Thursday, June 16, 2022

Review & Giveaway - - Never a Duke

Never a Duke
by Grace Burrowes
Rogues to Riches - Book 7
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: April 26, 2022
Reviewed by PJ

Ned Wentworth will be forever grateful to the family that plucked him from the streets and gave him a home, even though polite society still whispers years later about his questionable past. Precisely because of Ned’s connections in low places, Lady Rosalind Kinwood approaches him to help her find a lady’s maid who has disappeared.

Rosalind is too opinionated—and too intelligent—and has frequently suffered judgment at the hands of polite society. Despite her family’s disdain for Ned, Rosalind finds he 
listens to her and respects her. Then too, his kisses are exquisite. As the investigation of the missing maids becomes more dangerous, both Ned and Rosalind will have to risk everything—including their hearts—if they are to share the happily ever after that Mayfair’s matchmakers have begrudged them both.

PJ's Thoughts:

Ned Wentworth has to be one of the most endearing heroes I've ever read. I adored him. And that's without experiencing his back story in the first six books of the series. I can only imagine how much deeper my affection for this character will be once I've read those other books. And I will be reading them! Meeting the couples from the earlier books in Never a Duke has guaranteed that. 

It was going to take a strong, special heroine to convince Ned that he deserved a happy ending and Rosalind was just that. I loved how her values lined up with his. I loved the chemistry and banter between them. Burrowes' dialogue simply sparkled and there was plenty of it. These two talked, often, and about a variety of topics from the lighthearted to the deeply emotional. It was a wonderful way for them to get to know one another while working to find the missing maids, unveiling hidden depths - and surprises - about each of them. I loved the respect between them, the genuine affection (they liked each other), Ned's determination to protect Rosalind, and the way she supported and defended him. I loved how she defended him! 

Secondary characters were plentiful in this book with Ned's adopted family members (meddling but good people) sharing the spotlight with Rosalind's greedy, cold-hearted ones. I do love a well-developed villain and Burrowes gave readers one in particular who was easy to despise. 

Never a Duke is the final book in a seven-book series with many characters from the earlier books having significant page time in this last story. Kudos to the author for creating a story that never left me confused or out of the loop. Instead of feeling like I was missing something, meeting the earlier couples so important to Ned's life only made them more intriguing, and me more eager to read their stories. Speaking of which...

Do I have an incredible giveaway for you! Grand Central Publishing (Forever) has generously offered print copies of all seven books in this series to one person who posts a comment before 11:00 PM, June 22. If the first six books are even half as good as the seventh, they will be incredible. 

*U.S. only
*Must be 18
*Void where prohibited

So, tell me...

Have you read any Grace Burrowes books yet?

Do you read a series in order or jump in wherever is most convenient?

Who is the last hero who captured your affections or the last heroine who had you cheering?


  1. Sadly I have not read any of her books yet. But I would love to. I am a series junky and once I start I series and I have to finish it before moving on so this is perfect for me.

    As for your question I would say Nora and Charlie from Book Lover both fit. I really loved them both so much!

    Thank you!
    mmafsmith AT gmail Dot com

  2. Grace Burrowes is my absolutely favorite historical author. I've read many of her books and enjoyed each and every one of them. sadly, I am behind on my reading and have not yet had the pleasure to start this series. Some series i just jump in whenever but I know I'll want to read all of the series so would love starting from the beginning. And my favorite is always the one i'm currently reading!

    1. Oh, and I wanted to add that not only is she a fantastic writer, she is also a fantastic and generous person.

    2. I have read Grace’s books! 💕. I try to read in order but generally start with the first one that I find! Lol.

  3. Grace Burrowes has written wonderful historicals which I enjoy greatly. When I begin a new series I must start at the beginning and I continue on through until I have read every book. I get so involved that I am transported to the era and story. My hero is Noah Winters.

  4. I have read several of Grace Burrowe's novels and loved them. I always read a series from the very first book and in order. To me that is the most important part of reading a series. A heroine who I admire is Cora Downes in a Mary Balogh novel.

  5. I've read several of Grace's stories - both fiction & non-fiction on her blog). I love stories about Dukes! I much prefer reading a series in order and catching up with the characters introduced in earlier books.

