Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday Giveaway


My office is empty, the bookshelves are gone, and I have six packages of books ready to be rehomed. I've entered the final countdown to my new adventure. In less than two weeks my condo will be sold and I'll be heading south with all my worldly possessions (mostly books - is anyone surprised?). 

I've worked hard these past few weeks. There's nothing like a long-distance move to encourage a person to get rid of non-essential "stuff." Difficult decisions have been made but, you know what? As tough as they were to make in the moment, with each item I chose to toss, donate, or sell, my spirit has felt more free. There really is something to be said for living with material "lightness." 

I've now entered the phase of the moving process I like to call my Farewell Food Tour (FFT). It actually began last Monday and will continue through this week and into the next, my final week in North Carolina. It's been a mix of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee dates with dear friends who have been rays of sunshine in my life. There's been laughter, reminiscing, and, yes, more than a few tears. This is the bittersweet portion of moving but these friendships will endure. I'll make sure of it. 

Though my schedule has been packed (see what I did there?), I've still found time to lose myself in some good books. Watch for reviews over the next few weeks. Now it's time to get back to packing (I'm on my final room) then get ready for tonight's stop on the FFT. 

What's going on in your life this month?

What are you reading?

What are you looking forward to reading?

Are you a "live light" person or do you enjoy being surrounded by material memories?

SIX randomly chosen people who post a comment before 11:00 PM, April 27 will each receive a package of books.

*U.S. only

*Must be 18

*Void where prohibited


  1. It has to be good to lighten your load so to speak. Good luck with your move; I know it is bittersweet.
    Reading RaeAnneThayne's Summer at The Cape, a vg read. I am in between live light and having some material memories.

    May is Mother's Day and hoping covid numbers are down so we do the family get together; Also we will be glad to see my sister and family - they will be here for a memorial for my bro in law's dad, so a sad event on Mother's Day, we will pop in for a little bit. Then we will get to spend time wit my sister before she leaves back home to Calif. We are also doing an overnight in Montauk with another couple and seeing a local show (John Denver tribute) and dinner before with 2 couples. TY for the chance to win some surprise books. Good luck to the 6 winners.

  2. Good luck with your move! It’s always such a bittersweet experience.

    I’m reading an ARC of A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall and really enjoying it. It feels like May has a lot of new releases in historical and contemporary romance that I’ve been eagerly anticipating, so I’m looking forward to those soon.

    I’m somewhere between living light and the opposite— it depends on the types of items. I tend to hold onto a lot of favorite books since I’m a big rereader, but I also enjoy passing my books on to others if I don’t think I’ll reread them. Some books I enjoy once but know I won’t revisit. I’m the same way about clothes and material things — if it’s been more than a year or two since I’ve worn or used something, I tend to give it away, unless I have important memories associated with them.

  3. A busy month for us. We have a conference in San Antonio, TX this week. We traveled from TN to Tucson, AZ first to visit my husband's cousin's widow. He died two years ago, and the COVID shutdown happened 2 weeks later. Except for a trip to NH for his funeral last October, she has not gone anywhere or had any company. She does get out at least one day a week, but it is evident she is lonely. Her only living close relative is her son who lives in NH and has visited only once for 2 days in the past 2 years. We spent a week which was twice what we planned. We were able to get a few things done around the house for her and took her to a few places that she and her husband had planned to do. It is obvious she is lonely and made us promise to come back soon. We will make the effort. At 79, she doesn't get around very well due to health issues.

    April will be gone when we get home. Our projects then will be to catch up with all that needs to be done in the gardens.

    Have a safe and successful move. It is always an adventure. I admire you for being able to pare down what you have. I need to do the same and do find it hard to part with things. And now we have a few boxes of stuff we are bringing home from this trip.

  4. Best wishes with your move.

    I've been taking my youngest on college tours.

    Reading IF THE SHOE FITS.

    I'm trying to not acquire new items--I have too much stuff.


  5. Good luck with the.move PJ! Did you go to Tenders at least one more time? I'm currently reading Summer Sisters by Sara Richardson. Have a safe trip and I hope everything goes smoothly! Safe travels!!💜

    1. I can't leave town without saying goodbye to Tenders!

  6. There isn't anything on our calender for what's left of April. May will, hopefully, bring forth our newly planted flowers. We are retired military, so we were able to weed out stuff with each move. It is nice to clean out those closets and empty those drawers. I've just started Kendra Elliot's bone secrets series.

  7. I am 56 and reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time!
    I have a bunch of romcoms waiting for me to read on my deck while literally watching my garden grow and watching the birds.
    During the day I live in the moment; evenings I dwell in the past. Probably not too healthy.
    I should decrease my books. I dont know how. I love looking at them, reading the blurbs, trying to decide what is next
    Hope this new phase in your life brings you joy!

