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Review & Giveaway - - Some Dukes Have All the Luck

Some Dukes Have All the Luck
by Christina Britton
Synneful Spinsters - Book 1
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: November 8, 2022
Reviewed by PJ

Ash Hawkins, Duke of Buckley, no more wants to marry than he wants a stick in his eye. As the owner of a gaming hell, he is all too aware the odds of a happy marriage are against him. But raising his three rebellious wards alone is proving more than he can handle. He needs to find someone who stands to benefit from a marriage of convenience as much as he does. Someone logical, clinical, and rational. And in a stroke of luck, he quite literally stumbles over just such a woman.

After years of ridicule for being more interested in bugs than boys, Bronwyn has accepted that she’ll never marry for love. Her parents, however, are threatening to find her a husband. Bronwyn doesn’t need any scientific research to show her Ash has secrets. But his proposal would give her the freedom to continue her entomology research and perhaps finally get published. Just as long as she can keep her mind on her work and off his piercing eyes, broad shoulders, and wicked, wicked tongue.

PJ's Thoughts:

Christina Britton keeps upping her game with each book she publishes. I've enjoyed all of them but this one is my favorite so far. In fact, it's one of my favorite books this year. 

I'm a pushover for an emotionally tortured hero who believes himself unworthy of love while at the same time aching to open his heart. In this book, it's not only romantic love that Ash holds at bay but his feelings for his three young wards as well. Wards who have a connection with him of which they are unaware and who believe he only wants to be rid of them. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Then there's Bronwyn, who has to be in the running for my favorite heroine this year. A socially awkward young woman with a brilliant scientific mind, she's saddled with parents who only value her for her ability to gain them entrance into society through marriage. What they do to her in pursuit of their goals is atrocious. It's no wonder she agrees to a marriage of convenience with Ash (who she does not realize is a duke) the day after they're introduced. I wanted to ship her parents off to a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific. 

What follows is an emotionally layered journey between Ash and Bronwyn that made me laugh, made me cry, and filled me with so many feelings. I adore Bronwyn with her pragmatic, scientific approach to life. Her discussion with Ash about physical relations is one of my favorite scenes in the book (snort laughing ensued). I adore Ash even more for the way he responds to that, how he values her for who she is and desires her because of that (sizzling chemistry between these two!). I love how he supports and encourages her dreams, how he slowly loses his heart to her while also believing his heart isn't worthy of her love. And how satisfying it is to watch Bronwyn blossom under the attention of someone who has no wish to change her or denigrate her intelligence. And this isn't a one-way street. Bronwyn's impact on Ash's life is profound. These two (actually five, counting the girls) are meant to be a family and watching that come to fruition filled me with so much joy.

The Oddments, Bronwyn's group of friends (all spinsters) feature prominently in her journey and have me even more eager for more stories in this series. If you've read Britton's Isle of Synne series, you'll recognize them along with a few other secondary characters but if you're new to her writing, you should be able to jump in with Some Dukes Have All the Luck without missing a beat. I do, however, enthusiastically recommend all of the Isle of Synne books as well. Check out my reviews below.

Have you read Christina Britton yet?

Do you enjoy marriage of convenience romance? What's your favorite romance trope?

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  1. Sounds like my kind of read. I like marriage of convenience and enemies to lovers the best.

  2. This sounds fabulous. I haven't read her books. I love this trope in historical romance.


  3. I’ve really been enjoying Christina Britton’s books and I’m looking forward to this one! I enjoy marriage of convenience plots a lot, particularly in historical romances. My favorite tropes are forced proximity and fake dating

  4. I haven't read Christina Britton's books but look forward to enjoying them. This trope is one of my favorites.

  5. Christina Britton's novels are captivating. This historical sounds memorable and special. I enjoy many tropes. Finding an old love.

  6. Love marriages of convenience. I love Second Chance Romance and Enemies to Lovers. Thanks for your great generosity. Linda May

  7. Ooh, marriage of convenience is one of my favorites! I also really like enemies/rivals to lovers, fake relationships, and ugly duckling stories!

  8. I haven't read Christina Britton, yet, but a quick look at Goodreads shows that she is on my radar. I do love a good marriage of convenience trope. I like just about all romance tropes out there. My current favorites are best friend's sibling, forced proximity, and fake dating. I'll have to make sure that I move these books up higher on my TBR list. Thanks for the chance.

  9. This does sound like my kind of book. I like nearly any romantic trope. Marriage of convenience is generally a lot of fun because people forget they are simply human beings with surprises inside. Thanks for this lovely review. I have 2 of the books in this series on my Kindle, but have not read them yet. So, I know my next read. Thanks again, for this charming introduction.

  10. I think I've read a short story. I like governess tropes. Big families who interfere, and always a marriage of convivence, Sounds aweome.

  11. I've read some of Christina's shorter stories but none in this series. I own all but this one, I just haven't started the series yet. My favorite trope is friends to lovers but I do love a good marriage of convenience story!

  12. Christina is new to me. I enjoy the marriage of convenience trope. My favorite trope is the Beauty and the Beast one.

  13. I haven't read Chrisina's books yet tho since I love Marriage of Convenience stories & Dukes this one is perfect for me!

  14. No, I haven't! This sounds like a really good read. I do love marriage of convenience storylines. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. I have not yet read Christina Britton, but she does sound good. Wounded heroes are a favorite of mine as well as intelligent, unappreciated heroines. It sounds like they are exactly what the other needed. The marriage of convenience trope can be fun. It gives so many possibilities to the author on how to handle it.
    Thank you for the review, the recommendation, and the giveaway.

  16. I like marriage of convenience stories, but also enemies to lovers and wounded heroes.

  17. Marriage of convenience is my favorite trope!
    I can’t remember reading any of Christina’s stories.
    I always try to read your 5* review books!

  18. I have never read a book by her yet. Amnesia, fake dating, and marriage of convenience are my favorite tropes