Monday, June 6, 2022

Spotlight & Giveaway - - Sunflower Season

YAY! A new Amazon link has been activated. If you pre-ordered from Amazon, unfortunately that order was cancelled. Please order a new copy to download from one of these links:

Universal link:
Here's the most recent letter from the authors of the Sunflower Season anthology:

Dear Lovely Readers,
We have to apologize to you for the delay in the Amazon release of Sunflower Season. Unfortunately, our preorders at the vender were canceled. The fabulous news is that we have a new Amazon and universal link to share with you!
As authors, we are committed to raising as much money as possible for this charity. If you purchased your copy through Amazon, you were not charged for that canceled pre-order, and so we humbly ask if you would consider ordering the book again.
We’re so sorry to create additional work for you, but we want to make sure we do our part for the people suffering in Ukraine. Thank you so much for your understanding and your efforts. Being part of this reader/writer community is such a gift. For those of you who ordered from other vendors, your copy should be available now. Thank you again for your continued support.
All the best,
Writers of Sunflower Season

UPDATE: If you pre-ordered Sunflower Season from Amazon, you have probably noticed it has not downloaded to your Kindle. That's because Amazon made an error and cancelled the pre-orders. Thousands of them. More than $20,000 that would have gone to humanitarian relief in Ukraine. As of today (6/7/22), there is no link on Amazon to order this book (though it is available at other online retailers). The authors who spent six months working on this collection are heartbroken over the lost money for Ukraine and hopeful that readers who lost their Amazon pre-orders will buy the book again once it becomes available. I'll let you know as soon as I hear about a new link. 

Sunflower Season is upon us! Back in April I told you about an upcoming historical romance anthology to raise funds for humanitarian relief in Ukraine. If you haven't already pre-ordered this collection written by more than 70 authors, tomorrow is the day you can purchase it for immediate download to your e-reading device. It's only $7.99 for more than 70 stories and all money earned will go to critically necessary agencies. 

All monies earned from the sale of this collection will be split between:  


1. Sunflower Peace provides medical and humanitarian aid to assist the paramedics and doctors in the areas affected by the violence in Ukraine. 

2. CARE: Immediate aid, including food, water, hygiene kits, support services, and direct cash assistance, prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly.

Only $7.99 for more than 70 stories is a small price to pay to make a huge difference in the lives of people in desperate need. Click here for e-book purchase links. 

I've already pre-ordered my copy. And to help move things along, I'll also be giving away two e-book copies. Check the end of the post for details.   

Sunflower Season
A Historical Romance Anthology for Ukraine
Release Date: June 7, 2022

 is a charity collection featuring stories (some never-been-published and some old favorites) by over 70 -- that's right -- SEVENTY of your favorite Historical Romance authors. ALL royalties will be donated to humanitarian relief in Ukraine. This set will be released on June 7, 2022 and will only be available for a limited time. Preorder now and enjoy a summer of historical romance!

Featuring novellas, stories and novels by Sabrina Jeffries, Christi Caldwell, Amalie Howard, Virginia Heath, Caroline Lee, Golden Angel, Mimi Mathews, Nicole Locke, Natasha Blackthorne, Royaline Sing, Lenora Bell, Sabrina Jeffries, Amy Quinton, Janna MacGregor, Annabelle Anders, Rachel Ann Smith, Eva Devon, Sandra Sookoo, Tabetha Waite, Diana Bold, Sadie Bosque, Cheryl Bolen, Erica Monroe, Kate Bateman, Cara Maxwell, Tracy Sumner, Jenna Jaxon, Jane Charles, Eliza Knight, Mariah Stone, Robyn DeHart, Wendy LaCapra, Hildie McQueen, Madeline Martin, Amy Rose Bennett, Ava Bond, Kristin Vayden, Piper Huguley, Fenna Edgewood, Kathryn Le Veque, Caroline Linden, Nancy Yeager, Dawn Brower, Celeste Barclay, Lauren Royal, Michele Pollock Dalton, Glynnis Campbell, Rose Pearson, Erica Ridley, Sydney Jane Baily, Deb Marlowe, Rebecca Paula, Amanda Mariel, Christine Sterling, Ava Stone, Lauren Smith, Sawyer Quinn, Caroline Warfield, Jessica A Clements, Jude Knight, Anna St. Claire, Tamara Gill, Gina Conkle, Charlie Lane, Terri Brisbin, Bronwen Evans, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Merry Farmer, Tammy Andresen, Cecelia Mecca, Meredith Bond, Christine Donovan, Lana Williams, Carrie Lomax, Eve Pendle, Bethany Bennett, Bianca Blythe, Maggie Dallen, Samara Parish, Anna Campbell and more????

Again, ALL proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian relief efforts. We are not affiliated with any charities but are only doing what we can to provide help for the innocent people who've lost so much as a result of this senseless tragedy.


I love sunflowers. They're such sturdy, happy flowers, standing strong in the face of adversity. A field of sunflowers never fails to lift my spirits. Tell me about your favorite flowers and what makes them so. 

Two randomly chosen people who post a comment before 11:00 PM, June 7 will each receive a Kindle copy of Sunflower Season from Amazon US. 

*Must be 18
*Void where prohibited


  1. I love roses. No need to count me, I've already preordered.


  2. Tulips because I love how colorful they are.

  3. Yellow roses because my father always gets her yellow roses when he buys her flowers Jcp alysap at yahoo dot com

  4. I pre-ordered long ago but I love carnations because of their scent.

  5. I love roses but my next favorite are Lilies. My hubby gets me roses and my kids get me lilies.

  6. I love irises. No need to enter me as I've also pre-ordered.

  7. I love irises and peonies. I preordered this book as soon as it came out. I am looking forward to it.

  8. Thanks for highlighting SUNFLOWER SEASON, PJ! This is a wonderful anthology for a good cause and I was so honored to be part of it. Janna MacGregor and Annabelle Anders have worked tirelessly to put this all together. I love wild Alaskan roses! We're planting sunflowers on the grave of my sister's beloved cat who left us this year. xoxo

  9. Thanks for the updates, PJ!

  10. If someone preordered, they should make sure Amazon actually canceled the preorder. Some were left in limbo--not canceled, but not charged. I had to call Amazon and have them cancel it because it wasn't recorded correctly on their end. I was then able to preorder knowing I wouldn't be charged 2x.