Thursday, October 14, 2021

Review - - The Reunion at Sugar Sand Inn

The Reunion at Sugar Sand Inn
by Leigh Duncan
Sugar Sand Beach - Book 4
Publisher: Gardenia Street Publishing
Release Date: October 15, 2021
Reviewed by PJ

Escape to Sugar Sand Beach with Erin Bradshaw and her best friends for a second chance at all life has to offer.

Forty-five year old Erin has grown restless with her life. Which is odd because she’s spent the past twenty years roaming the globe. Between summers in Alaska and winters in the Florida keys, she’s climbed the steps of Machu Picchu, hiked long sections of the Great Wall of China, and kayaked down the Amazon. Lately, though, Erin has felt the urge to put down roots, strengthen her neglected relationship with her sister, Reggie, and reconnect with her two best friends, Michelle and Nina.

When Michelle inherits a run-down beach house in sleepy Sugar Sand Beach and invites her friends to help convert it into an inn, Erin jumps at the chance to settle down with the best friends a girl could ever hope to have.

But now that Reggie’s garden is flourishing, customers crowd the tables in the Cafe, and the first of the Inn’s guests are due any day, a figure from Erin’s past makes a surprising appearance. When he threatens the bonds of friendship that have deepened over the summer, Erin must choose. Will she return to her nomadic way of life? Or will she put down forever roots in Sugar Sand Beach?

Join Michelle, Reggie, Nina and Erin as they build new lives in Sugar Sand Beach, where fresh opportunities for life, love and happiness are as limitless as the blue Florida skies.

PJ's Thoughts:

Leigh Duncan continues her Sugar Sand Inn saga with book four, The Reunion at Sugar Sand Inn. Our intrepid friends are in for some major events as they inch closer to opening the doors of their inn. There's the finalization of their partnership agreement (are they all ready for this?), the senior citizen takeover (they never expected that many!), the reappearance of Erin's ex-husband (after twenty years, no less), and, oh yes, let's not forget a major hurricane on the horizon. Yikes!

At this point of the series, I am thoroughly invested in these characters, in their lives, loves, and challenges. While Erin's personal story takes the lead in this book, there's still plenty of page time for the continuation of Michelle's, Nina's, and Reggie's journeys and I am here for all of them. I appreciate the time and care Duncan is taking with these relationships. They feel natural and realistic to me. Which leads me to a slight issue I had with Erin's romance in this book. It's very fast. I had no problem with the attraction but after twenty years of no contact, I had some trouble buying into the rest (trying to avoid spoilers here). I'm hoping the next book will tie things up for me and give me confidence in their relationship. 

The final book in the series, Christmas at Sugar Sand Inn, is scheduled to be released November 19. While I am eager to read it, I'm not ready to say good-bye to Michelle, Reggie, Nina, and Erin. They've become more to me than characters in a book. They've become friends and it has been pure pleasure to watch them soar. I guess I'll just have to set this series to the side where I can revisit it whenever I need a reminder that we're never too old to start over, to find a new passion, to open ourselves to love, and that we should always treasure and nurture the unconditional support and love among our best friends. 

If you enjoy women's fiction with mature characters, female friendships, starting over, and hard-earned happy endings, give this series a try. For maximum enjoyment, I recommend beginning with book one, The Gift at Sugar Sand Inn, and reading the rest of the books in order. 


  1. I read the Secret at Sugar Sand Inn and enjoyed it very much and will be reading the others in the series.

  2. This sounds great. I will definitely start with book one.

  3. Great review! I am glad you said to start at the beginning.

  4. I just purchased this book and the last one. You have made this series seem like a perfect read for me. Thank you.

    Hope everyone is well and safe and happy.