Monday, January 17, 2022

Tour Review - - Undercover K-9 Cowboy

Undercover K-9 Cowboy
by Addison Fox
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 25, 2022
Reviewed by PJ

A by-the-book Fed…gone rogue for justice

To stop the drug epidemic ravaging Midnight Pass, FBI agent Ryder Durant reluctantly takes matters into his own hands. Poised to set a trap at Reynolds Station, he has to content with Arden Reynolds - who prefers Ryder's K-9 to the Fed protecting her family. As Ryder and Arden spar, embers spring into flame. And those flames are as dangerous as the crime ring lurking too close to home...

PJ's Thoughts:

It's been a while since I read a Harlequin Romantic Suspense book. Undercover K-9 Cowboy was a great one to re-introduce me to the line. It reeled me in quickly and held my attention right up to the breath-stealing conclusion. 

Fox skillfully blends romance, action, and suspense in this fourth book of her family-centric, Midnight Pass, Texas series. I was totally on board with the push and pull of the attraction and conflict between youngest Reynolds sibling, Arden and new FBI agent in town, Ryder. I loved how they challenged each other, how they opened one another to new viewpoints, unexpected feelings, and, in Arden's case, potential healing from emotional trauma that had directed her life choices. They are such a great match though it does take them a while to realize that. Of course, I fell head over heels for Ryder's K-9 partner, Murphy, his love for Arden, and his heroics. He's as much a hero as Ryder. 

The suspense portion of the book builds in intensity, with twists, turns, and a few surprises, until its climactic, edge-of-your-seat conclusion. It also brings the entire Reynolds family into the fray, including the three couples who were the focus of books one - three. Even though I haven't read those stories yet, I never felt confused or "out of the loop" while reading Undercover K-9 Cowboy. Instead, I found myself as intrigued by Arden's brothers and their wives as I was with Ryder and Arden. I've downloaded the earlier books and will be reading them soon. 

I don't know if Fox has plans to return to Midnight Pass but I really hope she does. There are some secondary characters begging for a story, drug runners who have yet to be brought to justice, and I'd be more than happy to check in with everyone at the Reynolds family ranch.
If you enjoy emotional romance, action-packed suspense, ranch settings, and close, meddling families, give this one a try. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Do you enjoy romantic suspense?

Do you read any of the authors writing for Harlequin's Romantic Suspense line?

Have you read Addison Fox?


Addison Fox is a lifelong romance reader, addicted to happy-ever-afters. She loves writing about romance as much as reading it. Addison lives in New York with an apartment full of books, a laptop that’s rarely out of sight and a wily beagle who keeps her running. You can find her at, or on Twitter (@addisonfox).



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  1. Harlequin Intrigue and Harlequin Suspense are two of my favorite lines. There are many good authors writing for these lines and most are enjoyable, suspenseful reads. The advantage for me are they are quick reads I can do in a couple of days or so and still get other things done. I am not sure if I have read Addison Fox, but this sounds like it will be a good book and series to pick up. Thank you for the review.

    1. I don't know why I drifted away from this line. Lack of reading time, most likely. Glad to be back!

  2. Ido enjoy romantic suspense stories and will be checking out this line. Thanks for the recommendation PJ

    1. I used to live near a great used book/book trade store and would scarf these up like candy. I had forgotten how much I enjoy them.

  3. I can enjoy romantic suspense if it is not too intense or bloody. I have not read any Harlequin books in awhile. This is a new to me author. Y'all seem to be doing that a lot recently.....introducing me to people who write books I want to read. Thank you.

    Hope everyone is well and safe and happy.

    1. Y'all seem to be doing that a lot recently.....introducing me to people who write books I want to read.

      Mission complete! *grin*