Friday, April 22, 2022

Review - - Sand Dollar Lane

Sand Dollar Lane
by Sheila Roberts
Moonlight Harbor - Book 6
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: April 26, 2022
Reviewed by PJ

Brody Green is finding it hard to recover after being dumped by his fiancée, Jenna Jones, then watching her walk down the aisle with someone else. Jenna is determined to make up for her love defection and find him the perfect woman, but Brody is done with love. First a divorce, then a broken engagement. From now on he’s keeping things light, no commitments. Luckily Brody’s business is booming. Beach Dreams Realty is the best real estate company in town. And the only one. Until…

Lucy Holmes needs a new start. In business, in love, in

Lucy Holmes needs a new start. In business, in love, in…everything. If ever there was a cliché, it was her life back in Seattle. She was a real estate broker working with her husband until she caught him trying out the walk-in shower in a luxury condo—with another agent. She’s always been the more successful of the two, and with him gone, she’s determined to build a business even bigger than what she had. Moonlight Harbor is a charming town and it has only one real estate agency. Surely there’s room for a little competition.

Or not. Looks like it’s going to be a hot market in Moonlight Harbor. And maybe these two competitors will make some heat of their own.

PJ's Thoughts:

Sheila Roberts takes readers back to Moonlight Harbor for an enemies-to-lovers story filled with her own special blend of humor and heart. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book, seeing as Brody had failed to win my heart in the earlier books. I can see Roberts was biding her time until his own story to unveil all the messy emotions and layers that I found missing earlier. And it all began with the arrival of Lucy Holmes.

One of my favorite facets of this series is the community that Roberts has created. All of the characters flow seamlessly in and out of the story, as friends and neighbors would in real life. It lends authenticity to the events, emotions, and challenges that play out across the pages. It makes me feel as if I too am a part of that community.

Lucy is one of my favorite characters of this series. When her life is upended, through no fault of her own, and she strikes out to forge her own path, I was with her every step of the way. I loved her determination to succeed on her own terms, especially when faced with Brody's determination to stop her. The friction - and chemistry - between these two was so much fun! 

Adding the younger generation (Lucy's daughter and Brody's son) to the cast of characters brought another layer of emotional depth to the story that only added to my enjoyment. I especially enjoyed the evolution of Lucy's relationship with her daughter, as they found their respective footing following Lucy's divorce, redefining their relationship and moving forward into a loving, productive, adult partnership, both learning and growing through the process. 

Sand Dollar Lane is the sixth book of the Moonlight Harbor series but you don't need to read all of the books to enjoy this one. However, I do think readers will have a better understand of Brody if they at least read book five, Sunset on Moonlight Beach before beginning Sand Dollar Lane. However, if you want to start with book one, pick up a copy of Welcome to Moonlight Harbor and let the fun begin. 


  1. You've convinced me I should pick up Welcome to Moonlight Harbor. Thanks, PJ!

  2. Great review sounds very good, thank you

  3. I've enjoyed many of Sheila's books

  4. Sounds good. Thanks for the recommendation PJ.

  5. I recently discovered Ms Roberts......and you have made me think this series is some stories I will enjoy. Thanks so much for the review.

    And hope everyone is happy.

  6. I was introduced to Sheila Roberts on this site and am so glad you have featured her books. She is now among my favorites. Her characters and their situations are something we can relate to and understand. I look forward to reading many more of her books.

  7. A big thank you for the lovely review! So much appreciated, and I'm delighted you enjoyed the book. Kind words from PJ is better than chocolate. (And that's saying a lot!)