  6. I’m behind on my Grace Burrowes reading but I have enjoyed the books I have read Jcp alysap at yahoo dot com

  7. Grace Burrowes is one of my favorite authors! Yes the books in this series that come before Never A Duke are also wonderful books and great examples of her writing. She recently launched a new mystery series too!

  8. I have not read this series yet, but I clearly need to!! I will clear some space on my TBR pile. :)

  9. I have read several books by Ms Burrowes. I have always enjoyed her writing. I am not sure how I have missed this entire series. It is obvious I have missed a great deal. I know I need to catch up here with these books.
    As for a hero who is wonderful, Justin in Mary Balogh's Someone Perfect. He has all the qualities one would want in a man. He is loyal and kind and intelligent and I could go on. Most of all, he cares about others.
    Hope everyone is smiling.

  10. I have read some of Grace Burrows books so I would love to win another one! I don't generally start a series at the beginning unless that's the only book available (like with Outlander) but lots of times I start a book only to find it's part of a series -- too late! The last heroine I was cheering was Nina in The Bookshop Around the Corner which is a terrific read!

  11. I absolutely love Grace Burrowes' books. She has such a dry wit and colorful entertaining. I read her voraciously for a while, but then I must have moved on to try other authors because it's been some time since I've checked back in with her. I keep meaning to jump back in because she's certainly worth it!

  12. PJ, I'm in the middle of Never a Duke, and I agree: it's absolutely wonderful. I think I've only read one of the earlier books in this series, but as you said, one doesn't feel lost. As soon as I hit send, I'm off to read some more until I fall asleep.

  13. I have read this series and loved them all. I tend to read a series in order. I want to make sure there isn't anything I have missed. And my favorite hero is who ever I am currently reading about.

  14. I have read some previous books by Grace Burrowes and a favorite of mine is Darius, from a few years back. I prefer to read series books in order. A recent favorite hero & heroine are Rex and Abby from Homecoming King by Penny Reid.

  15. I have read and greatly enjoy Grace Burrowes’ books. If I can do so, I like to read a series in order. I’m currently reading the Lady Sherlock series and am cheering on Charlotte and her “chins”—she loves her biscuits and meals and is fiercely unapologetic about who she is.

  16. I love Grace Burrowes! I try to start a series from the beginning, unless there’s a particular book that is a lot of people’s favorite and then I sometimes jump in with that one for new-to-me series.

    I’m currently loving Marian and Rob from The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes by Cat Sebastian

  17. What an incredible giveaway. I have read Grace Burrows and love her books. She des such a wonderful job of developing her characters meaningfully not rushing it. I prefer to read series in order.
    You get to see the characters develop over time, know their relationships to other characters, and makes interactions clearer.
    The last book I read (actually reread) was TO CATCH A TEXAS STAR by Linda Broady. The hero, Roan Penny, has had such a hard life and just wants to count for something and to someone. The heroine, Marley Rose McClain, has had a very good life growing up. It was everything his wasn't. When what she believed about her family is upended, he is there to help her put it into perspective. They help each other see just how valuable they each are as a person and to each other.

  18. I would love to read this series. I started with The Wind ham Brides. Megan Wind ham in The Trouble with Dukes is an amazing example of a Grace Burrowes' heroine. Fierce, lovely and so brave. I love the world Burrowes creates but her characters are what bring those worlds to life.

  19. Yes I have read some of Grace Burrowes books. Sometimes I might read a book in the middle of a series then I usually go back and read the pervious books. I love finding a new series. Love to win the books. Thank you for the chance.

  20. I have read books by Grace Burrowes, and look for them. I prefer to read a series in order. The last hero was Jonathan, Earl of Sykeston in Rules for Engaging the Earl by Janna MacGregor

  21. Love to read this series favorite hero is Jamie from the outlander series

  22. I have not read Grace Burrows stories. I don’t know why I’ve missed her books.

    I do not have to read a series in order. I believe a book should be able to stand on its own.

    I’m currently reading Valerie Bowmsn’s story, SECRETS OF A SCANDALOUS MARRIAGE and really liking feisty, intelligent Kate Townsend even when the odds are greatly stacked against her.
    I’m also liking James the Viscount as his personality transform from a perfectionist to a sensitive guy when he finally opens up his heart to the woman he’s fallen in love with. He changes the most with the help of his two friends.