to me. I really enjoy reading historical romances. Thanks for this chance!