Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review -- Sex, Lies, and Midnight

Sex, Lies, and Midnight
Undercover Operatives, Book 2
By Tawny Weber
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Release Date: December 20, 2011

He’s lying. She’s lying. And before long, they’re lying.
Together. In bed…

Born into a con artist family, Maya Black abandoned the grifting life to live on the straight and narrow (and somewhat dull) years ago. But when her family is threatened—and the swindlers are on the verge of becoming the swindled— Maya swings into action. All she needs is a stand-in boyfriend, and the charming, tasty-as-sin Simon Barton will do quite nicely, thanks.

But Simon has a little lie of his own. He’s FBI, and Maya is his inside track to her less-savory relations. It’s a mutual using, which quickly turns into a scorching mutual attraction. In fact, their naughty little sexcapades are the only thing they aren’t faking!

Maya hasn't been back home to Black Oak in years. Although she loves her family and would do anything for them, she can't handle any more disappointment and disillusionment when it comes to her con artist father, Tobias Black. A daddy's girl she may be, but Maya's heart can't handle any more. After a phone call from her older brother Caleb inviting her to come home for his engagement party, Maya doesn't think anything else can shock her. But when she gets another call from her former high school best friend who tells here that she and Tobias are on the verge of getting engaged, too, Maya sees red and is determined to head to Black Oak before all hell breaks loose. But first, she needs a man to pose as her boyfriend, so her family and the rest of the citizens of Black Oak don't think she can commit.

FBI agent Simon Barton has information that Tobias Black is running stolen weapons through his motorcycle shop in Black Oak. Simon knows that if he can bring Tobias down his career in the FBI is on the fast track. He can't help but be attracted to the sexy, sassy Maya Black, so when she asks him to pose as her boyfriend, he sees it as a win/win situation; he gets to spend time with Maya and he gets to possibly bust her old man. But the more he gets to see the real Maya---and see every inch of her!---Simon begins to feel more than a little guilty that she has no idea that he might be the one to finally bring Tobias Black down. So what should matter most to Simon, his career or the woman he's falling in love with?

Simon's body screamed in pleasure. Passion, way out of line for such a simple kiss, demanded release. His muscles tensed as he forced himself to not grab her and find a dark corner to explore just how good this could get.

Having to grab control before he went over the edge, he pulled his mouth from hers. Her eyes were closed, thick dark lashes curving over the tops of her cheeks. She took a deep breath and slowly lifted those lashes.

Absolutely crazy. Breathless, Simon stared into her deep, golden eyes and wondered if she was the answer to his prayers. Or the curse that would finally take him down.

Picking up where Sex, Lies and Mistletoe left off, Sex, Lies and Midnight continues to reveal more about the fascinating Black family and the people of Black Oak. A little intrigue, a dash of humor and a heaping helping of heat is what you get. Maya and Simon practically set the pages on fire! If you need to warm up on a cold winter's night, Sex, Lies and Midnight is just what the doctor ordered.

~ Gannon

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  1. It sounds like the Blaze line is the appropriate place for this story to be.
    Thanks for the review.

  2. I am still reading Sex, Lies, and Mistletoe but will be getting this one ASAP. Tawny is another of the authors I was able to get in on the ground floor with.

  3. Librarypat, Blaze books are all about the steam. LOL

  4. Dianna, I really enjoyed Caleb and Pandora in Sex, Lies and Mistletoe. They appear in this one as well.

    Tawny is great isn't she? She's blogging with us tomorrow!

  5. Great review, Gannon! I always enjoy a Tawny book ;-)

  6. Gannon, I loved this book. And I loved Sex, Lies and Mistletoe just as much. Can't wait to read the next one. I hope Hunter gets a story too. Tawny's building him up as a really great future hero!

  7. I always enjoy a Tawny book ;-)

    I know you do, Buffie! ;-) You need to get this series!!

  8. I hope Hunter gets a story too. Tawny's building him up as a really great future hero!

    Anna, I couldn't agree more! Very yummy! *g*

  9. Ahhhh, thank you so much for the fabulously wonderful review :-D

  10. Blaze books are all about the steam.

    Oh, I love this!!!!

    My editor will, too LOL