  8. Good luck with your move.i am very much a hoarder when it comes to material memories. Not much is happening for me this month.

  9. One daughter and her husband just had birthdays and my other at the very beginning of next month. My oldest has a wedding anniversary too and my niece's son is getting married. So lots of great happenings. I'm reading a lot of everything (just got away from reading only historicals) so enjoying all types of stories. I'm a total pack rat but my oldest is making me go through things - a bit of torture for me but I know it has to be done. Except for my books - no touching those!!!!

  10. Thinking about you, PJ, and hoping your last remaining days in NC are filled with joy. How wonderful it is that we live in an age where technology makes staying in touch somewhat easier than it used to be - even if that means the thrill of receiving an actual hand-written letter has all but disappeared. Absurdly, my husband and I continue to bring books into the house at an alarming rate even though we're at an age where we should most definitely be turning to "living light." I've just finished a beta read of a marvelous novella written by a friend for December publication, and I've now started an ARC of Vivienne Lorret's How to Steal a Scoundrel's Heart which I'm really enjoying.

  11. I am a live light person. Am looking forward to summer and Mother's Day. Best wishes with your move. Hope all goes well.

  12. I wish I lived lighter, but I don't. I did go through my closet this weekend and removed clothing that I haven't touched in 10 years, so that was a win! Enjoy your last week in NC and good luck on your move!

  13. Best wishes on your move. As I'm getting older, I've been going through my things to donate or throw away. I don't like clutter except for the books. I don't quite feel light yet. My husband has lots of stuff. I can't touch his things. LOL I don't have room for all of my books; so, I've been having to sort through for books to donate. While I'm sad to give away books, I am a little relieved by it. Enjoy your new home. bluedawn95864 at gmail dot com

  14. Don't enter me as I'm weeding out my bookshelves. I want to wish you lots of luck as you move south and to the next phase of your journey.

  15. I've been working on going thru 3+ generations & many years of accumulated stuff - a large load went to a local charity rummage sale last week. Some things are harder to give away - others it's a matter of finding the right person or place for them to go. I've been reading Jennifer Haymore's House of Trent series - really enjoying it. Best of luck in your move - it's a lot of work!

  16. This past Saturday I had my 83rd birthday. My son wants me to move to Arizona, and after seeing how brave you are, it is more of a possibility than before. But, I simply cannot imagine not being in Texas.
    I had considered trying to find a tiny house. But, then I would have to have bookshelves on every wall. Good insulation.
    I have always tried to be a "give it away" kind of person. I just gave away 6 dresses I had never worn. I got them when I believed I would be able to use them, and then life completely erased that possibility. And even though I have pared down possessions on a regular basis, it still seems as though I have a huge amount of stuff. Just stuff.
    I have a a lot of books. And I reckon they will have to be taken from my cold, dead hands. But, I have high hopes that I will find books to read in heaven. That - a comfy chair and good light would be all I need.
    Y'all be happy.

  17. Congratulations on your move...hope you'll be very happy in your new home! I'm gearing up to see my "baby" graduate college in a couple of weeks. Bittersweet times. And I would like to be more of a "minimalist" as my husband and I seem to be accumulating stuff rather than paring down. :(

  18. Hi PJ. Best of luck and congratulations on your move! I am in the process of finding an assisted living home for my mom. She has been in rehab for a month and the social worker said she won't be able to live on her own when she gets out. I'm reading The No Show, which isn't what I expected and I'm hoping for a good ending. I'm also listening to Devil's Daughter again and loving it! I love having my books around for rereading. I have a lot of knick knacks and decorative plates that I'd love to get rid of. I have a lot of pictures of the kids, but would love to sort and purge at some point.

  19. Best wishes on your move. What a wonderful time for you. I have too much and would like to donate and give so much to so many. My books though I give out to many every so often and keep my treasures. May is looking lovely. My anniversary and a grandson's birthday. Spring is here and I am enjoying daily walks. Reading so many wonderful novels.

  20. Enjoy your new home! What a lovely adventure for you. I realize that I have accumulated too much and now is the time to dispose of things that I really do not need. I will keep certain books and items but there is no need to hold onto everything anymore. I have to live light now and that is important at this time. Reading and walking gives me great enjoyment. Spring is beautiful.

  21. I am in a book slump right now... cannot figure out what I would like to read next. This is my birthday month so yup there was that. All the best with the move and I'm sure you will enjoy your new home

  22. I just got through reading Crimson Summer by Heather Graham. I going to start reading 2 of Jill Shalvis's books, they are so good. Thanks for the chance to win.