Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hot Dish

In the immortal words of country singers Big & Rich ---

"And the girls say

Save a horse, ride a cowboy"

So, anyone else out there ready to save a horse?

I know I am!!!!

~ Buffie


  1. Replies
    1. LOL! Guess that means you like him, Flora.

  2. Wellll, let's just mosey on down to the barn to check out the cowboy! ;)

  3. Works for me, that happens to be the ring tone for my girlfriend too! He could put his boots under my bed.

    1. Dianna, he could even keep his boots on ;-)

  4. Yes, ma'am! That's one fine looking ride! LOL

    Nice choice, Buffie. :-)

  5. Hey, what happens in the barn, stays in the barn. ;-)

  6. I went to college in Arizona in the 1960's before coming back East and I sure do miss seeing cowboys strolling down the street now.

    Fortunately we have our own cowboys in the family that have a ranch in Wyoming so when I go into withdrawal I can just check in on their Facebook pages and get a "fix"

  7. Buffie -

    When you stop by the ranch out in Wyoming their is one little downside because thos cowboys may be entertaining but they also put you to work!

    Just be prepared to feed the hens and grab the eggs quickly, feed the horses and clean up after them, and don't forget to make sure that there's enough fuel in the tractor because tomorrow your going to need to plow the east 48!